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Huangping, Guizhou province national high school

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Summary:Huangping, Guizhou province national high school formerly huangping County junior high school, was founded on September 18, 1931. In December 1982, approved by the provincial people's Government, changed its name to huangping, Guizhou province national high school, and included in the provincial key high schools so..
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Huangping, Guizhou province national high school formerly huangping County junior high school, was founded on September 18, 1931. In December 1982, approved by the provincial people's Government, changed its name to "huangping, Guizhou province national high school", and included in the provincial key high schools so far.
In May 2006 by provincial-level demonstration high school assessment of acceptance, become a model in Guizhou province general upper secondary schools (class II). Huangping, Guizhou province national high school is the "national educational development plan ' experimental base of a key", "national youth science education base" and "English teaching research grants program research base in China's basic education" and "education training base in Guizhou province," "
Carey College practice base of Guizhou Normal University "," practice base in Guizhou University for nationalities "," Ministry of education, the Li Ka Shing Foundation the Western poverty reduction demonstration project of modern distance education school "," experimental school of modern education technology in Guizhou province ". School is located in Huangping County xinzhouzhen 22nd Wenhua road, now occupies 70,035 square meters, covering an area of 27.8 square school building area of 31594.7 square meters, area of 12.57 square school campus greening 6,654 square meters. Whole campus bouquets, trees shady, flowers, 2003 to 2006 built has playground, and football, and basketball field, and volleyball field, movement facilities and voice room, and ' computer laboratory, and multifunction classroom, and academic Office, and experiment floor, and books WISP (has books 110,000 book), and integrated floor, and students apartments, and students canteen, advanced of education teaching facilities, June 2010 to existing of classroom installed has multimedia equipment, and in campus installed has monitoring system, running conditions constantly improve.
Existing faculty members, including 186 school, full-time teachers of which 165 people, high 55 teachers, secondary teachers 71; 52 existing classes, students are more than 3,400 employees, minority students accounted for more than 80%. Huangping, Guizhou province national high school has always paid great attention to the construction of the faculty. Schools through the development of the "135 project", through "business knowledge examination", "five-one project" and "mentoring" and "three basic training", the young teachers ' teaching skills competition, out of investigation measures such as learning, encourage teachers to dig, innovation. After years of efforts, develop and build up a solid professional Foundation, business skills, love and dedication, continuous improvement, innovative teachers. Has emerged a national "model workers" 3, "national advanced teachers" 2, "contend" 3, "China top ten rural English teachers", 1 provincial education teacher 1, "teachers", 2 "backbone principals", 1 "excellent teachers
"1 person," teachers ", 16" teaching master "4," teachers "of 10 people. Guizhou province Huang Ping national middle school has been insisted correctly of running direction, full follow-up party of education approach, according to "three a-oriented", insisted times, tightly around "to quality for this, and to innovation for soul, and to method for outline, and to performance for wing" of running thought, to moral led, teaching mainly, educational for this, full development, deepening education reform, strictly internal management, strongly strengthening campus spiritual construction, active implementation quality education, Focus on training students of thought moral quality, and innovation spirit, and autonomous learning research capacity and social practice capacity, formed has "carry forward science, and heritage civilization, and harmony development, and qiushi innovation" of good ethos, and "devoted to study more SI, solidarity endeavour, and lidehong Chi, and UBM please really" of rich style and "learn high body are, and dedicated love health, and rigorous learning, and good taught Le into" of rigorous taught wind and "love educational
, Section Ngai Hing school, cultural education "school characteristics, school running level and quality of education to a new level.
To highlight the "love, section Ngai Hing School of education, cultural education" school characteristics, implement the "famous and well-known in the province in the State," goals of running schools, closely rely on rich local culture and national culture, combining counties and schools, barracks and the enclosing walls of the campus culture of the efforts to build a solid, Tai Hing winds of technical arts, highlighting the characteristics of human love of yellow. School is deeply rooted in huangping, this mountain land of silk, continue to explore the rich local cultural resources, make it a thick part of campus culture. Strong campus culture in open positions, a rich cultural atmosphere filled with the entire campus. By "style youth" literature social, and campus radio station, and ryongyon under newsletter and Huang Ping national middle school school reported under publicity campus culture, carried out "Ethereal campus" series talks, established has paper-cut, and carving, and philatelic, and painting, and speech, and basketball, and volleyball, more than 20 multiple interest group, also development has four school this textbook, and vigorously carried out national civil culture into campus, and into classroom activities, efforts construction Ethereal campus, create rich of reading atmosphere,
Further stimulate students ' thirst for knowledge, develop students ' aesthetic interest, improving students ' aesthetic ability, leading students to soar to a broader knowledge of the sky, which schools will truly become a paradise for students, become a window of campus cultural activities, highlights the function of campus culture of great tension, making students motivated in history and culture, heritage, local culture and national culture. For many years, Guizhou province, two things that people have been focusing on the cultivation of student's comprehensive quality in middle school. School hosted the "art week", "games", "painting and calligraphy competition", "one or two. the theatrical festival", "new year's Day party", "extra-curricular" and "campus top ten singers competition", organizing students to participate in the national, In various sports and other activities in the region and throughout the province, improving the students ' quality, develop students ' personality, promoted the all-round development of students. In recent years more than students in the level and type of competition has awarded more than 400 passengers. Among them, the national first prize of nearly 20 people second prize received over more than 60; and third prize of more than more than 100 people.
National Youth technology innovation competition award in both industries. In recent years, teachers at the national, provincial, prefecture-level newspaper published more than 300 scientific papers, there are more than 300 publications won the contest organized by the competent administrative Department of education grades award. Science education in schools is a national base scientific research base, the national English school, has undertaken the 4 national, 1 provincial, 4 State-level scientific research projects, where the schools undertake national research project of the high school foreign language learning strategies in minority areas, research paper won first place in the national first prize.
National education "plan" plan on the combination of a key study on the impact and countermeasures of poor students, national education and research "ten five" award. Schools developing "love education" activities and to broaden channels, increase funding for poor students and will not let a student dropping out because of poverty. Since 2007 yilai, school through China Lottery Fund, and Guizhou — Shenzhen grants, and autumn into grants, and China AIDS root Fund, and main grants, and United States Maughan Fund, and Ningbo charity always, and Macau daily public fund, and Malaysia star Chau media grants, and Ningbo energy saving Association, and Beijing Shun Hing limited, and Hong Kong Huo Zongjie Mr and Zhejiang Xiangshan, and Ningbo knot on helping, and local social people of helping and school staff love Fund of funded, total funded poverty students more than 1800 over people,
Subsidy of nearly 2 million Yuan. Huangping, Guizhou province national middle school for almost 80 years, successively higher level schools, has trained more than 20,000 qualified early for the society, high graduate.
Emerge out of the former Governor of Guizhou province, Wang chaowen, American scientist Dr Wang Rui-Dang, minzu University doctoral students Wu Zhiqing, currently Vice President of Chengdu, Sichuan Provincial Committee, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and tutor Professor Huang run-Qiu, present Ministry of finance taxation Secretary Dr Zheng Jianxin, a large number of famous alumni. Through hard work and tireless efforts in recent years, Huang Ping nationality middle school education and teaching has made significant progress and achieved gratifying results. In 2004, the school was honored by provincial, provincial education Union "publicizing the Advanced Unit", Green Board, in 2005-2006 province, the personnel department, the Provincial Forestry Department awarded the "green model in Guizhou province" title, by the supervision of the provincial government, the provincial Office of education awarded "universal experiment teaching model in middle schools of Guizhou province school" title, by the State Board, State Government awarded "civilized unit "Title, is the State Government awarded the" Advanced collectivity of moral education "award, by the State Board of education" level supervision and evaluation Award "recognizes and rewards; 2007 State Government as" Advanced Unit of green ", educational supervision by the State Government as" advanced environmental education school "people's Government" Statewide education system of advanced units "; in 2008, the school unions were in qiandongnan Prefecture education Trade Union, Southeast Guizhou education as" educational trade union work advanced collectivity ", schools are in Southeast Guizhou environmental protection Bureau as" State-level green school "educational supervision by the State Government, State Board of education named" the fifth round of general secondary education level of supervision and evaluation of good schools " 2009 by the propaganda Department of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, the provincial Office of science and technology, the Provincial Association of science and technology as "Youth Science and technology education school in Guizhou province" is evaluated by Guizhou Provincial Department of education "School of advanced campus culture in Guizhou province" by the Guizhou Provincial Department of environmental protection, the provincial Office of education as "green school in Guizhou province".
In July 2010, the school Department of General party branch by the CPC in qiandongnan prefecture as "five good grass-roots organization". Guizhou province Huang Ping national middle school, in superior party, and Government and education administrative sector of led, and care and support Xia, school leadership are led all teachers and students carry forward "school bitter caught, and teachers bitter taught, and students studies" of "three bitter" spirit, to "first-class of management, first-class of equipment, first-class of teacher, first-class of ethos, first-class of quality" of "State within famous, province within well-known

"Struggling goal. Principal's Office Tel: 0855-2438558 network management telephone: 0855-2437397 email: [email protected]Please attention: the excellent global sites

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Huangping, Guizhou province national high school formerly huangping County junior high school, was founded on September 18, 1931. In December 1982, approved by the provincial people's Government, changed its name to huangping, Guizhou province national high school, and included in the provincial key high schools so..

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