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Hainan East golf school

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Summary:Golf school is approved by the Education Bureau of Haikou city in East China, Hainan Province, provincial record established only Golf Tour full-time secondary vocational schools across the province. Our school always adhere to the service for the purpose of employment-oriented philosophy, is committed to fostering..
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Golf school is approved by the Education Bureau of Haikou city in East China, Hainan Province, provincial record established only Golf Tour full-time secondary vocational schools across the province. Our school always adhere to the "service for the purpose of employment-oriented" philosophy, is committed to fostering tourism and hotel specialty compound talents in golf.

Has always been adhering to the "strict management, pay attention to quality, guaranteed employment" style of vocational education. Schools implement "comprehensive quality + expertise + foreign language proficiency" talent training model, introduced alternating work-study and engineering, with special emphasis on enhances the application of students ' skills and employability, breaking through traditional classroom instruction, the percentage of practical teaching of 60% above, most of the practical course in golf course, performed by star hotels, tour scenic environment.

Students, once out of school, zero distance between posts. School is located in Haikou city Xiuying District Street, a beautiful environment, and trees into yin, traffic cheaper good. Teaching facilities are fully equipped, comfortable living conditions, are eight en-suite student apartments, with fen, such as air conditioning, water heaters, wardrobes. Campus closed-end management, guarantee the safety of students the joy of learning.

Let every student "job, customer service, growth, success" is the Mission of our school. Treatment of graduation — completion requires the majors on the required length of schooling completed the full course of examination results are qualified, issued by the Hainan Provincial secondary vocational school diploma recognized by the State; and passed the examination to obtain the relevant national professional qualification certificates.

You can also set up college courses directly, obtain university diplomas. Select golf, you're into a high paying sectors Outlook: in October 2009, the golf competition projects formally identified for the 2016 Olympic Games, has undoubtedly injected a shot of epinephrine for the development of this industry. Golf in China is facing a tremendous and historic opportunity for development, will usher in a golden period of high-speed development.

End of 2010 China Golf has reached 23 million consumers. Talent shortage: currently more than more than 500 golf courses, golf and escalating war for talent, talent gap at least some 200,000 people, golf is expected within the next 5 years China will reach 1200, talent demand of nearly 900,000.

And currently the golf services and management graduates fall far short of meeting the employment needs of Golf Club, so you can say, golf and leisure space much larger than other sectors of employment.

Employment no worries: according to statistics, the 2010 National University graduated approximately 6.3 million people, able to successfully find work only accounts for 70%, put enormous strain on social employment difficulty, managed to find University graduates, earning only about 1500.

With the rapid development of China's tourism industry over the next 10 years, increase tourism in China each year nearly 1 million, in which Mao Lin Fung Kok Golf services and management talents, professional golf and hotel provide students with a broader, more stable job market.

Golf boys (caddie), is to provide players with golf course guide, passes the ball, give technical help, and follow the rules for field technicians to help players in the Groove, they are an important part of golf course staff, 70% per cent of field staff.

College Golf majors, admitted by Hainan, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong and Beijing Golf Club scheduled emptied, graduates with actual job demand reached 1:3.

Salary income: General Golf between the children's monthly income is about 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan, (income by + appearance fees + service tips constitute the basic wage, depending on the individual's capacity and workload differences in income), lower income Caddy has reached 2000 Yuan per month, has exceeded the earnings of university graduates and other tourism service revenue as the tourist boom has continued at a high.

Development: Golf jobs can and represent today's fashion campaign close contacts, are most likely to learn more stuff at work, enrich your life; ingenious use at work in contact with the players the opportunity to accumulate contacts, further your career, there is no doubt that China is now the world's largest golf development-space of only one country. With the escalating needs of golfing talent, golf and leisure tourism can become a $literal young people to aspire to.

Lets start with the East China Golf, sprinkle the passion, fly your dreams now!
Orientation prerequisite: abiding, well-behaved, healthy, hard working, love of golf tourism, Guy Standing about 1.68 metres above, girls standing 1.56 metres above, 15—22 years of age.

The method for registering: fill out the voluntary examination table, in the third first-choice choosing "Hainan East golf school" (code 2,338), to receive admission, registration to school on time, or directly to the University Admissions are welcome to register in school.

Admission required materials: ① my ID card and residence booklet (copy of local police station official seal shall be affixed) and ② I am a size 8 photos in the near future; ③ junior high school graduation certificate or equivalent certificate; ④ poor families in other documents, such as such as the low assurance certificates.

Preferential policies for application: ① registration before June 15, free bedding set, two sets of uniforms; ② registration before July 15, free bedding set, first year students ping; ③ registration before August 15, free bedding set.
Charge standard: strictly according to the Hainan Provincial price Bureau approved in my school fees and standard charges absolutely no fees.
Students may qualify for the student countries grant 750 substitute tuition fee (paid in advance by the schools), only 1680 Yuan per semester, to register.

Parents only need to bear the cost of school students 1.5 years, the remaining 1.5 years, alternating work-study program for students, engineering earned wages to pay tuition and living expenses, parents no longer need to bear any costs.

Where low assurance or poverty alleviation Office filing State students, schools with low assurance and related documentation to advance after 1750, need only pay 680 Yuan to register, related cost amounts appropriated by students after school also paid all expenses. Preferential policy — addressing the needs of your tuition under the State grants and free tuition in secondary vocational schools in Hainan Province accommodation management regulations, where enrolment in school, two students of all rural household level students of non-agricultural households, and county town, and Haikou, Sanya city to enjoy minimum living standard treatment of families of students each receive an annual State grant of 1500 dollars.
Two-year total of 3,000 yuan.
Students special domestic economic difficulties, a family may waive a person in school tuition fees, accommodation fees (by the school after school to apply to the Government).

Schools on scholarship, was named outstanding students at the provincial level, rewarded 2000 Yuan per person per year. Contact address: 5th Avenue and the sea road of Haikou city Xiuying District technology contact: Chen: 13,307,518,208 Miss Wu: 13,907,644,660 recruitment hotline: 68001168/32888436/32888447 QQ:1784125529 zip code: 570,311You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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Hainan East golf school:Golf school is approved by the Education Bureau of Haikou city in East China, Hainan Province, provincial record established only Golf Tour full-time secondary vocational schools across the province. Our school always adhere to the service for the purpose of employment-oriented philosophy, is committed to fostering..

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