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Jincheng College of Sichuan University

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Summary:Jincheng College of Sichuan University, which is by the National Ministry of education approved the establishment of key universities directly under the Ministry of education, Sichuan University's bid, investments in 16 companies at home and abroad full-time undergraduate institutions of higher learning, was establis..
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Jincheng College of Sichuan University, which is by the National Ministry of education approved the establishment of key universities directly under the Ministry of education, Sichuan University's bid, investments in 16 companies at home and abroad full-time undergraduate institutions of higher learning, was established on the basis of Sichuan University, century-old school of high starting point, high standard, achieve leap-forward development of a multidisciplinary, integrated application-oriented, entrepreneurial University. Jincheng College is located in the "abundance" of Chengdu, located in Chengdu, the well-known enterprises, high-tech Western, with high standards of teaching and living facilities, elegant environment, is the ideal place for reading in school and teaching and research.

  College now has 10 departments, more than 42 majors, more than 100 specialty and nearly 17,000 students, formed in arts, science, engineering, economics, and coordinated development of tubes, six disciplines of the arts, multi-level, multi-form professional categories more complete comprehensive school-running pattern. As a strategic extension of the Sichuan University and organic composition, Jincheng College takes pass on knowledge, cultivate talents, lead the community, a public service mission, relying on the parent school quality education resources, nearly 600 shareholders and friendly business relations and contacts to international flexible mechanisms and institutions, and three major advantages of running, to provide students with high quality teaching management services.

  College pursuit discipline construction, teaching staff and continuous improvement in the construction of the campus, seeking development and characteristic development of college students ' specialist, seeks to become a high-quality, complex, practical application-oriented talents cultivation bases. Jincheng College of Sichuan University treated in a sincere and responsible society, tightly managed to win community, known for its rigorous the style of study social, reward society with high quality teaching, has yielded the results of running. School of four graduates ' employment rate is over 98%, high-end employment near 50%. There are over more than 600 graduates by Beijing University, United States Colombia universities at home and abroad, such as admissions for graduate students at the University. College standard of quality and a distinctive pattern of cultivating, receives good evaluation of social and public.

  In recent years, our Institute was awarded the "China excellent private higher education institutions", "national advanced unit of social practice", "national ' green campus ' school", "Advanced Unit of college graduates ' employment work in Sichuan province" and other honorary titles.

  "Accomplishment" motto is leading the Jincheng people holding high the banner of reform and innovation, implementing the "ten year plan" and the "three-step" strategy designed to propel in the not-too-long period of Jincheng College into a "leading, top, world renowned in the West" characteristic of application-oriented, entrepreneurial University. Evaluation 1, former Director of people's Congress of Sichuan province, Xie Shijie, Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee visit "Jincheng College running idea innovative, distinctive and attach importance to education of Chinese traditional culture, to combine modern and traditional culture education students first in life, one good turn deserves another, and traditional culture of ' Taoism ' three ideas and now the ' harmonious society ' theme! "2, Chairman of the Sichuan province, Qin Yuqin, Deputy Chairman Gou Jianli, Education Committee's Director Xu Yousheng, visiting research" mode in Jincheng College is worth developing in higher education and the promotion of. "3, Li Chongxi, Deputy Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee visited" Jincheng College takes up the weather, geography, and, promising. "4, Member of CPC 16, former Deputy Secretary of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, the original Pu Haiqing, Director of the Office of the State Council three gorges project construction Committee visited" as an extension of Sichuan University, century-old school strategies, Jincheng college graduates in professional settings, personnel training, terms of employment, has its own characteristics, is practice the leap-forward development of independent colleges. "5, former Vice-Governor of Sichuan province, now Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Ke Zun inspections" College idea of running new, guiding ideology is very good, very accurate positioning. "6, Chengdu, Sichuan provincial party Committee, the Communist Party Secretary of Chuncheng Li visits" to be incorporated into the city of Jincheng College construction and talent training plan. "7, Huang Yanrong, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province visited the" ideology of Jincheng College and success stories as examples of College learning, drawing on available to the province. "8, the Standing Committee of the Sichuan provincial party Committee, the provincial Federation of trade unions Chairman Li Dengju visits inspection of" development of Jincheng College ' new ': new concepts, new mechanisms and new models ' three highs ': high starting point, high school of management of teaching staff, students of high quality. "9, Gan Daoming, Deputy Director of the provincial people's Congress, Party Secretary visited" Jincheng College School in line with China's national conditions. It knowledge and skills of dual education, adapted to the social requirements of applied talents in demand. "10, the provincial people's Congress, Mr Terrence young, the Deputy Director, Wang Yukun visited" Jincheng College to promote China's outstanding traditional culture, fostering applied talent and economic and social direction worthy of service! "11, Deputy Niu Xiaoming, Director of the Sichuan provincial people's Congress inspected the" Jincheng College truly embodies the essence of quality education. "12, CPPCC Vice Chairman Wu Zhengde and his party visited inspection" Jincheng College School in recent years has demonstrated, outstanding features, outstanding management team has been very successful! "The rate of 13, CPPCC Vice Chairman Zeng Qinghua Province visited our school to visit the Board of education inspection" Jincheng college graduates of high levels of employment, fully justify the school's educational philosophy and way of managing are fruitful. Jincheng college experience worthy of publicity and promotion! "14, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee of Chengdu city, Mayor Paul dubrule inspection" Jincheng College adapt to the requirements of the times, a bright future! Chengdu Municipal Government will strongly support the development of Jincheng College! "Secretary Yang Quanming, 15, of Sichuan University to graduates in our college graduation" clear the Jincheng College, features prominent, will fully support the development of independent College of Sichuan University. "President Xie Heping 16, Sichuan University, academician of inspection Guide" Jincheng College have achieved rich fruits in the process of running, Jincheng College has become one of the best independent schools in the country. "Civil engineering and construction of civil engineering specialty students of Liu Yaoyuan parents: his father sent him to my kids and Jincheng College reporting for the day, find glorious buildings are" filial piety "," caring "," faith "named, felt this could be a focus on personalities cultivation of students ' school. Facts prove that we feel right! Kids at school here for over a year, varies greatly. He is always at home before "lead an easy life with everything provided", now each time you leave home, he offered to help us share the housework. When talking to him, he always beam at school, talked about his life, and his future plans, goals and ideals.

  I could see, Jincheng education a big influence on him. Students majoring in Mechanical Engineering Department of mechanical design manufacturing and automation all parents: when kids at school, always mention it to us on the phone some education policy and educational philosophy of the school, he always said that his Institute had a great President, he's got a dedicated instructor. At first we just listen, not taken seriously. However, after the children leave home, we found out that he really know a lot. Children bit by bit change, we truly understand the reasons for children to grow up. We agree very much with College "three-three" policy and "self first, first" philosophy. Child's life should not simply capacity growth, should be doing more on internal growth.

  Thank you for letting him grow, taught him how to handle. China postal savings bank Sichuan province branch Deputy President high Gorge: "Jincheng College has became email storage reserve talent of important training and conveying base, annually has hundreds of name Jincheng excellent students to email storage Bank internship, more name Jincheng students became China postal savings bank Sichuan branch of employees, Jincheng students are has over province the City State and County email storage Bank, they are gradually became the branch, and branch of excellent employees and leader. "Xiong Guobin, General Manager of the Sichuan Road and bridge group:" Jincheng college students during the Sichuan Road and bridge group practice, in more than one post have shown good quality, Jincheng college students excellent performance of strict management, rigorous style of study, responsible attitude are inseparable, proof of Jincheng college application-oriented talents cultivation is effective. "The Sichuan branch of China Telecom General Manager Yang guoguang:" the Sichuan branch of China Telecom has always attached great importance to the strategic cooperation with prestigious universities. As a university education an important new Jincheng College in pragmatic philosophy and mode, rigorous style of study and high quality teaching standards, highly appreciated by the community. "Huaxi Group Chairman Chen Guilin, Sichuan:" Jincheng college graduates did well in the huaxi group, basic knowledge of solid, practical ability, Jincheng college students practical ability than on research universities, on the basics to students in higher vocational class solid, enterprises need this kind of talent, that's Jincheng College to train applied talents achieved outstanding results.
  "The leadership team President responsibility system under school board leadership, the Party Secretary, headed by Professor Zou Guangyan, President, set up efficient and pragmatic management team, good governance, discard the old ways of life in favor of the new, and seek common development.

  At the same time, colleges in line with the concept of nurturing outstanding students with excellent teachers, the implementation of regional educational resource sharing policy, absorbing, recruiting teachers, recruited from the famous College of Sichuan University teachers to teach, while widely employed famous scholars and business celebrities as honorary professors, visiting professors, adjunct professors of the College. Professor Zou Guangyan, President, Secretary of Tianjin University, 1968. In large work, from workers, and monitor to Chairman, accumulated has rich of management experience and widely of contacts relationship; 1988 politics, from Planning Commission, and Commission Director to provincial government Deputy Governor, engaged in industrial traffic and economic, and social career construction led work, has any Diba、JIU、Shijie Sichuan provincial people's Congress representative, dijiu、Shijie national NPC representative; since 1999 up any Sichuan University Business Management College Dean, and Sichuan province business management College Dean, positions; current Sichuan province Enterprise Federation President, and

  Sichuan entrepreneurs Association, Honorary President of the Institute of higher education in Sichuan province, China real estate Union expert members, as well as a number of university professors and adjunct professor; with deep management experience, leadership and strategic vision of an integrated global thinking, was named "educator of the people's satisfaction", "national excellent worker of independent colleges".

  Professor Wang Yali, Vice graduated from Sichuan University, former Sichuan University School of business administration Secretary of the, now serves as Vice President of the society of technology economy and management modernization in Sichuan province, has rich experience in teaching management in colleges and universities, advanced educational philosophy, creativity and spirit of selfless devotion to the cause of higher education.

  Professor Liu, Vice graduated from Sichuan University, former Deputy Director of Sichuan University, General party branch Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Director of the library, many years in the teaching management, there is a wealth of management experience, working steadily, innovation and dedication.

  Deputy Zhang Minggao, Dean graduated from Sichuan University, a former member of the Steering Committee of the Ministry of education experiment teaching, Executive Member of College laboratory work Recearch society of Sichuan province, the Editorial Board of experimental sciences and technology as well as laboratory and equipment management service positions, such as Deputy Director of Sichuan University, engaged in teaching and management in colleges and universities for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in teaching and management in colleges and universities, broad vision and practical features of creative work. Department of computer science and Software Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, Professor Zhang Zhimin, Master Instructor Bachelor of science, master of science in engineering, Chongqing University, research directions in information management school of management visiting scholar in Rome.

  He was Director of the computer Department of Sichuan University, Department of computer, head of Economic Department of information management of administered by Sichuan University, Sichuan University, Director of the Department of Commerce, Department of computer-aided management, Sichuan University School of business and management of e-Commerce Director, IBM China's Chengdu branch members of the expert group. Professor Tao deyuan, Director of Department of electronic and information engineering doctoral students excellent original Sichuan University teachers, image, founder, Honorary Director of the Institute, Chinese Institute of electronics in four core Journal editorial board. Book 6 the teaching materials, teaching 8 courses. Completed more than more than 50 research projects, for defence research, communications, information, energy and transportation, petroleum and geological areas. Won a provincial award 12 times, has published more than 50 papers. In the area of integration, information, communications, microwave is well-versed in.

  "Move into the cloud", there have been new achievements. Professor Zhang Hanwen, Director of Department of mechanical engineering has served as Deputy Director of the Chengdu University of science and Technology Department of metallic materials for 7 years, 8 years Vice-President of the Sichuan University School of manufacturing science and engineering. Long-term work in administration and undergraduate education, teaching undergraduate courses, has published 8 papers of teaching. Have been made to the school's outstanding teaching award, award for outstanding teaching administrative cadres, advanced teacher award, award for outstanding Communist Party members, and so on.

  Lifelong commitment to training. Professor Kang Zhihua, Director of Department of civil and building master instructor Sichuan Civil Engineering Association, Member of the construction economy Committee of China Construction Association, former Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengdu University of Technology Institute of urban construction and environmental protection, the Vice President, Sichuan University, school of architecture, building and the environment, the Vice President and Party Secretary of. Won the second outstanding teaching achievement award of the province, the provincial social practice advanced individual, honor outstanding party affairs workers, won the provincial, school awards multiple times.

  Has long been dedicated to talents training in civil engineering and architecture. Professor Mao Jianhua, Director of Department of literature and media master instructor of education undergraduate teaching evaluation expert, non-material cultural heritage experts, Vice President of the Institute of folklore, folk literature and Art Association of consultants, Deputy Director of the provincial Center for Hakka studies, President of the Chengdu film critics society, a former Secretary of literature and journalism at Sichuan University.

  Awarded the second prize of provincial teaching achievement, Tak performer Award for literature and art, Sichuan literary award, "woodcut salvage and protection work in China Award" and other awards. Professor Feng Chuan Master Instructor, Director, Department of foreign languages of the original Sichuan University School of journalism, literature and comparative literature professor and the head of the Department of Chinese, Chinese, Germany invited researcher at the University of Bonn.

  Participation in several major international academic conference;, academic translations and edited more than more than 30 academic books published more than 40 articles, academic papers both at home and abroad; by the Ministry of education "bilingual teaching and training of talents of comparative literature" award, Sichuan province "bilingual teaching and training of talents of comparative literature" award. Zuo Renshu Master Instructor, Professor, Director of the Department of business and management PhD in management. Served as Deputy Secretary of the General party branch of the Department of Economics and management of Sichuan University, Faculty of business administration, MBA Education Center Director, head of business marketing. The current faculty of business administration, Professor of marketing and e-commerce; provincial senior management consultant, Senior Brand Manager, marketing society Executive Director, entrepreneur, Executive Director of the Federation.

  Has received Sichuan outstanding teachers, outstanding party workers, national marketing director top ten excellent teachers and other honorary titles. Professor Zhang Chengrong, Director of the Department of financial accounting Master Instructor Professor of Sichuan University School of business and management accounting, accounting Association Board of Directors, Audit Committee member of the society, Chinese certified public accountants, a former accountant senior judges. In schools, corporate accounting and financial management for many years, and for more than 20 years in the accounting and finance education, title of provincial advanced teachers in many times.

  Publishing of the accounting books, published in journals such as the accounting for the Sichuan paper. Professor Wu Zhaoqing has served as the Deputy Director of Department of finance general party branch Secretary of Sichuan University, Department of Economics and management, business administration as well as the Party Secretary; and Chairman of the real estate company's Supervisory Board of Sichuan University, science and technology industry group Chairman of the Board of supervisors and other staff. Published 9 editor edited books, published more than 30 papers. Chair provincial and Sichuan University key scientific research projects on 3, Ministry of first primary research project 2.

  30 years of outstanding teacher of Sichuan University, the first top ten management model, the provincial discipline inspection and advanced individual municipal school of education awards more than more than 20. Professor Qian Mei, Deputy Director of Department of art has any of the all-China Youth Federation, Member of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Youth Federation, broadcasting professional senior engineers, Member of the Accreditation Committee in Sichuan province, Sichuan broadcasting research society Executive Director. CUC broadcasting majors, United States media major at San Francisco State University, California visiting scholar.

  For many years, served as Sichuan television station, CCTV and other provincial and national television conducted the work, editing, Director and award-winning, were Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and other State leaders met.
  Heritage cultural development/innovation: Jincheng College running idea and way of managing life and work: a combination of education and work in education in life, a man first, priority of moral education, cultivating the talents of both ability and political integrity.
  Combination of traditional and modern: carrying forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and advocate scientific spirit of modern democracy combines excellence for developing inclusive, generations of Chinese.
  Combination of General and professional: expose students to a wide range of both general education and increase adaptive capacity; to receive excellent professional training, improving professional capacities.
  Combination of strict and loose: School of effective system of organization, discipline, strict requirements and management of students ' autonomous learning, practice and self-discipline are combined.
  Order and liberty: the orderly order of teaching and independent thinking, brainstorm, flowers blossom, the freewheeling academic atmosphere combined.

  Inheritance and innovation: passing on the outstanding achievements of human civilization, and in emancipating the mind, to be creative, cultivate independent judgment and a new generation of creative thinking.
  Pass with/studying: Jincheng College talents cultivation objective in higher quality applied talents training mode: training with broad theoretical foundation and strong practice capability of high-quality, complex, practical people.
  Talent spec: a man first, capacity-oriented students will behave, and we can do things to achieve "three pair" goal.
  "Three" graduates to be able to use your brain, cultivation of judging capability; his fists, foster communication and expression ability; do it, cultivating practice ability.

  "Two pairs" or "bilingual exchanges": to be able to use Chinese and a foreign language abroad; "double-certificate training": students to get diplomas and vocational qualification certificate.
  Colleges in order to achieve leap-forward development, to "classification school dislocation competition, talent cultivation," as the guiding ideology, built to "standard", "safeguard system for two", "three education" and "plan of four", "five principles" ("12345") as the main content of application-oriented talents cultivation model, building core competence of graduates. Core content of "three education" training mode upon media reports that aroused a warm response. In recent years, Xinhua News Agency, and people's daily under, and Beijing News under, and CCTV, and Sichuan television, Central, and province, and city mainstream media have to I homes for interview, and to news, and topic and depth interview, forms reported has I homes Chung Wing students cut liver saved mother, and Zhou Jianliang students despite extreme rescue drowning who, and Zhao Zidong students in first time shooting Wenchuan earthquake video and global first, "three said three heart" Ming de education stories.

  At the same time, labor, venture into required courses, starting in our college students simulation companies, "three practice three" education activities, has also gained public support.
  Special education: "three education" combined with our Institute's educational philosophy and talent training objective, the College is committed to implementing the "three education".
  The "three-three" Matilda education "three stresses" is honest, say etiquette, say Thanksgiving; "inspirational" loyalty for the peoples hearts, parents fulfill their elders, and student colleagues do everything in love.
  "One body with two wings" education "one" refers to the main content is a combination of natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences education, students have a strict practical logic thinking and imaginative thinking; "two wings" refers to arts education and physical education, fostering deep humanistic quality of the students and a healthy body, making it elegant and not cowardly, robust and not rude.
  "Three practicing three creativity" education "three practicing" tough mind training, organizational and team building training, professional quality training; "three creativity" is innovative thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Physical labor for public welfare and venture into the compulsory credits, College and invested 1 million Yuan to set up a venture capital fund to encourage student business plan competition, independent courses students simulation companies, student farm.

  There are already students simulation companies in more than more than 40, more than 10,000 people in business competition, great playing a student's innovative thinking, improves the student's entrepreneurship and employability.
  Professionals/teachers highlights: Jincheng College Teachers College with the concept of nurturing outstanding students with excellent teachers, the implementation of regional educational resource sharing policy, absorbing, recruit teachers from Sichuan University in Chengdu famous for hiring teachers to teach in universities, while widely employed famous scholars and business celebrities as honorary professors, visiting professors, adjunct professors of the College. Teachers College has established a full-time, part-time, from Enterprise "double-qualification" teachers of teachers ' combination.

  Instructors all have senior professional titles, or master's degree, around the above title Associate Professor classroom teachers account for 70%. Unique/boutique created: Jincheng College School of school of discipline construction of combination of market demand and resource advantages, cultivate high standards of application-oriented talents.

Currently has computer science and software engineering of, and electronic information engineering of, and mechanical engineering of, and civil and construction of, and literature and media of, and foreign language of, and business management of, and financial accounting of, and financial of, and art of total ten a of, 42 a professional, and according to social economic development and talent market needs divided into more than 100 over professional direction for training, formed has Polytechnic penetration, text, and workers, and by, and tube, and art coordination development, more levels, and more forms of running pattern. Address: Chengdu Gao xinxi West source 1th Avenue zip: 611,731 Tel: 028-87580068 fax: 028-87580069 admissions Tel: 028-87580030|87580036|87580038Global Websites: en.0430.com

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Jincheng College of Sichuan University, which is by the National Ministry of education approved the establishment of key universities directly under the Ministry of education, Sichuan University's bid, investments in 16 companies at home and abroad full-time undergraduate institutions of higher learning, was establis..

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