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Amazon Local Shopping

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Summary:Amazon Local is a group buy Amazon's Web site. Amazon's recent actions, after launches next-generation Kindle Fire tablets, its group-buying site AmazonLocal launched the iOS application.
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Amazon Local Shopping

Amazon Local is a group buy Amazon's Web site. Amazon's recent actions, after launches next-generation Kindle Fire tablets, its group-buying site AmazonLocal launched the iOS application. This app every day for referrals fro m local businesses, national chains and online business-buying activities.

Regardless of the commodity purchase, the user is simply a few steps to complete. Users can also set their own preference, and only appears when users are truly interested in activities, Amazon an e-mail notification is sent. In addition, the application can also act as the electronic coupon. In addition, Amazon also provides guests with small features to users: locations marked on the map's deal activity and provides the driving guidelines of quick flags have been used have not used buy buy and view; choose to accept e-mail or push notification; one-click call AmazonLocal or businesses; password lockout applications; and friends sharing coupon information.
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About Amazon

Amazon (Amazon.com, referred to the Amazon, NASDAQ: AMZN), a network is the largest e-commerce company, located in Seattle, Washington. Amazon was founded in 1995, initially only book sales business network, now extends to a very wide range of other products, including DVD, music CDs, computers, software, video games, electronics , clothes, furniture, etc. .

Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), a Fortune 500 company, is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. In the company name, including the Alexa Internet, a9, and the Internet Movie Database (Internet Movie Database, IMDB) three subsidiaries. Amazon and other sellers offer millions of unique new, refurbished and used items, such as books, movies, music and games, digital downloads, electronics and computers, home gardening supplies, toys, baby supplies, food, clothing , shoes and jewelry, health and personal care products, sports and outdoor goods, toys, automotive and industrial products.

August 2004, Amazon wholly acquired Joyo, the Amazon the world's leading online retail expertise and profound Chinese market Joyo combined experience to further enhance the customer experience , and promote the growth of Chinese e-commerce. China has already become a leader in online retailing.

Amazon in the July 16, 1995 by Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) is established, one began to call Cadabra. Nature is a basic online bookstore. However, with a vision Bezos saw the potential and characteristics of the network, a large bookstore when the entity providing 200,000 book, online bookstore offers more than 200,000 book choices to the reader. Therefore Bezos will Cadabra to nurture the most diverse organisms on Earth's re-named the Amazon River, in July 1995 reopened. The company had in 1994 registered in Washington State in 1996, when the change to the Delaware registered and 15 May 1997 when the stock market. Code is AMZN, one is $ 18 (now, after the stock split, one is about $ 50).

Amazon's original plan was originally in four to five years after the beginning of a profit, the dotcom bubble in 2000 resulted in the growth of Amazon's smooth style has become unique story, in the 1990s, a considerable number of fast-growing Internet companies, when Amazon's Bezos shareholders kept complaining too conservative and slow business strategy, while the Internet bubble, those fast-growing Internet companies have closed down, only the Amazon and profit in the fourth quarter of 2002, Amazon's net profit of about 5 million U.S. dollars. 2004 will grow to more than 300 million dollars.

Amazon is moving in a wide range of product sales development, selling products fro m the music retail CD, videotape and DVD, software, home appliances, kitchen items, tools, lawn and garden items, toys, clothing, sporting goods, gourmet food, jewelry , watches, health and personal care items, beauty products, musical instruments, and so everything.

In January 2004, Amazon also launched the presidential candidate of special events, to encourage customers to donate fro m 5 to 200 U.S. dollars for their ideal candidates for U.S. president, as campaign expenses. 1999 business strategy successfully implemented because Bezos has become a Time magazine Person of the Year.

July 8, 2009, the Amazon website has been blocked. The Government has not blocked, giving any justification. Currently logged in, Amazon's website IMDb currently login.

March 15, 2010, already has 23 categories, more than 1.2 million kinds of merchandise online store Amazon released the "White Paper on online shopping declaration of good faith", mainly on the current online shopping consumers are generally concerned about "genuine" and "returned" Problem for pre-and post-sales integrity assurance to make specific interpretation. Amazon believes that online shopping faith is divided into "pre-faith" and "aftermarket integrity." Integrity refers to the pre-consumer trust in online shopping mall brand and each product is "genuine." In this regard, Amazon launched to consumers' everyday low prices, authentic guaranteed "commitment. Amazon CEO Wang Hanhua explains: "As the world's largest online retailer of varieties of goods in China, the Amazon site, Amazon in the software digital, home appliances 3C, toys, gifts and other goods are authentic guaranteed."

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Amazon Local Shopping:Amazon Local is a group buy Amazon's Web site. Amazon's recent actions, after launches next-generation Kindle Fire tablets, its group-buying site AmazonLocal launched the iOS application.

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