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Summary:At App Annie, we believe there has been a radical shift in the way content is being distributed.
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At App Annie, we believe there has been a radical shift in the way content is being distributed. In times gone by, print, radio, television, retail and the web have dominated as content distribution channels. Now however, the distribution of digital content is moving fro m the open web to digital superstores.

Market data is less readily available for digital superstores than the web. Enter App Annie. Our mission is to help businesses do "The Math Behind the App Stores". Our products enable you to make educated business decisions about the app store ecosystem.

App Annie's best-in-class technology infrastructure, analytics platforms, advanced statistical models and a world-class team of data engineers make this all possible. Since we started in 2009, our Analytics product has tracked more than 28 billion downloads and US$7 billion of app store gross revenue across iOS and Google Play, making us one of the largest companies globally in terms of app store market data tracked.

Annie hearts innovation

At App Annie, we hold our product development team to a very high standard. As such, we as a company stand by the following principles:

1.Less is more - we focus on the quality of our products, not the quantity. All our features are designed with app publishers in mind.
2.Intuitive and easy - we may all be tech geeks, but that's no excuse. All App Annie products are intuitively easy-to-use. We even test them on five year olds and grandparents (not really!)
3.Product innovation leads to unique value-add for the customer.
4.Best-in-class technology & security - for all our products, we invest in the best technology to offer you complete data security and website performance.
5.Freemium business model - we offer premium products (to large companies) so that we can offer completely free analytics and market analysis services to all app publishers worldwide.
To find out more about our products, please visit App Annie Analytics, Store Stats or Intelligence.

International Team

We're an international team of 130+ people working across Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco and London. And as well as apps and analytics, we love languages and travelling.

Between us we speak 14 different languages - British English, American English, Australian English, Canadian English, New Zealand English, French, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.

If you'd like to add another language to the team, check out our jobs page.

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At App Annie, we believe there has been a radical shift in the way content is being distributed.

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