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Summary:AYAI fashion blog|FashionToast blog is set by the United States Santiago fashion blogger Rumi Nelly (Rumi Neely) set up tourism, fashion blog.
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Every fabric, every finish, as special as is sane.



Rumi takes a no holds barred approach to design - each piece is the end all and be all of that style. That last 5% that we obsess over makes AYAI a 100% better experience.



AYAI clothes feel as good as they look. These are the materials that we want touching our bodies. We're confident you'll feel the same.



We're what you've been looking for. The statement that's just enough. AYAI makes it easy to get ready in 5 seconds.


Easy to wear. Easy to combine. Easy to combine. AYAI is perfect for any occasion and every casual moment in between.

FashionToast blog is set by the United States Santiago fashion blogger Rumi Nelly (Rumi Neely) set up tourism, fashion blog, her blog fro m home to dress with a humanistic atmosphere and climate characteristics, her unique street shooting style and Dress philosophy also attracted a lot of magazines, the brand's favor.

[Rumi Neely Instagram]

Rumi Nelly has a Japanese girl fro m Japan, the Netherlands, and Scotland, with beautiful faces, slim body and a pair of envious chopsticks. Rumi Neely personality, unique taste, fro m the antique clothing to the popular new products, and then to the parity of small things, can be mixed with her mix of fresh and not bohemian style, even supermodel Irene Watson also praised Rumi Neely plus. Rumi Neely himself is a sincere, humble California girl who loves to live and run a blog in her own beach hut.

At first start Rumi to run their own blog "Fashiontoast" just to make their web shot a little more popular, but she was because of the unique style of clothing to attract the attention of users. By virtue of the enthusiasm of fashion, coupled with her personal excellence of their own conditions, in her blog to show a lot of her fashion photos

Rumi wear the focus is to use a single product to mix and match their own style, the conflict is not a sense of violation, even second-hand clothes can wear clothing with their own taste, and do not lose the big-name style! Hard work of the little bees, after 3 years finally began her brilliant career. Rumi's life is very exciting, in addition to show show running, but also for everyone brought fro m New York, Milan and other cities of the super-praise landscape. At the Kochira Music Festival in California, Rumi Neely also has a lot of fun, high scores to wear a show, live nice things to share with everyone to share.

In the Rumi who can see the popular do not need to be too deliberately, your style does not need to please others, for fashion, fashion, there is no standard answer, but for their own positioning must be clear, it will not follow the crowd, what is not what The Her style is dominated by American style of leisure and simplicity, and is influenced by the culture of southern California.
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1 floor AYAI fashion blog|FashionToast blog [*.*.*.*] published in 2017/05/11/ 05:20:00
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AYAI fashion blog|FashionToast blog is set by the United States Santiago fashion blogger Rumi Nelly (Rumi Neely) set up tourism, fashion blog.

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