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Real estate in Xiamen United Internet

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Summary:Xiamen real estate network (network information technology of Xiamen, Ltd) was founded on December 25, 1999, Fujian province launched the first and most popular real estate website. Operation of 12 years, for its rich content and timely, practical, authoritative, innovative, sincere service to win the majority of buy..
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Xiamen real estate network (network information technology of Xiamen, Ltd) was founded on December 25, 1999, Fujian province launched the first and most popular real estate website. Operation of 12 years, for its rich content and timely, practical, authoritative, innovative, sincere service to win the majority of buyers and members of the public and users alike. By the end of June 2011, daily Home visits have exceeded 500,000 registered members exceeded 650,000, and has opened a divide in Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Fuzhou, station. Has won the "top real estate website in China", "top ten e-commerce site in Fujian Province", "top ten websites, Xiamen City," and so on, become the first brand of real estate websites in Xiamen, Xiamen, one of the most influential websites in the local.

In 2008, 3 years in a row by the Xiamen municipal party Committee and municipal government designated as "civilization office network, Internet civilization" campaign assisted by three websites. [Primary section] XMHOUSE.COM (Xiamen real estate network) adhering to the concept of objectivity, impartiality, tracks the real estate industry hot spots; in a timely, accurate and authoritative coverage of real estate industry news and related to people's livelihood is strong and living environment. It service buyers for the purpose, and promote a harmonious living environment, innovative city "living culture". XMHOUSE.COM (Xiamen real estate network) is divided into real estate, home improvement and building materials and the Forum three major sections of the property market, has a forum for today's hotspots, express, the owners of the property market, second-hand house rental and sales, home improvement materials, ask the housing channel, online consultancy, online video, e-magazine, real estate blog, focusing on market, to provide one-stop home buying, renting, decoration service. [Web features] profession: is the oldest in Fujian province, most influential professional real estate Web site, current views of over 500,000 people, have a professional services team of more than 100 people, allowing you to enjoy a professional and dedicated service at any time. Interactive: have a real estate Forum in Xiamen the most popular BBS, House mutual exchange where buyers can purchase and decoration ideas. Comprehensive: covers the aspects of real estate information in Xiamen, there are currently more than 30,000 pieces of real estate information, 10duowantiao buy a house rental information, property for rent in nearly 12 years, released to promote Xiamen over more than 800 new homes information. Authority: in Fujian province's first "on-line consultant", "lawyer with the purchase" and the "through train", "comparative analysis" and "home improvement through train", "bulk purchases", "daily decoration", "real estate hot spots survey". Easy: just click on XMHOUSE.COM, you can learn more about Xiamen real estate information anytime, anywhere, and exchange of experts and buyers through one-on-one.

High performance: 24 hour information update, keep you informed of Xiamen for the first time real estate information. [Web site operators] this site has nearly 12 years successful experience of operating real estate Web site, has accumulated a lot of experience in actual combat operations. For those interested in the Internet community to make full use of Internet resources to fast-growing real estate companies offer professional marketing guidance. Online advertising: from the General banner, LOGO, BANNER, floating, pop-up window to full screen special effects such as advertising, professional real estate websites with its customer base to win the industry's favored to become new real estate marketing channels. Information release: rental information, home improvement information, real estate, auction information to provide customers with a full range of Internet marketing services, existing corporate member nearly, individual members, 500,000 passengers. Website: delegate site, Web hosting experience. By the team responsible for the construction of real estate Web site promotion, undertake the Green Expo, extreme birth, Ed garden, shotgun house, Yu Zhou Jia Shing House, Fu-Manchu group, real estate, Fulong home buyers and other various styles of Web production, enjoyed the reputation in the industry.

Market research: launched the "Xiamen commercial housing consumption structure and investigation for the first time", "first survey of property management in Fujian Province", "the bridge survey on fees", home improvement series professional surveys, survey articles, Strait Herald, Xiamen Xiamen daily broadcast television news, Southeast of Xiamen television, the Strait metropolis daily, morning newspaper and other media, or columns. [Cooperation partners] focus developers: vanke real estate, and built made, and Luneng, and British King real estate, and live total Group, and Agent Group, and investment real estate, and summer commercial, and Alliance made, and Yu Chau group, and pan China Group, and source Chang group, and xinglin construction, and new King to group, and traders real estate, and Datang real estate, and contemporary group, and holiday group, and three far group …… focus agents: new Jing Xiang, and World Alliance real estate, and House housing, and lidanxing, and Ling Jun real estate, and zhongtian century, and has nest's … … Focus building materials commercial: hundred live, and Oriental homes, and new King building materials city, and good sign Cabinet, and and into bathroom, and Asahi fai shower room, and vohringer wood floor, and champion magnetic brick, and step Yang anti-pry door focus home improvement company: celebrate door decoration, and full House Red decoration, and jiuding decoration, and in the Ying decoration, and sincere design, and all Chi up decoration …… focus intermediary company: Meng real estate, and Dan HA real estate, and HA room replacement, and crop real estate, and 21st century real estate, and Pu Sha real estate, and Jin Dexin real estate, and

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Real estate in Xiamen United Internet:Xiamen real estate network (network information technology of Xiamen, Ltd) was founded on December 25, 1999, Fujian province launched the first and most popular real estate website. Operation of 12 years, for its rich content and timely, practical, authoritative, innovative, sincere service to win the majority of buy..

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