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Summary:Yiyang city, founded in 1906, so far has hundreds of years of history, is now a model high school in Hunan province, the provincial experimental school of modern education technology, traditional sports in school. School North owned water dragon West waterfront, campus mist-enveloped, green tiles and red walls, e..
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Yiyang city, founded in 1906, so far has hundreds of years of history, is now a model high school in Hunan province, the provincial experimental school of modern education technology, traditional sports in school.
School North owned water dragon West waterfront, campus mist-enveloped, green tiles and red walls, elegant environment, Shu Sheng Lang Lang, is the mixer of elementary education in yiyang city schools. A heavy, culture in yiyang city in 1906 by Norway who founded a combined junior and senior high school is the earliest northern Hunan, Centennial school history, developed his own unique style and features of running, accumulated a rich cultural heritage, trained thousands of thousands of outstanding talent. As peasants ' Red Army's first division teachers and Commissar Zeng Shie martyrs (in jinggs third times anti-siege in the sacrifice), original culture Deputy Minister, and famous of Marx doctrine theorists, and, Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Zhou Yang, China first any Education Minister Wei He, "international predefined people"--is called China of Schindler of Ho Dr, original Sun Yat-sen University principals Li Yuesheng, original Wuhan University deputy principals, and are jianghan University principals Li Jincai, famous painter Lin fan, famous writer Xie bingying ying, Mo Yingfeng first Mao Dun literature prize winner (Award for novel of the General yin), the Chinese Academy of engineering Zhang Xiaojian (medicine), the Chinese Academy of engineering academician Pan Ziqiang (nuclear environmental experts), Taiwan Academy He Mande is outstanding. There are a large number of domestic and international wide influential celebrities. History of pillars frame, great changes of a century talents. As former Party Secretary Jiang Zuobin in yiyang city centennial celebration said: "the Centennial development of yiyang city in the history is a history of nurturing all whetstone who serve, is a collection expert celebrities, Hong-Wen Li taught history, educational development of yiyang was a witness to history. "Second, the conditions for running a great 2004, according to the requirements of the municipal party Committee and Government on the integration of education resources, the implementation of in-place expansion. City Government City Sports Bureau, land, houses and facilities transferred to the city of yiyang health school, expanded campus space and assets. Also invested more than 50 million Yuan for the expansion. At present, the school has a modern science laboratory building, functional library, the province's excellent gymnasium, field House, rock climbing, cultural square, high standard student accommodation.
School has modern of teaching equipment and humanized of service facilities, classroom are installed has air conditioning, equipped with has "three machine a curtain" and TV monitoring system, and multimedia teaching system, campus established has two-way CCTV system and thousand trillion network, established has computer Office, and scoring and management network, multimedia electric classroom, and computer room, and voice room, and laboratory, facilities complete, in province home advanced ranks. Third, strong faculty in yiyang city teachers in all secondary schools in the city are the strongest. Back in the early 80, drawn from the city's Municipal Board of education over more than 50 best teachers into teaching in the city. Nearly 10 years, schools focused on secondary school entrance examination in the city recorded nearly level prominent teachers teaching to the school. Teacher recruitment, a very strict, to go through three tests, is a test pass, is trying to teach the second pass, three is a trial held. Existing in-service teacher Guo Shanglong, Zhang Xianzhen, Xu Fengxian, Shi Canwei, xiaojunhui 5 persons, senior teacher of more than 120 people, 75% per cent of school teachers, teachers in the national, provincial, municipal leader of more than more than 30. Represented by Zhang Xianzhen over more than 30 national, provincial, and municipal outstanding teachers. 2007 yiyang city one of the first principals, teachers, teacher in charge of selection, President of our school was named Chancellor, 6 teachers are rated as class teachers, teacher. Famous teachers, head of the city. Rapid growth of young teachers in our school the last two years, gratifying, Chen qionghua, and Nie Lei, and Cai Wei, and Li Zhihong, Wu Libin, Zhuang Guohong, Gan Jian, Zhou Guorong etc teachers participate in the teaching contest won the first prize in the provincial at the provincial level. City teachers ' professional skills, high teaching standards in the province has won praise in ten prestigious joint entrance examination proposition.
School reform demonstration school by the city Education Bureau as the city's course.
IV strictly School 2008 is one of the objectives of school management "on the scientific breakthrough", mainly to strengthen the management of student and teacher management. One is to implement closed management. Strengthening the management of students in schools, doorman strict entry, in addition to the set time, sooner or later, and other foreign staff and students access to campus must be registered, students cannot enter school at noon. Schools increased duty. Schools and evening study hall, lunch break, the eighth day of class and group activities have a teacher on duty pavement, someone on duty. General school administration duty room, building sections, grade system on duty, install electronic monitoring, weekly notification duty in place.
Regulate the students ' apartment management, improve management level of live instructor, for residential students and strict management, check twice every day went to students in time schedule to develop good habits. B is to enhance teachers ' management. We have implemented the construction of teachers ' morality, Cyan Engineering, works of outstanding teachers. Carry out the "teacher, master of the State teachers ' morality and cast soul" activities conscientiously implement the "ten advocates", "ten forbidden" provisions to overcome money worship, hedonism, and requiring teachers to enhance global awareness and responsibility, dedication, loving son and content to the poor of health, commitment, innovation, constantly raising the level of the political ideological quality and professional ethics of teachers.
Schools leadership assessment, peer review, student evaluation of teachers, parent feedback, multiple perspectives, multi-disciplinary, comprehensive understanding of the situation of teachers ' morality and professional ethics as an important content of the teacher's annual evaluation, directly linked to discuss comments on the first, professional titles. Three is to strengthen the management of teaching. Schools to establish and improve a random observation system and teaching system of regular inspections and student questionnaires and discussion system, examination, moderators, marking systems, learning quality filing system, teachers ' professional file system, strengthening the grade working group, strengthen the management of grade groups. Establishment of grade and year group branch, clearly contacts grade working group responsible for teaching and administrative cadres, arrangements, ethics officers, officers of the Senate and utility grade groups under technician work, together grasping the day-to-day management of grade teachers and students, first-year work summary of group teaching and moral education conducted each month; strengthening the management of teaching and preparing lessons teaching study on function. Long teaching, lesson preparation team leader to participate in the Group's administrative observation, evaluation, teaching the General inspection work, strict teaching progress, examination, assessment, comment, and is responsible for the research group, the collective preparation of the Organization's work, and strengthened the supervision of teaching. Inspection teams of school administration and teaching staff to check the teacher's teaching, one-week lecture evaluation, bi-weekly sampling preparation quiz (each randomly in each grade group 2 preparing the group lesson plans, taking 4 students per class to inspect the operations of), conducted monthly comment, 1 comprehensive inspection and review of each organization. School evaluation of strengthening teaching, marking teachers to prepare lessons, usually checks, final evaluation. For teachers in class and regular class, cross-class, classroom lectures and focused manner in the course of the supervision services Consultative Council, examination review quiz sample results to open, every teacher work and achievement of the teaching to be credited to the individual professional development archives.
Through the system, scientific management, our schools become the cradle of the student homes, the ability of the spiritual life, career design workshops, the starting point for successful development. Five complete, student mechanisms implementing eugenics project in schools, increased efforts to eugenic selection, training, and incentives. Selection is to select students in the city, nurturing is clearly training class, the teachers targeted incentives, is the honored students who grade the highest. I set up "m-zone" Cup scholarship Grand Prize 2000 Yuan per person, a-prize 1000 Yuan per person, second prize 500 yuan per person, many incentives for up to 300 people.
Lin fan and several other alumni in the University established the scholarship honored students who grade the highest. Stricken schools established a relief mechanism. Ensure that students are not suspended their studies because of family poverty, teyousheng scholarship to complete his studies. Alumni, one of the ten major philanthropists in our school such as Peng Shunchao established grants, rescue more than 200 students in more than a year.
Relief each year a portion of the fees for poor students in school, after school, and after some students get into college, direct from university tuition fees and living expenses.
Six, contact with the elite extensive University located in the city centre, is directly managed by municipal governments only focused on secondary school, has a location advantage and information exchange a wide range of features associated with the schools widely at home and abroad. Overseas: our United States North reading, Massachusetts public schools, and Israel friendship School of education centers in Haifa. We can exchange students, teachers to communicate and learn. My Hu Huiying, Nie Lei, Tian Weihong, Zhang Xianzhen four teachers to study abroad, Exchange.
In March this year, our 4 students will be sent to Israel to study. Domestic: we are the bfsu, outside the West, the languages targeted recruiting schools are Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Zhejiang University, Beihang University, Central South University, Hunan University and other major universities of high quality source base, independent recruitment base.
We have several places to participate in minority admissions each year.
Province: we are a Union of 12 schools across the province (province of long County high school) partner, proposition, scoring high in March, the organization each year, Exchange, we also established cyberschools and high school of National Taiwan Normal University, school papers in the province can interact to improve the standard of teaching in my school and affect the reputation of running wide. Seven, its fruitful since 1977 since the restoration of the college entrance examination system, I admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University students amounted to 107 people, every year there are more than 3 people. In 2001, 6 were admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University. In 2005, the college entrance examination score of at least 600 of 73 students, ranking third across the province. In 2006, the college entrance examination score of at least 600 96, Qiu Canfeng, Cai Zhu, Cheng Langqing persons admitted into Tsinghua University, 2007, Guo Wei, Li Yanqian, Cao Haoxuan exams into Peking University and Tsinghua University, Guo Wei was city champion of liberal arts. On the cultivation of specialty, our school dominate in 2006, Tao Simin, Hu Lijuan, Yang Fengyi, Yang Haoqi province three single competition, first prize, was sent up to the University, Wu Wenhui, Lei, Hu Lijuan three people in 2007 provincial first prize, be eligible for admission into University. Olympics match training: 2007 I school has 7 a province second prize, 2008, Zhang a mountain, Deng Yugao points was province physical, and mathematics first prize, was sent into Tsinghua University; literature training: 2006 graduated of Wen Yajuan published has novels green ghost under, 2007 graduated of paint a branch became province most young of writers ' Association Member; technology innovation: 2007 school Chiang Kai-shek rain new Dongting Lake ecological investigation under was province first prize, Cao Lu was Japan environment map race international gold; in research **ual learning in the, 2009 first prize for students on three issues by province. Fine art, more sports talents in each of the more than more than 50 student entry into University. 2007 track and field students middle school girls in national orienteering competition first prize, Bu Boqiu youth games in first place in the 110-meter hurdles. Annual college entrance examination extra points because of the outstanding sports contest has more than 10 people. I school Advanced Unit of national groups, carry out the sporting regulations of the national advanced unit.
2009 college entrance examination won six items city first: exam into Tsinghua University 2 people, and Peking University 1 people, home city first; 600 points above 34 people, home city first; a this, and II this online rate home city first; arts Qian 10 name, accounted for 6 people, home city first; science Qian 10 name, accounted for 4 people, home city first; text science Qian 100 name, accounted for 57 people, home city first. College students ' autonomous learning, interests, personality filled performance, long evident, has a strong comprehensive ability and competitiveness, and this is required for students of modern society, is our goal. Their high energy, demonstrate the ability of the University, much appreciated. Every year schools are to receive letters from the many renowned universities throughout the country, thanks for delivering them the talent.

We will continue to uphold the concept of quality-oriented education in the future, set of excellence in teaching and the cultivation of innovative talents for local, give back to the community. Fax: 0737-4221062You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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