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ChongQing ZhengChuan Glass Co., Ltd

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Summary:Chongqing chuan glass limited is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass bottles and medicinal bottle garden production enterprises, China packaging Association, members of the national st.
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ChongQing ZhengChuan Glass Co., Ltd is a modernized garden enterprise in producing medical-glass bottles made fro m glass tubes. It is one of director’s units of CPPA, And one of the biggest producing medical-glass bottles bases of Asia. The enterprise is designed and monoged rigorously according to GMP standard. The company has 4 branch , and covers an area of 150000 square meters .
Chongqing Zhengchuan glass Co.,Ltd was founded in 1988, after more than twenty years’ development, it has 8 huge glass furnaces and more than 500 high precision glass vial machines now. It Mainly manufacture various types of colorless and brown glass tubular injection bottles, oral liquid bottles, regulation glass tube screw mouth bottle, ampoules etc., with an annual output of various 5000000000 glass bottles. The scale of production in the domestic first, and supporting the production of various kinds of medicine aluminum cap, aluminum-plastic combination cover, the annual output reached 1,300,000,000 PCS, the company has developed into a tube, bottle, bottle cap production and integration of the national large-scale control bottle production enterprises.
The water proof gradeⅠphotophobic pharmaceutical glass production line which our companie invested RMB 30,000,000 yuan built has been officially put into operation in 2010, such products have filled the domestic blank, change home market dependence on imports of the situation, be sure to drive our country medicinal packaging materials upgrading, speed up the pace with the international advanced standards of the pace.
In the raw material supply,our company purchases fro m Germany, Italy, the United States and other countries; In the the production of glass tube, our factory produce it by ourselves, the glass furnace is the combination of Beijing glass instrument factory and German furnace design and construction, the technology and quality have reached countrywide top-ranking level tube.In production, due to my company's product, quick transformation, strict control of raw materials, easy to control product quality.
In supply guarantee, in order to ensure customer delivery timeliness, our company take a variety of forms for shipment. In addition, our company has been provided Treasury in other area to provide customers with convenient, fast delivery mode.
In quality management, our company through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification first in the same industry.We pay attention to quality system, improve the internal quality management control specifications, products of good quality, stable.Especially in the control of the injection bottle quality, our company implemented a bottle, annealing, inspection and other integrated production lines.At the same time annealing heat using electric heating forms, inspect in the purification plant, the control injection bottle size precision and good, high strength, low temperature resistance, resistance to temperature shock, physics and chemistry stable performance, widely used in biological agents, blood preparations, freeze-dried preparations (powder).
In the series of products, equipment level, actual strength of science and technology, quality, market share, service and other aspects of ranks with the industry leading position,we have won reputation in the domestic and international market, praised by users and welcome.Has won the "Chongqing famous brand", "Chongqing famous trademark", "national outstanding contributions to medicine packaging business units" and other honorary titles.And have established a long-term friendly relations of cooperation with the more than three hundred customers.Such as the Chinese medicine group, student group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Dalian Han letter biological, wide drug group, franc Zhuhai, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, universal group, Hainan Hai Ling, Jen Pharmaceutical Group, friends of Chongqing medicine, Yunnan Baiyao group.

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Company address: Zhengchuan glass industrial park ,Longfeng bridge Street ,Beibei,Chongqing,China.
postal code: 400700
Telephone: +8602368349810
Fax: +8602368232184
Web site: www.cqzcjt.com
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Chongqing chuan glass limited is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass bottles and medicinal bottle garden production enterprises, China packaging Association, members of the national st

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