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Dongguan Taiwan schools

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Summary:The establishing of schools for the children of Taiwanese businessmen in Dongguan, is after a period of advanced process. Prior to this, the Taiwan merchant Association of Taiwan businessmen in mainland China, have raised the idea of organized school, but due to a number of objective factors, the Mainland authorities..
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The establishing of schools for the children of Taiwanese businessmen in Dongguan, is after a period of advanced process. Prior to this, the Taiwan merchant Association of Taiwan businessmen in mainland China, have raised the idea of organized school, but due to a number of objective factors, the Mainland authorities are not recognized.

And "Dongguan Taiwanese Association" Yu 1995 up, established "education career Committee", in dier、sanjie Ye Hong light long of led Xia, to "public running" nature call on both sides of related people built school, a create school Chi workers hard to inputs, from and on both sides of government relationship of established, to hardware built stage active to participation, eventually obtained on both sides of Government of recognized, became first by on both sides of common recognized qualifications of school, in on both sides of of education exchange history, painting Xia a important of milestone. Firstly, to establish background the background of the establishment of this school, from the relationship between economic development, political and cultural exchange on three levels.

"Economic development" perspective, the College's main motivation was just outside the mainland China is the focus of the current world economic development, as well as the effects of economic development in the Pearl River Delta region in Guangdong Province, prompted the Taiwanese communities in Dongguan, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, which spawned established needs of Taiwanese business people. "Political relations" part, Taiwan authorities since 1987, officially open for public visits and investment in the Mainland, many business people have invested in plants on the other side, more frequent interaction across the Taiwan Strait. To address the relevant issues arising from the interaction of the people across the Taiwan Strait, cross-strait authorities established the SEF and ARATS are two counterparts.

However, with the rapid development of cross-strait economic and trade relations, Taiwan, Taiwanese families with children education gradually, so in 1995 of the Dongguan Taiwan Business Association in response to Taiwanese children's education needs, set up a "Committee on education", promote the Organization of Taiwanese business people. "Cultural exchange", separated after more than 40 years between the two sides, in the 80 declaring the opening up and reform in the Mainland, Taiwan in 1987, allow people to invest in the Mainland to visit relatives, frequent exchanges between the people on both sides. Relevant academic and cultural visits by groups, after the partition of the education and culture between the two sides, there is a certain level of understanding and awareness. Moreover, the origin of culture across the Taiwan Strait share common, interact with each other more easily resonate with the intersection, on both sides of the civil society that the Government is the academic, cultural, sporting, scientific and educational exchanges, mining supports China and upbeat attitude. In this context, for Taiwanese schools set up to help.

At the same time, also after the establishment of the University, creating a platform for cross-strait educational and cultural exchanges. From the foregoing that several years across the Taiwan Strait, have frequent interaction, plays on both sides of the Taiwan businessmen Association "bridge" role, in this political climate, not only has the economic strength of the Taiwanese businessmen Association, also have a significant influence in politics.

Therefore, Dongguan Taiwan business association after the accumulation of related economic and social capital, and began to interact with local and central authorities in the Mainland, that pave the way for Taiwanese schools set up. II, and established process school in external economic, and political and culture, factors of staggered Xia, to success to breakthrough dilemma, obtained continent education sector and the country Taiwan Office system of support, and Taiwan Ministry of education of recognized, can from founded of cause, and course two a level said up: (a) school founded of cause Taiwanese to continent investment, created on both sides of economic of win-win effect Hou, derivative and out of personal health, and marriage relationship, and children of education problem endless, but is has been for on both sides of Government by care is no to. Economic and trade development on both sides of this issue, has a certain impact. Dongguan Taiwan business association to address membership issues, advocacy-related activities, such as drinking liquor ban to promote legitimate leisure activities. But these measures are only the symptoms of short-term measures. The long term, to solve this problem, or must they be such as Japan the Government encouraged massive immigration Brazil Shi, for its people, "schools, the establishment of the hospital and the Bank", as these three things are necessary for the economic development support measures. From 1995 to 1999, when Ye Hong, President of the Taiwanese Association of Dongguan lamp, Member of bear tremendous pressure because Taiwan businessmen inhabit this place more and more, set up a school needs more intense. Of the Dongguan Taiwan Business Association at that time was under so much pressure, is that members know only is able to connect with the Taiwan Strait set up in local schools, to completely solve the problem of Taiwanese business people for education and the family.

After the establishment of the school, child education, families and family relocation, settled between Taiwan businessmen and their families caused by divorce and health problems. (B) school course run by Taiwanese businessmen to area development in Dongguan, derived from related issues, there must be a Taiwan School of education standards in order to completely solve the problem.

Therefore, Taiwan Business Association at its second and third session of the Council in response to Taiwanese children's education needs, was set up in association "Education Committee", began a series of preparations. Founded by history as a whole can be divided into two stages, the first part of Taiwan Business Association recognition of mainland China's Central and local authorities, the second part is to get Taiwan Ministry of education support and recognition.

In the course of advance, Dongguan's livelihood being in communication with Governments across the Taiwan Strait, and has made the following efforts to eventually get support, successful school. 1. seek the mainland official support, making set legislation, Dongguan Taiwan business association after several years of efforts to use Taiwan businessmen running a policy conducive to attracting Taiwan investment where for mainland relevant departments to formulate relevant laws and regulations so that schools set up by Taiwan businessmen have a law sources basis. In 1997 China promulgated "Taiwan compatriots investment protection law", and article 19th, in mainland investment by Taiwan compatriots, children, with national education in the school on the Mainland, can apply for admission into the primary and secondary school studies. States allowing Taiwan compatriots invested enterprises organized schools for the children of Taiwanese businessmen in concentrated areas, but should receive guidance and supervision of the management of education.

This Ordinance breaks the law sources basis for Taiwanese schools, but no relevant enforcement rules and specific measures for implementation. Until December 5, 1999, mainland China issued the "People's Republic of China Taiwanese compatriots investment protection law implementing rules" in article 17th, Taiwan compatriots investment are individual children, and Taiwan compatriot investment enterprises of Taiwan compatriots in workers ' children, can enter the continent in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State's primary, secondary and higher education.

In addition, the Taiwan compatriots investment or Taiwan compatriot investment enterprises Association in Taiwan compatriots investment focus areas, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, applying for the establishment of Taiwan investment in their children's school, approved the establishment of the Taiwan compatriots in their children's school should accept the oversight of the Executive branch of education. 2. access to systems support, set obstacles for Taiwanese schools set up reduction, are to contribute to economic development in Dongguan, the local government and the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guangdong Province, Dongguan city, the system has been adopted to support. Since it involves using Taiwan issues of teaching materials, teachers and principals from Taiwan of appointment must be approved by the central unit. So the key point on the system of the central Taiwan Affairs Office's approval. At the time when the interaction with the Taiwan Affairs Office, the relevant mainland departments to adhere to the Taiwan schools must be appointed local principals and teachers, and that teachers ' quality in the Mainland than Taiwan is poor. And the Dongguan Taiwan business association is based on practical considerations, that the use Taiwan textbooks, appointment of Taiwanese teachers expect that more appropriately. Thus logical that teachers are the Taiwan teachers, of course, is held by Taiwanese President to make the management system has been operating smoothly. In fact, this problem will be solved, mainly Taiwanese, Ye Hong, President of the Association light normal relationship with Beijing and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council system has the virtue, so when you hit this issue, called on the mainland Taiwan Affairs Office leaders, access to Central Government support, so Taiwanese schools to build tangible progress. Therefore, we spread the word: "no, Tang Shubei, there would be no first school for children of Taiwan businessmen. "3. the fight for provincial approval, the Dongguan Government full support after getting Central Government support, Dongguan Taiwan Business Association immediately faced the issue of specific schools, that is, whether the Department of education review of Taiwan Business Association in Dongguan, Guangdong Province has the ability to set up schools, operated by Taiwan businessmen associations usually efficiency of network effects. The Dongguan Government said that if Taiwanese schools if there is difficulty in funding and land, to go all out to support. The main reason is that they know "cover where the school, populated by Taiwan businessmen, the local economic development. "At this point, the school can say is the simultaneous settlement of both financial and land-related issues.

So, the Guangdong provincial Department of education approved the first schools for the children of Taiwanese businessmen in China. 4. returning to Taiwan to seek Taiwan Ministry of education approved school by mainland authorities approved school, November 3, 1999, as the Foundation. But Taiwan Business Association wants to start school is one of the Taiwan education practice school. So, how to get Taiwan authorities admit, are also issues that society must face. Then people began running to the Ministry of education and the Legislative Yuan as well as organizing a series of public hearings. Last, Mac Yu December 1999 early invited and the Central the related units (including Mac Economic Department, and thammasat Department, and cultural and educational Department; Ministry of education Church Division, and overseas Chinese Church, and continent work group, and personnel department; Commission will; economic Department voted trial will; SEF), arrangements Ye Hong lamp, people to Mac and the Ministry of education for briefing, on school of incorporated, and textbook, and teacher, and scale, and funding grants, problem obtained some conclusions, and by then Ministry of Education Minister Yang Chaoxiang Mr (school honors Chairman) personally presided over reporter will announced,

Establishment of accredited schools for the children of Taiwanese businessmen, accepting student qualifications, and be considered a domestic education extrusion.

Three-member status, development, staffing: the 2005 school year first semester (a) kindergartens, 80 elementary school the number of students 720 people, 444 people in the country, high school 192 people, 1,436 people total.

(B) the class number 3 kindergarten classes, junior 22, 12 classes, 8 high school classes in the country, total is 45. (C) staffing of school faculty, a total of 312.

Contains 105 teachers, tutors, 48 administrative staff and 159 people.

Second, the status of the Organization 1. Board of Directors: Directors of the school is made up of enterprises and people of culture and education, a total of 17, in which enterprises have been provided with 10-bit, culture and education have been provided with 7-bit.

2. meetings of school affairs: composed of principals, teachers, staff, parents, representatives, is responsible for vetting school development plans, various important regulations and other significant matters.

3. administrative units: with the principal's Office, General Services, personnel, Office of the Comptroller Office, Taipei.

4. the teaching unit: has academic affairs, Academic Affairs Office, guidance office, education resource center. III, status of the school buildings are currently hardware construction technology building, primary school teaching building, primary school, teacher, student dormitories, the dining room floor, dormitories, secondary school teachers, secondary school teaching building and dormitory, living learning camp.

Future hardware plans include an indoor heated swimming pool, staff, and student activity centres and so on. Address: zhongtan town, Dongguan city, village on Huang Chung: 523,221 Tel: 0769-88880808 fax: 0769-88880841 E_Mail:[email protected] Taipei Office: 1F, No. 669, ruiguang road, Neihu, Taipei Tel: 02-87978550 fax: 02-87978553 E_Mail:[email protected]Welcome to 0430 website library

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Dongguan Taiwan schools:The establishing of schools for the children of Taiwanese businessmen in Dongguan, is after a period of advanced process. Prior to this, the Taiwan merchant Association of Taiwan businessmen in mainland China, have raised the idea of organized school, but due to a number of objective factors, the Mainland authorities..

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