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Guangde County people's Hospital

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Summary:Guangde County people hospital began built Yu 1950, Guangde County is located in Anhui Province Southeast, Su zhe Anhui three province eight County (City) junction, East p hang-Jia-Hu, North leaning Su Tin often, around 2.5 hours economic ring has Shanghai, and Hangzhou, and Nanjing, and Hefei, 4 a capital city and..
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Guangde County people hospital began built Yu 1950, Guangde County is located in Anhui Province Southeast, Su zhe Anhui three province eight County (City) junction, East p hang-Jia-Hu, North leaning Su Tin often, around "2.5 hours economic ring" has Shanghai, and Hangzhou, and Nanjing, and Hefei, 4 a capital city and 16 a large in the developed city, is Anhui Province only and Su zhe two a provinces adjacent bordering of counties, is East into West out of bridgehead, and North-South economic of combined points, traffic convenient, transport developed, known as
"The three provinces" of reputation. Guangde County people's Hospital was founded in 1950, is a grade a-General Hospital in Guangde County, the only, assume the Guangde County and the surrounding area of nearly 600,000 people in medical, emergency, is in Guangde County and emergency medical treatment, teaching, scientific research center. Hospital covers an area of 78 acres, 30,602 square meters. A 4,317 square clinic building, a 5,237 square-foot five-story ward building, a 12-story inpatient building of 18,210 square metres, and a 6-storey building is in the planning and construction of medical.
Hospital has been rated as national "level II hospital", "baby-friendly hospital", "good faith" hospital, city Advanced Unit for opening Hospital General Affairs. The hospital employs 585 people, senior professional and technical personnel in 168. Ward 12, medico-13, 24 in outpatient departments, preparation of 500 beds, and years more than more than 180,000 outpatients, year hospitalized patients over more than 19,000 passengers, "120" emergency more than more than 17,000. In September 2008, the Hospital of heart and brain blood vessels, bone injuries, thoracic surgery, Gynecology, ophthalmology, endoscopy, urology, brain injury and other features nine medical centers. General Surgery, thoracic surgery, brain surgery, urology, orthopedics, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous systems and ophthalmology, paediatrics, Department of infectious diseases, the treatment of such diseases have reached a higher level. Cardiovascular section, Neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics and is a regional leader, was identified as the priority by xuancheng city specialist.
Construction of these disciplines, enabling promotes the development of hospital group, construction will continue to improve. In recent years, for quickly improve clinical diagnosis and treatment and the medical research level, hospital increased equipment inputs introduced has United States, and Germany, and Japan, national of high-tech medical equipment, existing 500mA high frequency photo tablets machine 2 Taiwan, and DR, and Philips Mo rhodium double target breast film machine, 500mA digital flat gastrointestinal machine, and more slot indirect type computer digital imaging system, and GE directly type computer digital imaging system, and double spiral CT machine, and single slot CR, and mobile type c type arm x line machine, and magnetic resonance imaging system, and Multifunction CR and the digital flat gastrointestinal machine, and Panorama dental fault film machine, and pantaikesi Super fine electronic mirror and the electronic intestinal mirror, and feisenyousi blood dialysis instrument, and Hitachi automatic biochemical Analyzer, and anesthesia workstation, and heart electric workstation, and GE color Super, and Voluon730 color Super, and breast Endoscope, and various fiber Endoscope, and oral integrated treatment machine, and high frequency x line gastrointestinal machine, and ultrasound bone density detection instrument, and Asia health monitoring instrument, and Helicobacter pylori spiral Bacillus detection instrument,. In introduced large advanced equipment of while, hospital active carried out multiple technology, and new project, which, sternum median incision thymus tumor resection operation, and large area cerebellar bleeding micro-create clear operation, and huge diaphragmatic hernia patch operation and no tension hernia patch operation, and neck, and chest, and vertebral spinal cord for removed decompression and vertebral Board reconstruction, and within fixed operation, and sternum median cut pericardial decompression and heart patch operation, and glaucoma radical + small incision cataract removed + Hou flexor type artificial Crystal implant triple surgery, and special heavy head injury of treatment, and
Intracerebral hematoma in hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage filled the blank in domestic and many other new technologies. Hospital always insisted "technology strong homes, talent State homes, service Hing homes" of development strategy, holds with "out to, introduced to" of approach policy, strongly carried out homes within teaching, selected out learning personnel to the junior methyl hospital for specialist medical technology of learning studies, and not regularly of invited the large hospital of expert Professor to homes consultation, for academic exchange, increased has talent team construction, effective to promotion has medical technology of development and improve, Hospital Emergency Department in xuancheng first first-aid skills competition won the first prize in the good result. Meanwhile, hospital and made has humanized of nursing concept, strengthening nurse were of "three base" training, rammed clinical nursing based and carried out has series of of nursing features activities, in nurse in the formed "everyone rushed out to, all excellence" of good atmosphere, and active created "quality nursing model ward", let nursing work real do close to patients, and close to clinical, and close to social, building has harmony of nursing patients relationship, Increased patient satisfaction with care.
By the hospital as "life Angel" singing the chorus of the song of Chinese nurses continuously won the first prize in the region, the province and representatives participated in the national competition in Anhui Province, eventually received the national outstanding award! To address patient "visiting doctor being difficult and expensive" problem, hospitals trying to reduce price Wai man, the people, and has implemented a series of policies strictly good medication, check the locked lock, treatment to alleviate the burden on people to see a doctor, held a mass of "hospital countryside" activities, understand the medical needs of the masses, for mass health examination and issuance of commonly used drugs for free. In order to create a good environment for medical service and hospital had invested a lot of money on the environment improvement, and on each floor of the Central Hall in the clinic placed flowers, bonsai, installed air conditioning; the opening of a one-stop service desk to facilitate patient visit. In outpatient service Hall, with medical guidance, for patients coming to the clinic to provide the necessary advice, guidance. Advocate service with a smile, "five hearts four tones" campaign, the patients ' sound, frequently asked questions, consultations have asked sound, send ' and ' sincere, patient, loving, careful and responsible '. Thoughtful services to outpatients of praise.
Xu Mingliang, President get healthy in 2010 the journal hospital directors and Sohu, CCTV and other co-sponsored "China most Huimin spirit of the grass-roots Hospital Director" title! Brilliant wing Annals, responsibility shouldered. Face medical technology changing of development, face social and people health of new needs, Guangde County people hospital will continues to in "service first, and quality first, and patients first" of service purposes, Yen caught medical quality, and medical security of management; continues to will medical ethics medical wind and service attitude construction as focus work, thoroughly improve service attitude; increased based construction of inputs, efforts improve patients medical conditions.

Truly serve the people wholeheartedly, to create first-class County in Anhui Province people's Hospital. Address: xuancheng in Guangde County, Anhui Province Tel: 0563-6022659 fax: 0563-60227430 4 3 0 . Com

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Guangde County people's Hospital:Guangde County people hospital began built Yu 1950, Guangde County is located in Anhui Province Southeast, Su zhe Anhui three province eight County (City) junction, East p hang-Jia-Hu, North leaning Su Tin often, around 2.5 hours economic ring has Shanghai, and Hangzhou, and Nanjing, and Hefei, 4 a capital city and..

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