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Summary:EtherCAT technology overcomes the system limitations of other Ethernet Solutions: the adoption of the technology, without receiving Ethernet packets, decode, then copy data to the device. EtherCAT Slave devices in the message passing by its node handle Ethernet frames: FMMU embedded in each station (field bus memory ..
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EtherCAT technology overcomes the system limitations of other Ethernet Solutions: the adoption of the technology, without receiving Ethernet packets, decode, then copy data to the device. EtherCAT Slave devices in the message passing by its node handle Ethernet frames: FMMU embedded in each station (field bus memory management unit) in the frame after the node is read when the addressed data, and at the same time the message is transferred to the next device. Similarly, input data in messages passed to insert messages.

Throughout the process, the message only a few nanoseconds of time delays. Master station is also very economical, business standard network interface card (NIC) or any motherboard integrated Ethernet controller can be used as a hardware interface.

These interfaces have is that data through DMA (direct memory reads) transfer to the PC, which is the network without consuming CPU resources when reading. Agreement within the EtherCAT protocol in Ethernet frames in an official type of Ethernet. Using this type of Ethernet to allow direct transfer control data in the Ethernet frame without having to redefine the standard Ethernet frame. The Ethernet frame is made up of multiple messages, each message service specific memory area of the logical process image area, which can be up to 4GB. The data sequence is independent of the physical order, Ethernet terminal modules addressing can be sorted.

Stations broadcast, multicast and communication can be achieved.

When the EtherCAT components running in the same subnet as the primary site controller or control software to directly read the Ethernet controller, Ethernet frames can be used to transfer data directly. However, the application of EtherCAT is not limited to a single subnet. EtherCAT UDP encapsulates the EtherCAT protocol is UDP/IP packets, which means that any control of Ethernet protocol stack can be addressed to the EtherCAT system, even the router enables communication across to other subnets. In this case, system performance will obviously depend on the controller and Ethernet protocol for real-time performance.

Response times for EtherCAT network itself hardly affected: only UDP data frames need to unpack your first site. EtherCAT enables network performance has reached a new height. With FMMU from the node and network direct memory access controller master, completed protocol processing completely in hardware. Whole agreement process was realized in hardware, so run-time system is completely independent of the protocol stack, CPU performance or software implementations. 1000 I/O updates the time of 30µs.

A single Ethernet frames up to 1486 bytes of process data exchange, equivalent to almost 12,000 digital inputs and outputs, and transmit these data takes only 300µs. 100 servo axis of communication for only 100µs. During this period, the system updates with the command and control of all axes of the actual location of the data and State synchronization of the distributed clock technique enables axis deviation less than 1 microsecond.

And even in this case, bandwidth is sufficient to enable asynchronous communication, such as TCP/IP, parameters to download or upload diagnostic data. Ultra high performance of EtherCAT technology enables traditional fieldbus systems can not date and control philosophy. For example, the Ethernet system not only can handle speed control, can also be used for distributed drive current control. Huge bandwidth can be transmitted for each data and status information at the same time.

EtherCAT communication technology and the superior computing power of modern industrial PC line, the bus system is no longer the bottleneck of control concepts, distributed I/O may run faster than most local I/O interfaces. Replacing PCI EtherCAT as the Board has integrated Ethernet card, slot for interface cards is no longer necessary. As sharp PC component miniaturization to the direction of economic development, industrial PC increasingly depends on the volume of the slot number. Fast Ethernet bandwidth and data length for the EtherCAT communication hardware offers new possibilities of development in the field of: traditional interfaces in the IPC can now shift to the integrated EtherCAT interface Terminal. In addition to addressing the distributed I/O, you can drive and control unit as well as fieldbus master interface, fast serial interfaces, gateways and other communications to address complex systems such as. Even other protocol variants of Ethernet devices, can also be connected via a distributed switch port equipment.

As an Ethernet interface is sufficient to meet the entire peripheral equipment communication requirements, therefore, which not only greatly streamlined the IPC master volume, but also reduces the cost of IPC master. EtherCAT supports almost any topology the topology types, including linear, tree, Star, etc. So named by field bus the bus or line structure can also be used for Ethernet, and is not limited to the number of cascade switch or hub. Connection method is the most effective system line, branch or fork of the tree structure of both topologies. Because a required interface already exists in many devices such as I/O modules, so no additional switches.

Of course, you can still use traditional, based on Ethernet star topology. Can also choose a different cable to upgrade the wiring flexibility: flexible, economy standard Ethernet cable cat 100BASE-TX mode or E-Bus can be used (LVDS) transmits a signal. Plastic optical fiber (PFO) may be used for special applications.

Also, via a switch or different Ethernet Media Converter line (such as different optical fibres and copper cables) full combination. Based on the requests of the distance, you can choose fast Ethernet physical layer or E-bus as a physical medium. Fast Ethernet physical layer allows the maximum cable length between the two devices is 100 meters, while E-Bus can be connected to a maximum distance of 10 meters.

Due to the number of connected devices can be up to 65,535, so network capacity is virtually unlimited. Precise synchronization of the clock distribution is particularly important for joint operation of distributed process. For example, several servo axes at the same time implement a coordinated movement, is. Was their most effective synchronization of distributed clocks precisely (see IEEE 1588 standard [6]).

And complete communication failure will immediately affect synchronization in synchronous communication quality than order of distribution related failures that may exist in a communications system, clock delay has excellent fault tolerance. With EtherCAT, data exchange is completely based on the "parent" and "child" pure hardware clock mechanism. Due to the use of a logical ring structure (with the help of full duplex fast Ethernet physical layer), master clock can easily and accurately identify the slave clock propagation delay offset.

Adjust the distributions are based on the value, which means you can use very precise network-wide, less than 1 microsecond synchronized time base, and certainty. In addition, high-resolution distributed clocks can not only be used to synchronize local time accurate information can also provide data acquisition. When the sampling time is very short, and even if there is a very small position measurement of instantaneous synchronization of deviations, can also cause a larger step rate changes, for example, sport computes the location of the speed controller by sequential testing is the case. In EtherCAT, introduction of timestamp data types as a logical extension, huge bandwidth Ethernet provided by making high-resolution measurements of system time for linking.

In this way, speed accurate calculation is no longer synchronous error effect of the communications system with a precision higher than communication measurement technology based on free synchronization error. Hot connect hot connect function that is connected to the parts of the network, and decoupling or re-free configuration; provides a flexible response, changed a lot needs to change I/O configuration requirements at runtime. For example, having changed the treatment centre, equipped with sensors of tool system, or intelligent transmission equipment, flexible workpiece actuators.

EtherCAT system takes into account these requirements: any configuration. EtherCAT function traditionally, security, network security feature is independent of the automation, using dedicated hardware or dedicated safety bus systems. Security features EtherCAT enables safety-related communication and control communications can be implemented on the same network. Security protocols based on EtherCAT application layer without affecting the underlying operation. It consists of IEC61508 certification and meet the overall security level (SIL) 3. Data length is variable, so it can be used for safe I/O and security servo drive technology. Same as other EtherCAT data, secure transfer of data can be made without using a security router or gateway. Fully compatible with EtherCAT functional safety certified products have been on the market.

Safety over EtherCAT protocol in conformity with IEC 61748-3 standard of the FSCP 12 (functional safety communication Device Profile). Openness is fully compatible with Ethernet and EtherCAT technology truly open. The agreement can be co-located with other Ethernet protocols that provide various services, and all agreements coexist on the same physical medium —— usually only have a minimal impact on overall network performance. Standard Ethernet devices can be connected through a hub Terminal to the EtherCAT system, the terminal does not affect cycle time. With traditional fieldbus devices can be integrated via EtherCAT fieldbus master terminals connection to the network. UDP protocol variant allows integration of equipment in any slot interface. EtherCAT technology group ensures that each interested organizations can implement and use the network.

EtherCAT protocol after the final technical specification release. Address: 1th XI Zhi men Wai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, xihuan Plaza T3,1801-1803, 100,044 phone: + (10)-1239 fax: + (10) 1286Global Websites:

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EtherCAT technology overcomes the system limitations of other Ethernet Solutions: the adoption of the technology, without receiving Ethernet packets, decode, then copy data to the device. EtherCAT Slave devices in the message passing by its node handle Ethernet frames: FMMU embedded in each station (field bus memory ..

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