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FoodPic! makes your food photos look more delicious!

FoodPic is a can help users to use mobile phone camera, shooting Food photos a landscaping tools, without installing any plugin, simply upload the image to complete the optimization, let your Food pictures to get the best effect, to share the big social networks to get better attention.

With the advent of Micro message, people like to eat pat, eat their own Food share Micro message friends sharing, everyone's mobile phone is not the same, the effect of making them is not the same, if you shoot the effect is good enough, then the photo must be the best, if you pictures of the effect is not good, it will affect your Food effect, you can use the FoodPic tool to take pictures to beautify, and then share to friends, never let your popularity to soar.

FoodPic! The use of AccuSmart technology, can best digital photos, the photos look more bright, frame more clearly, the best is the user need not have graphic knowledge, regardless of whether the photo as beautiful enough, upload to FoodPic will help you automatically corrected.

After entering the FoodPic, and can find the sample pictures to the site where the control, place the mouse cursor moves past will switch. The function of angle is uploaded the lower right (UPLOAD), click the browse to sel ect optimal photos can (only JPG format).

The optimal completion can be before and after BEFORE - > AFTER photos of the difference, if it is true that the click DOWNLOAD to download! And the FoodPic in order to protect the user's privacy, so will automatically remove photo Exif information (such as shooting time etc.).

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