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86802 Yellow Pages

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Summary:86802 Yellow Pages provides USA local yellow pages online, phone book, address, business directory and etc.All that is free also.
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86802 Yellow Pages

86802 Yellow Pages - Use the Internet, in-line distribution, transmission, application of the phone number book about USA.

86802 Yellow Pages provides USA local yellow pages online, phone book, address, business directory and etc.All that is free also.

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"Yellow pages" originated in North America, 1880, the world's first telephone directory yellow pages came in the United States has more than 100 years of history. Yellow Pages is an international product categories according to the nature and arrangement of corporate industrial and commercial enterprises telephone directory, to publish business name, address, telephone number as the main content, the equivalent of a city or area businesses account the international practice of paper printed with a yellow system, hence the name Yellow Pages.

The so-called "Yellow Pages" is moved to the traditional yellow pages online, using the Internet as a carrier, online distribution, transmission, application of the telephone directory. But "Yellow Pages" is not a replica of the traditional Yellow Pages, which are more extensive, more diverse services. It has the traditional advantages unmatched by the Yellow Pages. At present it with 114 telephone directory assistance, traditional Yellow Pages telephone number the city together the three main ways to search queries. Its future development direction, it will stand out fro m the three ways, as people check telephone numbers, access to customer information, the best query tool.

Internet Yellow Pages fro m various information channels, such as statistical department, management department, Customs, the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry Bureau, industry associations, financial institutions, corporate information publications, yellow pages, exhibition catalog, print media, the Internet, various List of publications.

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