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Huaian senior vocational technical schools

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Summary:Huaian senior vocational technical school is a focus of higher vocational and technical education and modern distance and open education in one of the municipal public schools. Primarily relying on vocational and technical education, radio, and the formation of the Center. Huaian City radio and TV University in 1978,..
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Huaian senior vocational technical school is a focus of higher vocational and technical education and modern distance and open education in one of the municipal public schools. Primarily relying on vocational and technical education, radio, and the formation of the Center. Huaian City radio and TV University in 1978, following the instructions of Deng Xiao-ping's development of radio and TV University, was founded in 1979, school reform and opening age. Huaian Center for vocational and technical education was founded in 1992, is the birth surge again when the tide of reform and opening up. The end of 1997, huaiyin (later renamed Huaian) municipal party Committee and municipal government and TV University of city vocational education center and the municipal merger of huaiyin city senior vocational technical school.

From 2005 to 2006, the information engineering school (former textile school), girls ' vocational school and one after another into the higher vocational education. Entrepreneurial News: chuangyeweijian, struggling with a. Fate and breathes with reform and opening up, has gone through a process of hard work. Huaian tvu has held has ** College qualifications education, and General specialist education, and TV secondary education, and registered audio-visual health education, 1999, school became "Central tvu talent training mode reform and open education" first pilot school, has opened has Han language literature, and primary school education, and financial, and business management, and accounting, and law, more than 10 multiple this, and specialist professional, Xia's jinhu County, and hongze County, and xuyi County, and lianshui County, and chuzhou district, and huaiyin district six a County (district) tvu, 2,669 shizhi nationality currently, County (district) radio and 2,362. In 2005, the school joined Peng and open and distance education, distance education booming, has made outstanding contributions to popularization of higher education promoting Huai ' an.

In 2006, along with the pace of the development of higher vocational education, schools of Jiangsu City College of vocational technology (under the Jiangsu rtvu) Huai ' an education. Vocational education center was founded in 1992 in Huaian city, anchored at the beginning of Qingjiang middle school, in 1994, the school listed as qualified vocational education center construction in Jiangsu Province "1122" project, select lots as a campus of Shenzhen road, economic development zone, broke ground in the same year, the initial 1996 to complete school construction and officially moved into 1999, through acceptance of qualified vocational education center of Jiangsu Province in 2000, through specialized secondary schools for acceptance of Huaian city in 2004, Through the acceptance of key State secondary vocational schools. Blue Ray Piper road, hard work. Corner of school by limiting stands today in the city zone, this piece of land of hope, two or three Professional from the start to today's development for the electrical, electronics, it, arts and tourism, management of the five major groups, involving more than more than 30 professionals, has more than more than 5,000 students in the higher vocational education. Education have been expanding, continually raising the quality of running.

School has become "one body with two wings" (dominated by higher vocational education, distance education and vocational training supplemented by Wing) multi-level, multi-functional running pattern, in the city's vocational schools play an important role in radiation, demonstration, leading the. Article: the school has two campuses, the main campus is located in Shenzhen road, economic development zone of Huaian city skyline, mainly provides full-time secondary and higher vocational education, campus is located in the Downtown East Main Street, as a base for open and distance education. Schools with a total area of 104.3 MU, building area of 70,000 square meters, built teaching building, practical floor building, dormitory, dining, a good place to live. Teaching facilities advanced, and complete, built has trunk thousand trillion of campus network, and NC processing center, and professional computer room, and machinery processing workshop, and electronic Assembly and debugging laboratory, and cartographic room, and logistics simulation room, and multimedia classroom, more than 50 multiple experiment real training room, established has NC, and clothing, and electronic real training base, NC base to first-class of equipment and teacher became Jiangsu Province shortage talent training training base.

School is working on promoting the modernization of the teaching process. Importance to the construction of teaching staff in schools. Teaching and administrative staff of 264, 180 full-time teachers, including senior and intermediate engineers, 135, more rational faculty, high level of professionalism and a wealth of teaching experience, teachers of "double type" 80%, including professional technicians and 38. Lamor, municipality of them excellent workers, enjoy the special municipal allowance for recognition of outstanding teachers.

In recent years, having had 15 teachers to participate in professional training, teachers ' teaching concepts and professional competence have significantly improved, are on track to meet the engineer to engineer, expert in composite-type teachers ' transition. Running for more than 20 years, always adhere to the correct direction, and strive to do well in satisfying the vocational education, improve service level of economic and social development. School has qualified vocational education center into the ranks of national key secondary VTE schools at the provincial level. Professional construction constantly expansion extends, currently has established has electrical and mechanical services, and electronic engineering, and information engineering, and management engineering and art tourism five a Department, has electronic information, and NC, and computer, and logistics management, and anime design and making, and early childhood education and art, more than 30 multiple professional, which electromechanical technology application, and electronic technology application, and computer applications has became Jiangsu Province vocational school demonstration professional, tourism management and service professional became city level demonstration professional. Schools insist on "employment-oriented and service for the purpose of capacity-oriented" school policy, followed by local industrial development needs and market demand for talent, attach importance to training of professional integrity as the core of moral education, strengthening professional skills, training a large number of local economic and social needs of highly qualified workers and highly skilled professionals. In 2007, Polytechnic School of Jiangsu Province in schools poster competition, received one gold and three bronze medals, in 2008, 13 people in the city-wide skills competition first prize, the composite scores top.

School skills Festival poster competition held annually, to provide teachers and students "learn skills, training skills, and skills" of the stage. Since the school, the school has trained nearly 50,000 all kinds of talented people at all levels of society. Open and distance education, college graduation rates up to 99.8%.

100% secondary school employment rates, College placement rate of 97%, graduate advanced enterprises of broad access to the Yangtze River Delta region, some into the organs and institutions, skills business backbone, excellent management and staff, the high quality of industrial workers, for Huaian "revitalizing city enriching the city" provides personnel assurance and intelligence support, have made outstanding contributions. Honors: the schools with fruitful results won widespread praise, recognition by higher authorities several times.

School has been named: model school, vocational education in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Huaian Advanced Unit, civilized unit, advanced grassroots party organizations, the objective examination of the education system in Huaian city of Huaian city Advanced Unit, Huaian Center administrating of Huaian city Advanced Unit for construction, advanced, green schools in Huaian city, Jiangsu rtvu teaching management system of advanced units, advanced unit of Jiangsu rtvu system enrolment, employment and so on. Vision article: carrying the torch, forge ahead in unremitting. In the new period, we will further emancipate in higher vocational education, in a high school on the sector to develop better and faster.

Actively promote the reform of education and teaching, improve the quality of education to create "a first-class, in northern Jiangsu province's renowned" base level demonstration vocational schools and distance education, and strive to do well in satisfying the vocational education, training more for local economic and social development of application-oriented, innovative talents.

The municipal party Committee and Government concern and Huaian economic development zone, supported by investment of 250 million Yuan, is located in the hinterland of the development zone, covers an area of more than 340 acres, the planned construction area of 130,000 square meters, reasonable layout, and beautiful environment, with modern, ecological, cultural style of campus, has been under construction.
Organizer name: Huai ' an advanced vocational school address: Huaian 3rd Shenzhen road, economic development zone, Email:[email protected], fax: (0517) PS 223,005 President's Office: (0517) Party Committee Office: (0517) teaching teaching: (0517) General Services: (0517) Admissions Office: (0517) employment office: (0517) Technology Center: (0517) Security Department: (0517) Finance Department: (0517)You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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Huaian senior vocational technical schools:Huaian senior vocational technical school is a focus of higher vocational and technical education and modern distance and open education in one of the municipal public schools. Primarily relying on vocational and technical education, radio, and the formation of the Center. Huaian City radio and TV University in 1978,..

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