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Rolling Stone

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Summary:Rolling Stone is a rock music and popular culture magazine reported, by Jann Wenner and critics, Ralph j.
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Rolling Stone is a rock music and popular culture magazine reported, by Jann Wenner and critics, Ralph j. Gleason was founded in 1967, and publishes an edition every two weeks, magazines are defined as more than just music, and the other is received by the music of things and ideas.

First album positioning in reports and promotion of hippie culture, but rolling stone magazine itself would not be regarded as the underground magazines, reports so realistic standard is very strict, and avoid obvious political color. Rolling Stones in the early 1970 s was once the political color is relatively strong, but it is influenced by the popular myth of journalism. Rolling Stone magazine in the mid - 1970 - s has established a lot of influence, the west of mother/hooke doctor choir also has made the first for the magazine Cover of the "Rolling Stone" of the best-selling singles.

In the 1980 s, the rolling stone magazine still retain legend critic of the 1960 s and 1960 s, Lester classes, but compromise with reality, and began to agree with some disdain to the concept of in the past, such as drug testing. Due to the new magazine, such as Maxim and "FHM" such as bamboo shoots, the Rolling Stones to save an increasingly decline in sales, began to appear wealthy **ual content. Now magazine mainly published information about movies, TV and pop music.

Rolling stone magazine in addition to reporting on rock music and popular culture, also often published some depth in the field of politics, controversial journalist Hunter s. Thompson for rolling stone magazine has written political commentary. Rolling Stone magazine is The authority Of The music industry and beacon for popular culture to have extraordinary influence, also layer appeared like The Cover Of The Rolling Stone, The magazine created specifically for songs. By rolling stone magazine sel ected a series of such as "the greatest five hundred album", "greatest five hundred songs", "one hundred greatest guitarists", etc., to measure a band and an artist has important guidance.


We want to hear fro m you! Here 's how to get in touch with the Rolling Stone staff:

Rolling Stone

1290 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10104-0298

To submit a letter To the editor regarding something you read in Rolling Stone magazine, contact letters#rollingstone.com

To reach the editors of Rolling Stone or RollingStone.com with a press release, the story idea, correction or news tip, contact rseditors#rollingstone.com

For all publicity queries, contact publicity#rollingstone.com

For permission to reprint ANY Rolling Stone content (covers, images, stories) contact permissions#wennermedia.com

For all internships at the magazine or Website, contact internships#rollingstone.com both Please specify in the subject what kind of internship you are interested in (online or print; the editorial, photo, the editorial production or video).

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Rolling Stone is a rock music and popular culture magazine reported, by Jann Wenner and critics, Ralph j.

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