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Summary:Microsoft's Bing search is the world's leading search engine, provides worldwide users with a Web page, a picture, a video, dictionaries, translation, global information, such as information, map sear.
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Website Details

Chinese name: Bing
Foreign-language name: Bing
Alias: fun
Category: search engines
Development companies: Microsoft
Launch date: May 28, 2009

Bing (Bing, Taiwan translated as **) is a Microsoft launch on May 28, 2009, to replace the Live Search search engine, and on May 29, 2009, Microsoft officially announced the simultaneous global launch search brands "Bing", Chinese name "bing", synchronized with the Microsoft Bing search brands in the world. Unlike Google, Bing only a plain white background, will be replaced by a beautiful photo and is replaced on a regular basis, and the search results Web part related searches will be listed on the left side of the search results page.

Introduction to Bing

Bing (bing) is a Microsoft Corporation on May 28, 2009 launch of the new search brand, integrate Search Home Design pictures, new search results navigation mode, innovation and search by category of user experience model, video search results without having to click on preview or play, features such as image search results page no.
Today Microsoft released Bing Desktop (fun desktop Bing) the latest version of this software to improve Facebook integration function while adding more customized options. New users can read within the App in Facebook News Feed, view friends pictures and omitted the trouble of opening a browser, but simply by searching in keyboard shortcuts, wallpaper setting also has varying degrees of improvement.
Bing also launched a China-specific user needs search and Bing maps transit directions query capabilities. At the same time, incorporating Microsoft Research Asia innovation in search technology, enhanced search service specifically for users in China, and happy searching experience.

Bing advantage

1. Bing is better than Live Search speed and relevancy
When you search LiveSide, Bing, Bing will also appear in the Explorer Pane on the left side is more accurate and relevant search (Live Search related searches to the right of the comparability).
Bing Search Home towards a user works
2. integration of Bing and Powerset more than expected
Semantic search, or user search intent is what the search engines want to complete the "next big thing". Powerset search techniques (mainly for Wikipedia) will be integrated into the reference information such as BingWikipedia, as well as the depth Reference Group and other new features are based on Powerset technology.
3. the Bing interface more uniform
Bing has a uniform user interface, which is usually seen in Microsoft products is not the same as, do not enter any keyword and click search, Bing, Bing will display Home background "hotspot Hotspots" image search.
In addition, the Bing Home page background features will also be formally launched the Bing Bing on May 29, 2009 is open to users worldwide.
4. refining search results easier
Through the Explorer Pane on the left side of the Bing search engine also includes Quick Tabs new feature, click on the different categories of keywords will filter out more refined search results. For example, in the figure below, search results Google News on the left side of the page, Downloads, categories such as Company Background, after you click on a category to show only the results associated with that category.
5. Save and share the Bing search history
This is one of the new features of Bing, Bing search history not only to permanently save to SkyDrive or a local folder, also shared through Windows or E-mail Live,Facebook.

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Microsoft's Bing search is the world's leading search engine, provides worldwide users with a Web page, a picture, a video, dictionaries, translation, global information, such as information, map sear

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