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Summary:Swingvy is an All-in-One HR platform for small and mid size companies. Manage all your HR in one place.
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Swingvy is an All-in-One HR platform for small and mid size companies. Manage all your HR in one place.

Swingvy connects all HR information - employee onboarding, employee database, leave application and payroll- without hassle. With technology to unify these HR processes, we save you fro m hours of paperwork, enabling you to focus on what matters most—running and growing your business.

Swingvy vs Manual HR

Myriads of companies still do their HR by manual using spreadsheets and paper. Since spreadsheet is not designed for HR stuff, it requires a lot of work to manage, and papers are so much hard to categorise. The major reason that companies are still relying on these manual HR is because it seems that it has no cost. But actually it requires your time a lot. If you believe your time is also an important part of the cost, manual HR is not free. But what if there is a fully automated and integrated HR software which is totally free?
Well, Swingvy is the answer.

Swingvy vs Legacy HR software

The difference is quite simple and clear. While traditional HRIS softwares are static, offline and disconnected, Swingvy’s Core HR is dynamic, online and automated. When there is any changes in your employees’ status—new address or new baby—Swingvy automatically makes the change in your systems. Furthermore, Swingvy has eliminated the worst part of traditional HRIS softwares: No installation cost, no maintenance fee and no contract at all.

Swingvy vs HR outsourcing

Most of HR outsourcing firms just take your HR tasks and assign someone to do them for you. It seems it can save your time, but it’s not very efficient. Swingvy takes the administrative tasks out of your hands, and we do it automatically. It means not only we manage your HR tasks seamlessly but you can check out your HR information with a high usability anywhere, anytime.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Swingvy is an All-in-One HR platform for small and mid size companies. Manage all your HR in one place.

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