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Summary:Life is abuzz with . . . with so many things. From the day you come into this world, life exposes you to all different colors of living.
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Life is abuzz with . . . with so many things. From the day you come into this world, life exposes you to all different colors of living. Life puts you questions you need to find answers for, it surprises you with questions you don't have answers to. Life makes you wonder about why things are as they are and how. Make Buzzle your one-stop destination to find information about all that you wanted to know. Come, join our world full of intelligent life.

You are a kid. There's a school, there's a home. At school, it's homework, exams, competitions, exhibitions, elections, sports and what not! You need references for studying, you need to find project ideas and speech topics and then you need slogans for your class or your team. You need to get better every year, with everything you do, to stay ahead in competition.

For something as competitive, choose Buzzle. Here, you will find something different, something unique that will help you have an edge.

You are a teenager. You live in your own world of dreams. As a teenager, gosh! there's so much to think about, so many issues to resolve. There's love, relationships, fashion, peer pressure. Then you have to be abreast with the latest trends and then there are career choices to make. At that age, you are dealing with changes taking place in you, you are discovering yourself, your dreams, your goals. You need someone to mentor you.

Then what are we here for? We have experts contributing to subjects teens have questions about. We help you solve problems you might be facing in that crucial phase of life.

You are an **. You have a family to tend to. Your goals are clear, your path is set. You have settled down. But some things of the past haunt you sometimes, memories of your ex crowd your head once in a while. You are not completely happy and you are not exactly sad. You have grown up. Life throws you questions, about your family, about yourself, about your future. You feel the pressure of added responsibility. You think about things you have got and things you have missed. You wish there were some who you could relate to, who would share similar experiences with you. You wish you could shed that baggage of responsibility, at least for a little while.

Allow us to help you. Read through our articles on issues you may be worried about - career growth, finances, future planning, family, marriage, children, medical aid and much more. We'll shoulder a little bit of your responsibility by guiding you the right way.

SeniorsYou are old and you want to deny that. But you are not the same you anymore. You have changed. Life is not the same. Retirement is nearing, you have health concerns to address, finances to manage. And you want a happy life after retirement.

We can help you lead a better life, in our own small way. We provide you with guidance on retirement planning with valuable advice on taking care of your health, finances and most importantly, leading a good life. We give you vacation ideas and activities you can engage in, to make the most of all the time you have. Needs of the elderly need to be met, we understand.

There's no particular age to have hobbies and pursue them. There are certain things we take special interest in, since childhood, when young or during old age. They become our hobbies and our best means of recreation. Reading, gardening, cooking, playing music, web browsing, photography, traveling or any other - we tell you about all these and more.

A hobby can turn into your profession. Cooking becomes a catering business, love for pets translates into pet sitting, the hobby of jewelry making turns you into a jewelry designer, passion for music makes you a professional musician, love for art makes you an artist, inclination to languages makes you a language expert. Hobbies like writing, photography, interior designing, among others can turn into lucrative home business ideas. We tell you about hobbies that can make you money.

You are a shopaholic? You shop impulsively? Or you have to bargain before you buy anything? You are on a lookout for discounts and sales offers all the time? You are hunting for the best buys? You have an obsession for the coolest and the trendiest? Gadgets, glasses, watches, clothes, bags, stilettos; whatever it is . . .

We can help you shop, through our critical product reviews and comparative analysis of competing products and services. We help you choose what to buy and fro m where.

You take interest in movies? Love watching TV? Like playing video games? Okay, you take keen interest in medicine. Or is it banking and insurance that you wish to know about? Is it fashion? Is it education? Is it history? Is it technology? Is it literature or is it specifically sports? You said life sciences fascinate you? Or is it philosophy? Is it spiritualism? Or does the paranormal world intrigue you?

It's Buzzle you should come to. Interests vary, we know. That's why we have sections dedicated to a variety of subjects. Our authors write on what interests them and on what they know. The writings are backed by thorough research. We give you content that you can rely on. Our authors are here to share their knowledge, with you.

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Buzzle.com:Life is abuzz with . . . with so many things. From the day you come into this world, life exposes you to all different colors of living.

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