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Gold ladies wedding photography

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Summary:Chongqing Golden Lady industrial company limited is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Chongqing, was established in 1989 and in the dissemination of Visual art, found on the wedding photography market event, stands a new milestone Golden Lady. Company founder Mr Zhou Shengjun, now Honorary President of..
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Chongqing Golden Lady industrial company limited is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Chongqing, was established in 1989 and in the dissemination of Visual art, found on the wedding photography market event, stands a new milestone "Golden Lady".

Company founder Mr Zhou Shengjun, now Honorary President of the Chamber of Commerce, yuzhong, Vice Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce of Chongqing, China portrait photography society Vice President. Golden Lady of Chongqing industrial limited is accompanied (I love gold) grew up under the guidance of the policy of reform and opening up, Comrade. From the initial registered capital of US $ 65,000, 19 employees of small businesses now create "Golden Lady" brand awareness increased assets and staff constantly grows in Chongqing "top ten enterprises with foreign investment and higher per capita profits and taxes".

And in the country's 28 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) development of 368 stores, holding shops, stores, and Lady King chain operation management center was established, cumulative tax 60 million Yuan, ranked first in the industry, nearly 2 million couples have so far enjoyed "Golden Lady" the chain of services. In October 1995, the Chinese Photographers Association, the China consumer protection Foundation awarded the gold Lady "top ten outstanding Studio 95" title in 1998, Jin Furen was awarded outstanding foreign-funded enterprises in Chongqing municipality economic enterprises significantly in 1999, "Golden Lady" was appraised as famous trademark in Chongqing to become well-known enterprises in Chongqing ; In 2000 by the China internal trade Bureau issued "national top ten photography enterprise" title; in 2001, Chongqing City Consumer Protection Commission issued "2001 —2003 consumer trustworthy enterprise" in 2002 and was named consumer in Chongqing "favorite of the trademark", 2003 winner of the Chongqing "prominent contributions to the development of photography" award. In June 2004, Zhou Shengjun, General Manager of the World Chinese professional wedding photography Award "outstanding contribution Award", in 2006, the company's second China portrait photography society as "Chinese ten big outstanding photo Salon". For the establishment of industry standards, Jin Furen in 2005 formally adopted ISO9001 quality management certification system. After four years of efforts to declare, Jin Furen in October 2006 in the photography industry, China's first, and only, "China famous brand", and Lady King formally entered a "brand." In 2008, Jin Furen was awarded "Chinese wedding photography industry's iconic brand." April 2009 Jin Furen in four consecutive sessions was awarded "Chongqing top ten employer" honor, becoming most responsible enterprises in Chongqing, deeply loved staff.

July 2010 Lady King CCTV financial channel on the second section of the road, the Professor about gold ladies 21-year business model and use of personnel. In the country's wedding industry, Golden Lady first CIS corporate trademark recognition system, including MI mind identity, BI behavior recognition, VI SI stores of corporate identity and making identification, establish their brand image; then also successively launched TCS established hundred percent customer satisfaction, OEC business day clearing management.

At the end of 2002, Golden Lady pilot 6 Sigma quality control system, this plan is also at the forefront of the industry. Company to its more strong of strength, achieved strong together, formed gold Lady group, operating range extended to wedding photography, and art photography, and children photography, and advertising photography, and civilian and the professional digital output, and phase box framed produced, and album design produced, and dress design produced, and advertising design produced, and chain operating management, and wedding planning and the wedding service, and professional software development and the education training, 14 large industry chain, and in 2003 second half of established has China portrait photography College, to gold Lady powerful of technology strength for relying on,

As the development of photography in China to train more talents.

For the Chongqing Southwest newcomers and even people striving to make seven famous photography brands: Golden Lady, classic, children's paradise in Paris, Taipei dill Asia, Maya, gold classic yarn for clothing, fashion, national employment population of 40,000. Company owns exclusive print system — oil painting framed factories, digital post-production business centre, wedding photos--one digital design company, metal bright laser printing shops. Its printing system include Polly more than one of today's most advanced, track zoom, zoom, Italy hanging-film processing machines, punching machines, more than 10 servers.

Digital equipment digital b, Pi50 digital zoom and Sigma professional scanner, Imacon scanners, Kodak 4,760 Jet, Yugi more than 8,000 inkjet units. Companies strive to create professional photography, beautiful new wedding dress, clean beauty makeup styling, unique products, packaging and high quality post-production presented to consumers.

Excellent shop to undertake skills, improve the administrative organization, standard and efficient management system, the better the effect of storage cost, good marketing development and talent training advertising media, excellent and staff in-service planning has become a company ensure to sustainable, society, community and lay a solid foundation for the service. Gold Lady wedding Studio in itself venture development of while also for construction spiritual made has must of contribution, as: exclusive sponsored "love I TGP, and built I TGP" large photography exhibition, to wushan poverty area donation near thousand bed quilt, in TGP library district inputs 150,000 yuan built shizhu County national in the school, funded yongchuan, and qijiang poverty primary and middle school students more than 20 over people, for Chongqing anti-non-career donation 100,000 yuan (with on line medical workers provides of family shooting coupons), With lens to witness and record the ordinary family made great contributions, donated 200,000 yuan to Zhong County in three Gorges reservoir area, building in the help area. "The greening of the Yangtze River, Chongqing action" Golden Lady group donation of 129,300 yuan, used to protect the mother River of ecological environment of the Yangtze River. "Golden Lady" has become a display window of the social spiritual civilization, more Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese investment advisory window.

"Golden Lady" tireless efforts to establish a good corporate image, in Chongqing, and set a very high reputation in the minds of people throughout the country. Over the next three years in the planning, Jin Furen is a magnificent blueprint.

With well-known brand effect, and perfect of service quality, and powerful of technology strength, built China first by professional complete of portrait photography College, became training China Photography top talent of cradle; and will in national range within Active develop, established 500 home chain joined enterprise, to national wedding industry flagship for target, is committed to build out China wedding industry chain carrier, real became China best of wedding photography chain enterprise brand and Centennial old shop! Chongqing Golden Lady wedding photography Ltd-Jin Furen-China Head Office: telephone: 023-61611788 address: 169th minzu road, yuzhong district, Chongqing, 1/f, New York, New York Business HallYou care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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Gold ladies wedding photography:Chongqing Golden Lady industrial company limited is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Chongqing, was established in 1989 and in the dissemination of Visual art, found on the wedding photography market event, stands a new milestone Golden Lady. Company founder Mr Zhou Shengjun, now Honorary President of..

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