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Gaoyao city Xinqiao middle school

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Summary:Guangdong gaoyao city Xinqiao high school is one of the established schools with 67 years of history, in gaoyao under the correct leadership of the municipal party Committee and Government, are concern of educational administrative departments at all levels and the guidance and support of the community of science. ..
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Guangdong gaoyao city Xinqiao high school is one of the established schools with 67 years of history, in gaoyao under the correct leadership of the municipal party Committee and Government, are concern of educational administrative departments at all levels and the guidance and support of the community of science.
Full implementation of the municipal party Committee and Government "building education city" strategy, drawing on the successful experiences in preparing for the college entrance examination in the past, the entire school staff seeking unity, unity and hard work, good governance, innovation, enterprising, scientific notes, layered propulsion, full development of schools, achieved brilliant results in the annual college entrance examination! Gaoyao city Party Committee Municipal Government and the superior administrative departments have attached great importance to the development of education, continuous commitment of manpower, materials and funds, demolition of old and new, beautify the campus environment, perfect facilities. School accounted for to area 45,000 square, area 16,125 square, teaching equipment perfect, has three building 3 layer total 36 room of teaching building, a building 6 layer 24 room of experiment building, within has equipment advanced of physical laboratory 4 a, chemical laboratory 4 a, biological laboratory 3 a, and has library, and reading room (has books 18,732 book), and voice room, and physico-chemical health laboratory, and computer room, and sports room, and earthquake ** room, also has advanced of audio-visual equipment and electrification teaching room, standard of playground, There are basketball courts, 5, fields 1, 3 Badminton Court, table tennis table. Extracurricular activities, geographical, meteorological, biological Park whistle, literary club, activity room, earthquake observations, such as music rooms and art studios. Living facilities, dormitory, building 4, all-suite design, fans were installed on the phone, can accommodate more than 1900 students accommodation, canteen building 1, teachers ' dormitories 4 buildings. The existing 46 teaching classes, there were 2,343 students. 198 teachers in staff, including senior 43 teachers, the level 71 teachers, secondary teachers and 44; all teachers around the school or accommodation, counselling and life care for students is in place, is a school for parents rest assured.
School is now planning to build a six-story student apartment building, can accommodate up to 1200 people, and three-tier student restaurant can accommodate more than 3,000 students, was dining; eight-storey teaching building of a building, can be equipped with 64 class, every classroom is equipped with a computer and projector. School advocates setting up "thin solid born out of respect for love" ethos, strict management, and actively carry out experimental teaching and teaching reform, is the national creative education experimental base, gaoyao secondary schools provide for many years of teaching management and teaching experience. Schools implement "333 teaching management," "1234 teaching management model", "research on three types of class teaching", "high school fast composition test," "auxiliary differential in accordance with their aptitude" of teaching experience. Setting up teaching assessment team, taking full use of Internet resources to collect information across the country, combining our College facts compiled into test bank, college entrance examination for unit clearance training and test preparation, high capacity, quantity, quality is high. College entrance exam with apparent success. For example: total 798-1997 Li Jianlin classmates, Cen Jinyu students total 789 exceeding Qinghua and Beijing University mark (about two points: 760 min of that year) and was admitted into the University of Sciences of China and Sun Yat-sen University, respectively. Li Jianlin students mathematics with 892 points ranked second place in Guangdong Province; 1999 xianguangsheng 826 points in being accepted by Fudan University, Su Jinghua was admitted into Zhejiang University, Kong Xiangzhao was admitted into the University of science and technology of China, Hu Jianliang became Beijing Normal University 2000 Zhao Shanyang was admitted into the University of Wuhan, Liang Lixian make it to South China University, Liu Kexuan make it to Sun Yat-sen University; 2003 Deng Guojin comprehensive college entrance examination Division, 843, Zhaoqing City section champion, was admitted into the University of electronic science and, Liu Yuping admitted to Chung Shan Medical University 2005 Mo Jianan, and making deductions being accepted by Sun Yat-sen University 2006; a person entering the gaoyao city top 10, Li Shunnian, Ye Hanbing, Fang Shun respectively are gaoyao, dier、San、siming, Li Shunnian 809 mathematics, General Department 821-even were gaoyao 2 single Champion; 2007 xianshaoliang geography geography of Zhaoqing doubles with 138 points single-subject examinations. Liberal Arts mathematics 131 Min Chen Liyan, Han Baohua biology 128 min, Chen Chaozhong 218 the art courses are gaoyao city champion; 2008, Li Yichao art courses, 263, gaoyao, single-subject examinations.
Up to now, school is 5 years in a row in the college entrance examination are gaoyao city fine arts courses single-subject examinations. Colorful school extracurricular activities, teachers held each semester a variety of basketball, football, table-tennis tournaments, celebrate the anniversary celebration, calligraphy and painting contest, student events and activities such as basketball, football. Student to student activities adhere to the earthquake monitoring group, repeatedly praised by the provincial Seismological Bureau and the City Science and Technology Commission. School of "acrobatic tender grass literature social" since 1976 founded yilai, is repeatedly named County City advanced literature social, members (students) in national, and province, and City Magazine Shang published works, and articles of has more than 120 more passengers, some "members" are has became writer, and province writer ' s Committee members, and South day newspaper edit reporter,, "acrobatic tender grass literature social" in 2002 is named "Guangdong Province excellent literature social "2007 was upgraded to" literature of gaoyao acrobatic tender grass "; provincial award in surveys conducted by the biotechnology team report.
School over sent students participate in various race, award-winning create success: 2006 participate in national English race, 2 people was second prize (city 4 people was this award); high school biological 1 people was national third prize (full Zhaoqing only 4 people was this award); 2007 national high school mathematics League, Zhang Guihang students in one fell swoop obtained Guangdong Province second prize of good results, this is whole gaoyao in this national high school mathematics League among made of best results; other discipline was of various award countless. In 1982 the school was rated as general systems "advanced collective"; 2001, gaoyao city, was awarded "advanced schools" Award 2004 by the city authority awarded "Advanced Unit" award in 2005, 2006, 2007 year even issued by Department of Zhaoqing "examination, outstanding contribution award."

2007 Chinese, maths, English, history, geography, political science, physics, chemistry, biology, basic disciplines of Arts and Sciences in Zhaoqing "academic achievement award" in 2007 and gaoyao, the municipal party Committee and the municipal government issued "2007-teaching advanced units"; gaoyao City Board of education has issued in the same year 2006-207 year's "city high school teaching quality award". Address: Xinqiao town, gaoyao city, Guangdong Province Tel: 0758-8471572 principal email: [email protected]0 4 3 0 . Com

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Gaoyao city Xinqiao middle school:Guangdong gaoyao city Xinqiao high school is one of the established schools with 67 years of history, in gaoyao under the correct leadership of the municipal party Committee and Government, are concern of educational administrative departments at all levels and the guidance and support of the community of science. ..

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