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Overseas Chinese town secondary school

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Summary:Oct high school was established in 1981, almost 30 years, along with special economic zone, Chinese growth and developed into running distinctive features, excellent quality and significant benefit of State-level demonstration high school in Guangdong Province. School teaching and administrative staff of nearly 300 p..
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Oct high school was established in 1981, almost 30 years, along with special economic zone, Chinese growth and developed into running distinctive features, excellent quality and significant benefit of State-level demonstration high school in Guangdong Province. School teaching and administrative staff of nearly 300 people, including special-2 persons, national excellent teachers, advanced class 3, State-level key teacher 1, Guangdong excellent teachers 3, 4 were Guangdong provincial high school teaching level evaluation, 56 people with postgraduate education, provincial and municipal discipline leaders 32, senior teacher of more than 80 people. 74 existing teaching classes, students in nearly 4,000 people. Schools located in the Oct, Bay high schools are kept by departments, Yan Hanshan Middle School Ministry of two campuses, the essence of the landscape, gather the essence of nature.
Scientific high school new campus layout, complete functions, advanced facilities, Shenzhen, is the most modern, functionally most perfect high school one of the boarding school. "Access to education" as the core, with "of course quality, research scientific and management modernization, internationalization of talents" school mission "determined to lead, ' first **" for moral philosophy to "focus on the transformation of knowledge and abilities, strengthen the coordination of the teaching and learning development" philosophy for teaching in order to "improve quality, create brand school
"As the goal, as a breach of research to optimize the teacher, classroom highly effective, moral management, fulfillment, and go the way of connotation development and specialty development and growing scale of running, full implementation of quality-oriented education, students ' overall quality dramatically increase, continually raising the quality of teaching and education, social impact of growing features are increasingly clear. &Mdash;— high quality talent incubator. For many years, overseas Chinese in the hope "of course quality" standard, and rising quality of teaching and education, high school study of fruits, all red. Entrance examination focusing on undergraduate rate, rate, progressive rate rises ranked advanced, Nanshan District. Especially in the past six years, the school entrance examination made in a row "total ranking of college entrance examination in Shenzhen City's top ten", "the progress rate of the city's first college entrance examination", "the key rate, Nanshan District, the first", "this rate, Nanshan District, the second" results for a large number of tests the low access to overseas Chinese students admitted to Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Zhongshan University and other brand-name universities, Truly the "buy low, sell high, high and low". Chinese quality rising, growing social impact, school was the City Government awarded the "Shenzhen high school education and teaching" Advanced Unit "college entrance examination feature award", "examination, advances outstanding contribution Award" and "Shenzhen benefit significant Awards" honor, social reputation for international quality talent incubator, is "the cradle of excellence, exotic flower gardens
". &Mdash;— specialist education into schools a unique landscape. Respect for difference and development specialist, this becomes an important paradigm of training talents in Chinese. Characteristics of school sports education is one of the highlights of the whole city, fine arts, music, sports, emerging talent. Art classes in schools, had been transporting a large quantity of music and art such talents in colleges and universities, which more than 40% students focus on line, more than 70% students undergraduate course on line, more than 90% students are able to enter universities for further study.
School band after the University and the Shanghai Institute of music education, speed up the pace of development, and has gradually formed in the domestic and international impacts as Nanshan card and the school baseball team is known, on behalf of, or on behalf of Shenzhen, China to participate in international and domestic competitions, and achieved excellent results. &Mdash;— the happy home of scientific and technological innovation. Technology making small inventive activity and is a major feature of overseas Chinese in Guangdong province a reputation. Overseas Chinese teachers and students in scientific and technological activities group worked as comprised of the Shenzhen team, access to the Yugoslav World Youth Championship third place of the sea die. Today's Chinese science and technology activities are more active, more prominent. Students actively participate in national, provincial and municipal levels of technology innovation competition, creative competition, the robot competition, achieved remarkable results. 90% school students have little invention, making results, tech gadgets, art and crafts, there have been more than more than 40 national and provincial awards.
School has been awarded the "characteristic schools" title, school, national scientific and technological activities in the province have broad impact. &Mdash;— educational features brilliant of internationalization. Overseas Chinese in the and Canada BC education 42nd campus established double qualifications friendship school; for school next of to abroad study abroad Foundation class, and bilingual teaching class of held and the abroad winter camp, and school within English village, external Exchange work of carried out open has situation, also for school early achieved "domestic first-class, and international brand" of running target, lay has good based, while further widening has school talent internationalization of channel.
School wide from Korea, in which the students to school attendance, while adhering to elect a student to travel abroad, international exchange activities such as accepting overseas students to study in the school, actively seeking secondary education and international standards, creating the conditions for cultivating internationalized talents with innovative spirit actively, forming the internationalization school characteristics.
&Mdash;— subject to lead, educational research and afford a culture was fruitful. At present, the Chinese national subject 2, subject provincial subject 2, municipal 2 and district-level topic 1, small subject over more than 100. Active participation of teachers, 90% per cent of teachers are involved in teaching and research work, various research has yielded results. School in courses reform in the promoting quality education of exploration and practice under, has was approved for national education planning "Eleven-Five" topics, SAR education under, and South City reported under, and snake mouth message reported under, media on overseas Chinese in the of this "not for topics and topics" of research attitude and "to research Hing school" of practices giving has Omni-directional reported, get has national education Division experts and leadership of certainly.
In 2007, the 17th issue of the education of the people subject to the change of the fate of the school as its theme, full coverage of Chinese research, has aroused widespread public concern.

Idea innovation brings thoughts of upgrading actions bring about great changes in education and teaching of curriculum reform, Chinese today, has become a fully functional, fully equipped, high grade new modern school, successfully passed the examination and assessment of educational modernization, Nanshan District, was elected the country's first modern advanced education, made an important contribution. Phone: 0755-26008504 (high school), 0755-26606084 (middle) address: Shenzhen Nanshan District Baishi erdao 1th (high school), Nanshan District, Shenzhen overseas Chinese chengdongjie 4th (middle) Email:[email protected] fax: 86-755-266932320430.com recommend

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Overseas Chinese town secondary school:Oct high school was established in 1981, almost 30 years, along with special economic zone, Chinese growth and developed into running distinctive features, excellent quality and significant benefit of State-level demonstration high school in Guangdong Province. School teaching and administrative staff of nearly 300 p..

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