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What is Google+ and how about Google+?

Google+ will integrate Google's online products, as a basis for a complete social network. For services to distinguish it fro m Facebook, Google will bet on one aspect: better privacy management, which is Facebook's weakness; course, in the past, privacy is Google's weakness.

The central point of Google+ friends and acquaintances "circle (Circles)", the user can organize your contacts in different circles, such as family members, colleagues, university students, etc., and in a small circle to share photos, videos, and other information.

Circles in the integration, users can sel ect and organize contacts into groups, so that sharing optimization. Not that the group management do? But Google make the process even more likable. From the recommended contacts (fro m Gmail or Google contacts, but also can be performed simultaneously), you can easily sel ect, drag them to Circles can be. The entire UI is simple and intuitive, great, you might say is a fun. Compared to the establishment of intra-cluster method Facebook, Google victory.

Google vice president of product management Bradley Horowitz (Bradley Horowitz) said: "In the online world, there is a sharing of the box, you can input into the things you do not know who will get it, do not know what it will where to go, do not know these things will give you six months to get into trouble. For us, privacy is not well protected. "

And services, like Facebook, Google+ has a central web page, it can display reviews, pictures, friends and associates to share the latest content. In the top part of the Google sites have a toolbar, users can thus access to personalized data content, and then add their own information into it.

Google Plus also supports video chat, as long as no more than 10 people will be able to use it to a meeting. If using a mobile phone camera users, Google will automatically stored on the server to the internet, this way, or indeed any computer logins, users can get the picture.

In addition to traditional web version outside, Google+ and Android client. Google+ for Android application is basically an abbreviated version of the Web service, also offers Circles and other major services. The difference is, Huddle group chat service is only available on the phone.

Google+ combined with location services. In a message list page to the right side sliding screen, you can see the proximity of the user who posted the message. The release of personal information, the user can choose whether to upload the time location information. LBS and the whole product is a combination of a social service depth examples. Product Promotion

Google if you want the user flow fro m Facebook Google it? Google vice president of engineering 维克贡多特拉 (VicGundotra) that people could use both, "Now people use a variety of tools," he said.

For the consumer, feel free to visit social networking sites, has an impact on smart phone to buy a major factor. Google+'s success depends in part to the service user experience on a mobile phone performance. Google+ for Android client program has been released, Google also said that it would soon release a corresponding iOS version of the application.

Google+ is excellent and great all the time.

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What is Google+ and how about Google+?:Google+ will integrate Google's online products, as a basis for a complete social network.

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