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Summary:Nirvanahq GTD is a very scientific time management planning tools, help people with work efficiency improving memory, GTD by tracking and management to help you better your thoughts, need to do and wa.
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Nirvanahq GTD is a very scientific time management planning tools, help people with work efficiency improving memory, GTD by tracking and management to help you better your thoughts, need to do and want to do, so that you can the static under heart in the right situation, focus accomplish the most important tasks of spirit.

What is the GTD time management

The method of things tidy up properly and logically arranged.

How the supervisor assigned items, their thought idea, some reference points, finishing method properly and logically arranged.

The matters of organization

These events organization, into a task, let you stick out a mile.

The task to task list

The task into a to-do list, and let you have a to-do list on any occasion, work.

Human memory and attention is limited, couldn't remember a lot of things, do a lot of things. If there is no tools and methods to help, you may be something important to later find that didn't allot enough time for important things to do, not a bunch of (and sometimes it is because the first one did not do a good job will be more then a few, into a vicious spiral).

So after several times, you know what to remember important things, but the usual attention quite easily, heart and think about what, do not accidentally forgot... In addition, precisely because of our resources are not, only needs GTD (Get Things Done), this case will have a choice, not well, it is easy to put the limited resources made unreasonable distribution. GTD will give you urged me to finish the impression, perhaps is that within two minutes of the things to be immediately done this, in fact, is to quickly solve (or a step forward, and then later plans), so don't put could immediately solve the thing into the plan disturbing. The important thing is not to forget, when the consequences that arise naturally in retrospect, the key is whether to arrange a time to finish before it's too late.

GTD is a habit, a kind of method, which is not only a kind of tool, five steps of the GTD intermediate is a complete process, each cannot be neglected. GTD is a system, this system will become your full trust, completely rely on things, do not arbitrarily change.

All things are fro m out of your head. A series of decisions do related actions in the things, not when things happen. To the appropriate category organize your project alerts and next steps. Keep the system update your and complete, timely review, so that at any time you can trust your system and processing of tasks.

The following is a summary of the twenty time saving method, please according to your need to use them:

1) on the target, task, meetings and other events were sorted by priority.

2) starting fro m the highest priority.

3) and delay the struggle, if it's important, start to do fro m now on.

4) the large, difficult task is subdivided into small, easy part.

5) create for yourself an hour of quiet, even if this requires a strong willpower, or sometimes does not work.

6) find a hiding place, such as a library or free office.

7) when you have something important to deal with, learn to say "no".

8) learn to delegate the work of others.

9) induces similar things, put them together for processing.

10) reduce the routine: they are not worth it to spend too much time. Shorten the low value event. Despite no value of the letters and paperwork. Delegate to finish, reduce or postpone the low priority tasks.

11) avoid perfectionism. Remember the 80/20 principle.

12) to avoid making too many promises. Realistic for you to complete the work in finite time.

13) don't put the hectic schedule, to leave some time to deal with emergencies.

14) set a time limit. For example, some of the decision, should not be more than 3 minutes.

15) concentrate one's attention on doing everything.

16) deal with important things, the use of chunks of time.

17) the rapid processing of difficult things, waiting and delay will not make them easily.

18) the paperwork for only once.

19) in action before, thoroughly consider the whole job.

20) it right the first time.

Time management, just like throw egg, you must constantly put a egg hand into another, but also to maintain all the egg will not fall to the ground. To make egg throwing action, need patience, perseverance, practice and planning. For good time management, also need these qualities. When the egg is more and more, when the situation is getting worse and worse, you need to have the ability to control the situation, grasp the interval and the law -- this is the time management content.

When working, to persevere in time management. Do you want to join the business talks, to rush to finish the work before the deadline. Time management is significant not only in that help you achieve the work goal, it allows you to maximize their role, and keep a balance between work and personal life.

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Nirvanahq GTD is a very scientific time management planning tools, help people with work efficiency improving memory, GTD by tracking and management to help you better your thoughts, need to do and wa

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