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Shanghai Fenghua middle school

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Summary:Behavioral norms, Shanghai, Shanghai Fenghua middle school is school. Formerly known as Shanghai high school of early childhood teacher, founded in October 1968, Baoshan road No. 584 locations in August 1969 was renamed as Dong Fang Hong 57 school; opened in January 1972. February 1978 was the Shanghai Municipal Bur..
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Behavioral norms, Shanghai, Shanghai Fenghua middle school is school. Formerly known as Shanghai high school of early childhood teacher, founded in October 1968, Baoshan road No. 584 locations in August 1969 was renamed as Dong Fang Hong 57 school; opened in January 1972.

February 1978 was the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of education identified as the key middle schools in August 1983 and moved to the Gong he Xin road, Baoshan road, lane 1700, in September 1997, the Middle draw a merged with the extended middle school, set up Fung Wah secondary school in February 2004 and moved to its current address---daning 1000th road number.

Fine highlights in Shanghai Fenghua middle school make up private secondary school and established in Shanghai in 1947, became Shanghai's first secondary school founded by Buddhist groups.

In August 1955, the secondary school was renamed as Shanghai private populist middle school.

In January 1956, private populist reform of school city, changed its name to populist junior high school in Shanghai.

In September 1968, the infant normal school was placed under the zhabei district of Shanghai, known as Shanghai high school of new teachers.

In August 1969, the new school for kindergarten teachers and zhabei combined third central primary school, known as the Dong Fang Hong 57 schools.

In January 1971, the Dong Fang Hong 57 schools changed its name to Shanghai Fenghua middle school (formerly Fung Wah secondary school).

In February 1978, the school has been identified as the key middle schools in zhabei.

In August 1982, the original elegance and secondary school merged with the populist school, named Shanghai Fenghua middle school.

In 1995, 1996, and in 1999 was named Shanghai garden unit. In June 1995, Northern zhabei district, the Government approved the establishment of Shanghai Fenghua middle school run by the September opening.

Two years later, was renamed as Shanghai Public demeanor school run by local people in the North.

In June 1996, the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for health promotion education in Shanghai named "experimental base of health promoting schools".

In December 1996, Feng Rongshi principal seminar was held at the school.

In September 1997, the high school, junior high school separated from Shanghai Fenghua its middle-junior high school, and moved to.

In November 1997, the "primary and middle school education in practice and the use of modern technology Conference" zhabei district Chambers are located in the University, the State Education Commission Vice Director Liu Fu to inspections and wrote an inscription for the school. In January 1998, the World Health Organization awarded our schools healthy schools Silver Award.

Grant school healthy schools Gold Award in May 2000.

In October 1999, I founded in Yearbook of the elegance of the 50 anniversary of national day. In May 1999, the school was awarded the "bronze model of the code of conduct in Shanghai schools".

In 1999, 2005, Shanghai primary and middle school conduct code demonstration school.

In October 1999, the national advanced unit of physical health.

In November 2001, "zhabei district center of mental health education in primary and secondary schools" at the unveiling of our school. In March 2001, a second-tier sports teams in Shanghai (table tennis) pilot schools.

In October 2005, the school established a Grand table tennis club, is the city of Shanghai, the only one of the second-level secondary schools team. In April 2001, was awarded the annual Shanghai patriotic Health 1999--2000 pacesetter unit. "

In December 2004, the Shanghai patriotic hygiene 2003-2004 pacesetter unit.

In May 2001, was awarded "Shanghai experimental school mental counseling in primary and secondary schools".

In September 2001, Feng Rongshi principals were honorably awarded "Advanced worker of the national education system", and was attended by representatives of the city's recognition of teachers held in Beijing's great Hall of the "17th teachers ' day celebration-cum-excellent teacher commendation".

In 2001 was awarded the research base of Shanghai primary and middle school curriculum reform.

In February 2002, the District Board of education appointed Sun Huiming as elegance and high school principal.

In September 2002, UNESCO, EPD project of Shanghai Municipal Working Committee named the University as "UNESCO environmental education on population and sustainable development (EPD) member schools of the project".

In February 2003, the digital information systems research and Development Center in Shanghai primary and middle school opening in our University was established. In June 2003, daning road, new campus construction.

In February 2004, the new campus inauguration ceremony cum opening ceremony of the new term.

In May 2004, Sun Huiming principals out of the College Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Secretary of zhabei District Board of education.

In August 2004, the District Board of education appointed Yan Huifen as elegance and high school principal.

In November 2004, the annual national physics teacher in our school set up breakout.

In November 2004, the second "21st century National Forum on mental health education in secondary schools" was held in our school.

In March 2005, the 2005 advanced collectivity of moral education of the general education system.

In August 2005, won the annual junmingongjian 2004--2005 advanced collective of socialist spiritual civilization in our school ", and this is my school four times in a row to receive this honor. In June 2006, the ensemble folk music in our school and the brothers school and United States Yale University Choir at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, Studio Theatre Union organized a "musical journey between China and —— choir visit student art exchange activities at Yale University.

"On June 26, the United States Yale University Choir and Orchestra come to our school and school performance.

In August 2006, the high school graduates score record high, a rate of 70 total, two rates of 97 total, college enrollment rate 99.8.

In August 2006, the University established the International Department. Principal email: [email protected] webmaster: Jamyang Tel: 66,250,8080430.com recommend

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