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Second Hospital of Nanjing

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Summary:Second Hospital of Nanjing, also known as the South East University second affiliated hospital, founded in 1933 by the song meiling Foundation, the 77-year history. Cancer Hospital, the Geriatric Hospital and the Hospital of Nanjing in Nanjing City offices, cancer prevention and control Office is also located in our ..
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Second Hospital of Nanjing, also known as the South East University second affiliated hospital, founded in 1933 by the song meiling Foundation, the 77-year history. Cancer Hospital, the Geriatric Hospital and the Hospital of Nanjing in Nanjing City offices, cancer prevention and control Office is also located in our hospital, Nanjing, China. Hospital professional facilities, strong technical force, advanced medical devices, is a medical treatment, teaching, scientific research as one of level III hospital in Jiangsu Province.   
Dean of Jiangsu Province, Dr Zhao Wei is leading talents in medicine, infectious diseases discipline leader of Jiangsu Province, recognized by the Ministry of national health systems advanced individual, enjoying special subsidy from the State Council. The hospital is located in the ancient capital of the six dynasties, Nanjing, covers an area of 38,880 square metres, an area of 61,556 square, with a modern 20-storey outpatient ward building, approved 600 beds. Building area of 38,000 square metres of the hospital ward building upon completion, bedding will be expanded to 1000. 2009 total number of 260,000 hospital diagnosis and treatment, discharged passengers 8,955, bed turnover number 18.8, 99.1% bed usage, business revenue of 210 million Yuan. Existing workers 839 people, medical technology, 659, 75%. Senior expert professors, 37, Deputy senior experts and professors 77, pH 7, pH 6, master of 97 people. Medical leading talents in Jiangsu Province and the provincial middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions 2, 333, engineering talent, the crop talented person, industry technical leaders 24. The existing functions of sections 19, 16 in clinical departments, medico-9.
Vice Chairman of the national society 1, member 3, Chairman of the provincial learned society 1, Vice Chairman of 4 people, Standing Committee of 13, Member 10. Hospital with liver disease medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, infectious disease section, branch, the Emergency Department, ICU, labor with combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicines, blood purifying and liver treatment Center Department of Nephrology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, geriatrics, orthopedics, Dermatology and venereal disease, radiation detection section, radiotherapy section, liver disease center, medical center clinical medico. Clinic equipped with the appropriate specialist and expert specialty clinic, while opening a Department of cardiovascular, respiratory, Neurology, immunology, Endocrinology, hematology, internal medicine clinic. 3 provincial technology center of diagnosis and treatment in hospital, provincial key disciplines, specialist 6. Jiangsu Province, in May 2009, I was identified as the first integrated (specialist) demonstration Chinese Medicine Department of hospital construction.
February 4, 2010, the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine [TCM letter (2010)] published, I only set by the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine in Jiangsu Province key laboratory of TCM prevention and treatment of infectious diseases unit. With tens of millions of dollars worth of sophisticated medical equipment in hospitals. Including 64 row spiral CT, and magnetic resonance, and Siemens line Accelerator, and simulation positioning instrument, and cavity within Hou loaded treatment machine, United States digital gastrointestinal x light machine, and Philippine Lee Ponte c arm x light machine, and CR, and DR, and beauty domestic GE color Super, and three dimensional stereo radiotherapy system, and Sweden nucleotide more state analysis system, and United States ya culture immune analysis system, and ya culture automatic biochemical Analyzer, and flow type cell instrument, and gene DNA nucleic acid measuring sequence instrument, and Japan speed centrifugal machine, and United Kingdom program frozen instrument, and United States full wavelength enzyme marked instrument, and quantitative PCR instrument, and
Analyzer, blood gas Analyzer, a specific protein Sweden dialysis machines, artificial liver support system, the artificial liver MARS molecular adsorbents, as well as non-invasive, advanced equipment, such as ventilators and ECG devices, hospitals provided guarantees of medical and scientific research, the hospital various accuracy and precision inspection and test items are at the leading level in the province. Hospital as an affiliated hospital of Southeast University, Nanjing University, Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine, Nantong University, Southeast University postgraduate training in medical school and teaching hospital continuing medical education base at the provincial level, one of the scientific research are recognized. For nearly six years by 38 scientific research, with Ministry-level awards and 2, 4 of the provincial science and technology progress award, first prize of provincial Health Department introduced new technology 4, second 10, Nanjing municipal government Prize for progress in science and technology 14, first 3 of them, second 1, third prize on 10. Completed 10 provincial scientific research projects, international cooperation projects currently being undertaken on 1, key national project 1, 10 provincial projects, write 7 books, patent certificates 1. SCI papers published 25 articles, Chinese series journals more than 50 papers.
Hospitals bear the Southeast 5 undergraduate classes, graduate students, 2 classes, 1 classes graduate students of Nanjing University, Nanjing University of traditional Chinese medicine students of teaching 4 classes, independent training graduated 12 people. Hospitals actively carry out academic exchanges with foreign countries and the horizontal integration of medical technology. Last five years, the hospital has received United States, and Germany, and Australia national medical delegation. Sent a group of experts to study abroad every year, participate in academic exchanges and study tour activities and with many inside and outside the province, more than 20 municipalities and hospitals at the county level to establish friendly relations of cooperation. In 2009, our Institute and United States Oregon Portland Medical Center Cancer Institute sign a "joint cancer research and clinical treatment of" Memorandum of cooperation.
Both in cancer treatment, personnel training, construction, project reporting, publishing and other aspects of all-round cooperation. Attaches great importance to environmental beautification, greening of hospital, clinics and wards created the green belt around, contests of various flowers, beautiful environment, as a veritable garden hospital.
33,000 square meters of new clinics opened in 2007 the ward building equipped with modern medical treatment, rescue facilities can meet the needs of patients with different levels, provide comfortable places of medical treatment to the patients.
Advanced hospital two time winner of the national health system, the Ministry of health "national advanced non-resistance", and head of "the national anti-SARS advanced grass-roots party organizations" and other honorary titles, for many years to keep title of civilized unit of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing municipal model unit. According to Nanjing City Planning Council planning points and the Nanjing second hospital five years development planning, I homes is construction a block medical technical ward building, underground a layer, ground 20 layer, area 38,000 square, is expected to built Hou, Nanjing second Hospital of radiation, and image, and pathology, and cavity mirror, and laboratory, and disinfection supply room, and Center distribution liquid room of construction will across last new of stepped, medical service range and service ability will greatly strengthened.

We are confident that, rest assured that hospital was built and people are satisfied with the Government's research and innovation, resource-saving and human harmonious hospital with first-class technology, the first-class talented person, first-class environment, the first-class service to society, dedicated to the patient, make new contributions to safeguarding people's health. Address: 1-1 Fu Zhong Road, Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province zip code: 210,003 Tel: 025-83626000 fax: 025-836260600430.com recommend

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Second Hospital of Nanjing, also known as the South East University second affiliated hospital, founded in 1933 by the song meiling Foundation, the 77-year history. Cancer Hospital, the Geriatric Hospital and the Hospital of Nanjing in Nanjing City offices, cancer prevention and control Office is also located in our ..

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