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Old State secondary education network

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Summary:, School profile 1, geographical location and cultural background the old state high school is located in the historical and cultural town —— the old State, founded in 1932, has so far passed 76-year history, unique culture, rich culture and long history of culture and old State secondary school in southe..
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, School profile 1, geographical location and cultural background the old state high school is located in the historical and cultural town —— the old State, founded in 1932, has so far passed 76-year history, unique culture, rich culture and long history of culture and old State secondary school in southeastern standing. Founded 76 years old State secondary schools for all kinds of school transport thousands of personnel at all levels.

Wuhan University postdoctoral Zheng Jianxin Dr Wang Chaohui, Ministry of Economics, doctor of letters Feng Xiaolun, Mei Shen Hujun, MD Dr Yin Dehai, psychology Dr Wu Chengjun times spent in Jiuzhou middle school, middle school, and be of good moral character education and cultural education, for their later success success has laid a good foundation. In the community and with the help of the Government, focus on team cohesion, cultivate high quality educational resources, in August 2007, the junior high school split off Jiuzhou high school became an independent senior high school, existing 2,291 students in school, where minority students accounted for 76.3%, people of ethnic minority girls and 747, full-time as 119 teachers, senior teachers 83.93% of total full-time teachers, senior teachers 12.5% of total full-time teachers.

Teachers at the provincial level 4, backbone State-level 5 teachers, teachers of high-quality 8. 2, and school hardware facilities school accounted for to area 57,386 square, school area 17,917 square, campus green area 9,743 square, accounted for can green area of 95%, has standard of football and eight road 400 m ring runway, blue Stadium, physico-chemical health laboratory, various experiment instrument, and sports equipment, and books, and classroom, and Office, facilities are can meet school of education teaching needs; has achieved "three machine a curtain class class has", campus broadcast "Class pass"; and installed a wireless FM system English, has a school website, 20 campus wide network, has a high school library, students ' computer laboratory or distance education center Internet browsing and online learning.

255 computers, language lab two, 3 multifunctional classroom; students ' dormitory building 2, and all have bathrooms, art building, building 1, 1 canteen, Student Services Division 3, physical and chemical Lab 3.

Second, running 1, development concept: "LiDE Shuren, quality schools, and scientific research to promote teaching, cultural uplift".

2, school spirit: United, lively, civilized endeavor.

3, teaching: strict professionalism, forge.

4, study: study diligently think, innovate. 5, and motto: JC Deloitte Park (1932 built school Shi, Council Wu Shaofeng Mr questions) three, and environment educational construction for full follow-up implementation environmental protection Council and education on constantly advance "green school" created activities of about file spirit, seriously implementation national environment publicity education action platform for under, improve I school students of modern civilization literacy and environment consciousness, universal environment science knowledge and environment legal knowledge, strongly advance quality education and socialist spiritual construction, to

National environmental education guided by the platform for action, principle 17 of the spirit and the "three represents" important thought, acquiring a scientific development Outlook, follow the inherent law of ecological education, and students from the school's actual conditions, strengthen the education of ecological ethics and environmental ethics, and strive to enhance students ' awareness of environmental protection and environmental protection capacity, actively promote the process of school quality education and spiritual civilization construction. Has long school put created "green school" as school full follow-up education approach, full advance quality education of a items important content, into school annual work target and five years planning; developed has Huangping County old state middle school created green school implementation programme under, political taught Department and Youth League is responsible for "green activities" of implementation and publicity, and established and perfect and this phase consistent of learning system and award system; teaches Department is responsible for "green courses "Implementation; education and impose financial responsibility for" green teacher "building; the General Service is responsible for the" green campus "creates a logistical support.

By creating activities, environmental education and with all possible means to create a strong atmosphere, to improve students ' environmental awareness training students ' good environmental practice code for environment protection behavior among students, environmental awareness is deeply rooted in the minds of students, environmental protection has become accustomed, and widely available to society.

Optimizing the cultivation environment environmental educational function into full play, "the ecological moral education" management is the old State Capitol has long been thought of moral education in middle schools, schools attach great importance to create a beautiful natural environment and rich cultural environment and harmonious cultural environment, greening, cleaning, beautification efforts to make the school environment. After several years of efforts, old State secondary schools now campus environment beautiful, both the simplicity of rural schools, there are also urban campus atmosphere. Each one is a unique landscape, each one bearing the old tranquility, one person, Houde's good intentions. Campus Green, and landscaping, and purification and culture construction has became Guizhou Southeast school campus construction of model, campus landscaping has garden type and garden type style, campus within rockery du Marche, and jade bridge pond, and sculpture fountain, and flowers lined, and pavilions walls, and lighting audio each other, various buildings style ancient, and city old state of ancient building thaw for one, is is old state most beautiful of complex, became old state town a one bright of Pearl. Walked into the old state school, side window, bring aesthetic pleasure and brings the influence of art and culture promotion. Cultural and walls "all for students, for students, for all students" prompt in the old mission. "Star of the century" sculpture, gives students unlimited imagination and hope. Old State House history celebrities Shi Zanqing, Shi Kefa statue, increased the campus history, creating feelings of patriotism and national spirit education environment, every morning, and raised the banner of the Republic with the Sun is the heart of sacred and solemn everyone. Located in the wall of the classroom of the high school students and the middle school students ' daily behavior norm of the code to remind students how to behave.

Hospitality of campus environment was intoxicated linger, strong of campus culture let people amazing, education modern breath spray and to, everywhere is languishing of lawn, green grass flowers in the stone Shang of quotes punchline, congealing Diego Chui of trees, also has that Yiyi of PRIVET, often green of Holly ……, nature of beauty quietly to in campus in flowing, this is a silent of green classroom, wander campus, as through in Shulin and picture in the.

Have made satisfactory achievements, the school has been named: Advanced School of national defense education, environmental education moral education in advanced schools, civilized school, advanced, advanced philatelic activities in schools, drug prevention education in schools model school, Huangping County "green school". Four times in my school, teaching quality, enterprising and harmonious development, a steady improvement in the quality of teaching. In recent years, every year about 30 per cent of students admitted to the University, about 150 students are admitted to the University, the rate among the nearly 40 senior high school in Southeast Guizhou and upper ranks. 2006 new high college entrance examination, has 32 students focus on line, qiandongnan Prefecture Board of education statistics state the 2006 undergraduate on-line completion of college entrance examination in high end rate, excellent students in my school on-line (focus on) completion rate for 328.57% and ranked statewide top six. The County's first, Liberal Arts student enrollment rate for 2007 is 72.54, ranked sixth the State, first in the County. 2008 entrance examination again the old state high school record, County more than 600 17, old State secondary school 9, 41 people had been admitted to key universities, 151 people have been admitted to universities.

Now by the State Government as the State-level demonstration high school, in the fifth round of general secondary school received good grades in the level of supervision and assessment; the County Government, the town government as advanced unit in education systems. Looking to the future, the education challenges facing the best opportunity and the most powerful.

Our school will continue to emancipate, oriented to modernization, the world, facing the future, dares to develop, forge ahead, and for the construction of "eco-HA", "HA in harmony", in order to implement the provincial Party Congress ten times on "environment" establishing province development strategy and make due contributions. Address: Huangping County, Guizhou province the old state high school postal code: 556,102 e-mail: [email protected]0 4 3 0 . Com

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Old State secondary education network:, School profile 1, geographical location and cultural background the old state high school is located in the historical and cultural town —— the old State, founded in 1932, has so far passed 76-year history, unique culture, rich culture and long history of culture and old State secondary school in southe..

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