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Hefei 11th middle school

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Summary:11th middle school was founded in 1958, Hefei, comprehensive experimental development zone is located in the new station, located in a loop road intersection and victory, was the city Education Bureau directly under the municipal model high school. School was named, Yanan middle school in Hefei, Hefei v, 20, and so o..
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11th middle school was founded in 1958, Hefei, comprehensive experimental development zone is located in the new station, located in a loop road intersection and victory, was the city Education Bureau directly under the municipal model high school. School was named, Yanan middle school in Hefei, Hefei v, 20, and so on.

School North of new railway station, South of times square, are many high-grade residential district around the school, location, transportation is very convenient. School to Deng Xiao-ping's comrades of "three a-oriented" for running guiding ideology, to "with full of modern education shaping high quality of modern" for running purposes, according to school love made has "practiced good strength, rammed Foundation, go connotation development of road; within strong quality, outside plastic image, Office people satisfaction school" of development thought, established "teaching and research Hing school, quality state school, features strong school" Thinking of running, people-oriented "thick laid the Foundation for the lifelong development of student" educational philosophy, adhere to the "de can both study simultaneously, evaluation hire, job success," teachers ' initiatives.

First, adhere to the moral education teaching Center, powered by educational research, deepen the reform of internal management system and basic education courses in schools, all students, and comprehensively improve the management level, comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching to raise the overall level of running and running grade. Loose Cypress, flowers beautiful, gentle and quiet campus environment in schools; Green and vibrant. Between floors, patchwork, intense and deep, melting into one. Schools create beneficial for healthy campus environment for students, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and modern, to create beautiful, gentle and quiet campus of scholars, highlight the environmental and cultural connotations. Elegance Park, Sam Woo Park, Maplewood Park, tree-lined, tranquil and pleasant, many students in this contemplative reverie, copying sketches; boosting the text and spirit readings.

From here out of the groups of talented individuals, has to pass the key talents in the high schools and universities. Geography of the new Park and the landscape marked the school started with a broad mind to meet students from all directions. Integrated teaching and research office building are spacious, fully functional. First-class science and Technology Museum in the city would increase its University hardware construction to a new level. School sport facilities are complete, 400 metre international standard plastic track and field tests the physical exam, Hefei, designated as 2004 and identified as the Hefei Sports Center. School as the audio-visual category I standards schools in Anhui Province, improving teaching facilities and features required for teaching Labs, language labs, computer rooms, academic Hall, the electronic lesson rooms and Internet centre, Office building, all access to the broadband network. Code for physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, instruments and medicines are available; the library, music room, art room, science room, a configuration specification.

School library collection of more than 100,000 volumes, teachers, students ' reading room the reading room (arts and science) materials, newspapers and magazines in rich. Strictly ordered of teaching management research Hing school, quality state school, features strong school, is school perseverance of running thought; effective of management, effective of teaching, effective of learning is improve education teaching quality of important guarantee; concern classroom teaching, improve teaching efficiency, school in Hefei 11 middle school students general management system under in the, from Prep, and class, and job, and review examination, and habit good learning habits five a aspects, on students individual made has clear of requirements.

Strengthening the learning habit forming education, strengthening learning guidance, introduction of specialty training system, developing students ' learning experiences, and actively implement the cooperative learning system, establishing class study group, students at different levels, each class set up a panel of 6-7 learning, learn from each other. School year group classes. Selecting two middle used in each grade. Schools developed performance incentive programmes, significant class in that year group teaching quality award, Middle sitting point grade, middle-level cadres and senior group of binding awards. A rigorous teaching management system, establish a system of contact with parents through text messages, job completion, students at the school code of conduct for the first time to inform parents. Implementing classroom teaching inspection system. Check every day for middle-level cadres in the school house, promptly correct any problems found. Establishment of compensation compensation system, in their leisure time to fill the compensation the students learning.

Establishing students ' incentive system, after the midterm final exam schools award outstanding students and send students to Korea exchange visits. Schools normally through the use of the "learning and teaching" process evaluation of record books, strengthening classroom teaching of process monitoring, feedback and corrections. Through the use of the student handbook, give full play to students ' self evaluation, teacher evaluation, evaluation of students, evaluation of student learning and growth process of role of parents, students per week under the guidance of the teacher, to correct the homework wrong topic to enhance the students ' learning ability to reflect. Student Affairs Office grade organization head check once a week and provide feedback to correct existing problems. Organization learning mentoring teachers to students on a regular basis, and promote the learning of students with the scientific method. School of the teaching management system in Hefei XI, development of teacher teaching management regulations, implement a combination to the head teacher as the core system, two-way selection, selection for appointment, setting goals, responsibility to the people. Strengthening process management, rigorous inspection supervision, separation of teaching from test, enhance teachers ' competition consciousness; introduction of classroom teaching inspection system. Selection once per semester, "the most respectable teacher to me" and "not very satisfied with the teacher"; a student Colloquium per semester, and expose students to the teacher's comments and requests regularly publish job, test scores, acceptance, after-school care, the results, and teachers ' economic income; open to parents, social class, and accept all aspects of supervision. Outcome evaluation aspects, schools to develop the other 11 schools gardeners Prize regulations, according to the indicators, development incentives, pulling the bonus level.

Schools focus on the improvement of students ' overall quality, large areas and improve teaching quality. Forging ahead in Unity's teachers in a school competition is essentially a competition overall quality of teaching and administrative staff, training is the key to improving the quality of teaching and to create an outstanding teaching staff. Schools keep teachers ' development as a cornerstone of school development, measures, laying basis for teachers, constructing the talents of school development. One is to strengthen the ideological education of teachers, firmly rooted in education for teachers front self-confidence, lead teachers pinpoint coordinates, correctly positioned, when the famous teacher, educator. Focus on teachers ' vocational ideal education, professional ethics, professional discipline, insisting on teachers ' training of teachers ' morality in summer time. Second is the reform of the personnel system and distribution system, breaking the iron rice bowls, solution "does not do the same, iike more dry and less dry, dry well can do something else," highlighting issues such as, exercise selection, competition, promote the teachers ' self-pressurized, self-development.

Three is to implement teacher project, give full play to effect of outstanding teachers, setting an example for teachers, schools and above middle-level cadres persist to act as a foreign professional contract grade, sitting point a teaching and do a class, focusing on concern guiding a young teacher, participating in a research, adhere to the theory of reading a book a year, more than write a quality academic paper.

In recent years, school and has developed has teachers training short, and medium-term planning, adhere to improve qualifications and training backbone phase combination of principles, implementation training positions and topics, down-to-Earth carried out school training, to modern information technology full training and new courses concept training for focus, full improve teachers using modernization education means assisted teaching of skills, boot teachers set education new concept, application teaching new method, and carried out new old teachers knot on help learn activities, promote has teachers team quality of full improve. Effective teacher training measures hammered out a high morality, excellent skill and fine style of teacher, the school has 39 classes, in which 30 high school classes, 10 junior high school classes, a total of 2,081 students. In-service teachers 132 name, which has mathematics contend 1 people, provinces level jiaotan Nova 5 people, has more than 10 over master degree of teachers and provinces level well-known teachers, 2006 and has 5 name teachers admitted in-service graduate, also has more than 10 over city level excellent teachers and provinces level classroom teaching Grand Prix winners, 2008 in city "teaching expert" of competition in the, I school selection of 16 bit teachers all award; has near 10 people obtained Hefei education system advanced Communist Excellent teachers, excellent head teacher, title. Combination of old, and young teachers in the school, title structure, education rate 100%. In nearly three years, wrote more than 100 articles in academic papers of teachers in the city over the press and academic conferences published (cloth) more than 80 papers and dozens of awards for national and provincial and municipal.

Schools several times by the City Board of education awarded honorary title of Advanced Unit for construction of teachers ' morality. Unique features of distinctive specialist schools focus on improving students ' comprehensive quality and personality development, in 2006 alone more than more than 80 students in the whole school awards in the level and type of race. Luo Yunfei students won the National Biology competition of middle school students, such as the State-level award. Middle school students ' "three small" inventions and municipal organization models in the game, has won many awards in four-wheel drive competition. In 2005 sports among middle school students in Hefei city, Luo Xiumei classmates high school with distinction in my school first place in the women's 100 meters, 400 meters. Sett in the game and the ball competitions in the middle school students have achieved excellent results in our school. 2006 track and field sports meeting in Hefei city school won first place in the senior section groups. 2007 Hefei city, high schools and colleges in new year's cross country running competitions, I won the men's team third place, women's team fourth place 2008 in Hefei city, high schools and colleges in new year's cross country running competitions, I won the men's team third place, women's team fourth place and excellent organization award.

2009 schools of Hefei city new year's cross country running competitions, I won the men's fifth place, women's team sixth place. Great welcome teaching achievements in recent years, the steady increase in the percentage of junior high school graduating class, elite students admitted to one, six or eight provincial-level demonstration high school. Students with excellent grades, such as Xia Xiaoyu in Hefei science experiments and later went to Peking University; Zhang Helin, Dong Zi for students in high school with excellent grades to pass the 11 and later admitted to leading universities such as Nankai University, Harbin Institute of technology. In recent years, the junior high school level and type of school transport a large number of outstanding students have been well received by schools.

In the nearly four-year senior high school entrance examination competition, in municipal schools in our school is located in the top eight in the rankings.

High school teaching quality evaluation in Hefei, and a large area to improve teaching quality evaluation, for nine consecutive years from 1997 in our school was awarded one or two, third. Yong race first-class of school honors due to teaching results significantly development, school Yu 2003 is named for "Hefei model high school", and made has series of honors title: Hefei running level excellent grade school, and grade a management school, and Hefei civilization units, and Hefei city peace campus, and garden type school, and Anhui Province drug prevention education model school, and Anhui Province junior high school air defense education advanced units, and security civilization campus, and moral advanced units, and Hefei language text model units, and

Green schools in Anhui Province and Anhui Province audio-visual I class standard school, tutoring schools at the provincial level, the Anhui provincial sports standard advanced units, advanced unit of national standards of sport and so on.

In the trend of the reform of education, k Operation Lifeline will depend on the quality of teaching staff in schools, efforts to improve the quality of education, investing in the school's grade, striving for the characteristics of the province's excellent well-known school.
Corporate representative: Shi Jiangao (China West education consultant; China chemical will Member; Anhui Province chemical teaching professional Committee governing; Hefei chemical teaching professional Committee Deputy, Chairman of, Hefei excellent teachers, selection promotion middle school high teachers) school address: fengyang road No. 470, (Yuan a era square East 100 m) traffic conditions: take 11, and 111, and 119, and 144, and 21, and 9, and 1, and 801, and 101, road bus can to I school contact: Pan teacher Lee teacher Han teacher Tel: 4,232,159 (call) to 8,118 (guidance office) 8,211 (Office) 8,088 (front) 4,213,251 (Peggy) postal code: 230,011 school website: http://www.hfsyz.comPlease attention: the excellent global sites

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Hefei 11th middle school:11th middle school was founded in 1958, Hefei, comprehensive experimental development zone is located in the new station, located in a loop road intersection and victory, was the city Education Bureau directly under the municipal model high school. School was named, Yanan middle school in Hefei, Hefei v, 20, and so o..

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