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Game Of TimberMan

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Game Of TimberMan is a full of retro pixel wind leisure game. The game has 4 seasons background theme, there are a variety of roles of skin, game player to quickly touch screen dodged, more wood cut, more skin acquired!

Game player just click on the screen to play around. But the game once started cannot pause the game player, we should pay attention to this point. After the start of the game, game player needs to do is to continue to cut trees, during which cannot touch the branches, or the end of the game. So the game game player is always in the spirit of high tension state, should also avoid felling about. And cutting speed is not too slow, because with the difficulty of upgrade, blood will fall very quickly, only by continuously fast cutting down the trees to make blood dimensional stability. So everyone together to become the logger!

As a casual game player, I believe you have tired of FlappyBird and its sea of copycat version, so how to kill the commuter and queuing between a few minutes to spare? I recommend you try Timberman, a just a wave in the App Store indie game. According to the analysis of mobile application platform for AppAnnie data, Timberman has more than 20 countries in the App Store ranked the top five, and in which 8 countries won the most downloaded award.

Timberman game mode and other addictive Mobile Games almost no difference what matter. The game is particularly easy to use, game player have to do is to let the men around a tree right left chop chop chop chop, and avoid being dropped down the branches of the tree at.

Click on the game player's timing is important, just started playing when I believe no one can survive several rounds, because the critical point of branches and game characters (like a bird in a pipe) not really grasp. Familiar feeling after the play, game player should have made great progress, but to improve the scores are not easy. Due to the random algorithm game sometimes connected with a side branch, the possibility of a dead hand is very large, well, the water torture crazy scene will appear.

Logger (Timberman) although simple, as long as the left and right click to switch the woodcutter's position, to avoid hitting the branches barriers. But to get a high score is not so easy, the game shows:

Operating point 1, the game is that, in a process of continuous logging in eye, sensitive reaction, cannot let the logging villain meet tree branches on, or Game Over.

2, for starters, in addition to escape fro m the trunks of the trees, also need to pay attention to the game of life value, if you avoid the branches spend too much, will Game Over.

3, the game itself is actually not too many skills at all, only constant practice is the trick to get high marks!

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Game Of TimberMan:GameOfTimberManisafullofretropixelwindleisuregame.Thegamehas4seasonsbackgroundtheme,thereareavarietyofrolesofskin,gameplayertoquicklytouchscreendodged,morewoodcut,moreskinacquired!

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