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Summary:Smigin was built by a team of people who believed there had to be a better way to speak another language.
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It’s like this - we’ve taken the complexity out of learning how to speak a foreign language by simplifying the process, and baking in the grammar, because, let’s face it, no one loves grammar.

In 3 easy steps you can build phrases without worrying about grammar or verbs.

And it looks pretty cool, too!

Smigin was built by a team of people who believed there had to be a better way to speak another language. Between us we've lived in 12 different countries, and have struggled with language learning every single time. With each language product we tried, we experienced the same frustration … Failure.
All of them were uninspiring, inflexible, and insisted on teaching us stuff like, "I have four sisters" – or worse – ‘The boy is eating the apple." … When really what we wanted to learn were phrases we'd actually use in real life, like "Can I have a coffee?, or "I'd like to see the menu."
After a ton of research we realized most people would like to be able to speak another language, but don't have the time to learn. This makes sense. Learning to speak another language takes effort and practice. In reality the best of intentions fall short. You might manage to pick up a few words, but not enough to string a proper sentence together.
The Solution
This is where the Smigin app can help. Actually, it'll do more than help. We think it might just change how you feel about trying to speak another language.
The Smigin app is a totally new approach to speaking another language. Not a little bit new – totally new!
It's like this. There are times when you travel, and don't need to learn an entire language. To be honest, all you really need is the basics – some simple, everyday phrases.
That's what the Smigin app does. It allows you to build simple phrases in other languages. It's kind of like having a native speaker in your pocket – just not as heavy!
Sounds like magic? It is! Or at least, the results are magic. We've created a system that uses the most simple, grammar-friendly approach possible. We only use words that don't require any verb changes … ever.
Here's the thing. There are a small number of words, which if used, allow you to build a phrase without worrying about correct verb endings and other grammar stuff. Verbs and grammar are hard work. Instead, we created a really simple tool so you don't have to worry about grammar. You just make your phrase.
We call it our secret sauce. The App Store calls it Smigin.
The Free Advice
We take no responsibility for your personal sense of style or your behavior abroad. The only advice we can offer is this:
Sneakers are for the gym. Or for a run. Not for a visit to the Colosseum
Ditch the fanny pack
Shouting louder doesn't help someone understand you better
Pack light because foreign baggage claims **
A friendly smile translates into any language

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Smigin was built by a team of people who believed there had to be a better way to speak another language.

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