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Andhra Pradesh (AP) portal

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Summary:Andhra Pradesh (AP) The official portal . Andhra Pradesh is a state in India near the Bay of Bengal .
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Andhra Pradesh (AP) portal

Andhra Pradesh (AP) The official portal . Andhra Pradesh is a state in India near the Bay of Bengal . West Bay of Bengal , Orissa and northeastern edges with bordering Madhya Pradesh , Maharashtra northwest side is connected with the southwest Karnataka , south Tamil Nadu. Area of ​​370,000 square kilometers , is India's larger states . Population of 66.5 million ( 1991 ) . India 's fifth largest state . The state 's official language is Telugu , the capital of Hyderabad . All states in India , it is the longest coastline , reaching 972 km . Andhra Pradesh is known as India Inakura said.

Coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh fertile soil , rainfall is very big, rich rice . Plateau less rainfall , poor soil , sparsely populated , but more developed animal husbandry . Andhra Pradesh is India's largest tobacco producing areas , in addition to the sale of foreign countries also export . Andhra Pradesh is very rich in mineral resources , ranking second in the country . Major minerals are: coal, iron , manganese, mica , lead, copper and asbestos . Major industries include leather, chemicals , pharmaceuticals , shipbuilding, chemical fertilizer and so on.

Andhra Pradesh unique combination of history , beaches , mountains and other tourism resources , making it a famous tourist destination. The state known for its numerous dynasties , awesome Neumarkt Patti temples, beautiful language , Telugu , and enamels toys, beautiful fabrics , rich literary resources, and other places surprisingly cool Chip dances.

Place to visit in Andhra Pradesh have Neumarkt Patti Siwa La Shrine, check Deer Canal Mosque, Sara River Museum , Fort Hyderabad Geer Kang Zhu Nasa Gard and Nagar Buddhist temple. Andhra Pradesh has become an important seat of Buddhist heritage . It also has Asia 's largest software parks and Film City . Andhra Congress are Hindus , followed by Islam and Christianity. Locals like to eat chili . In their view, if there is no chili, what food is uninteresting . But the locals are not accustomed to eating sugar and sweets , very like tea .

Andhra Pradesh has three major regions - North Shika Si or coastal Andhra , including Visakhapatnam , East Godavari River, River , La Krishna , tribute Doyle , Ongole and Nellore district ; or too Tigris region , including Ke Nuer , Gude Bo , Qi Tuoer and Anantapur district ; North Te Lanjia Carolina, including Khammam , Nalgonda , Warangal , Medak , Nizamabad , Hyderabad was Aditi , Maputo that Garr and Hyderabad regions.