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Shanghai Institute of varicose veins

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Summary:Shanghai Institute of varicose veins was founded in 1964, is a set of outpatient service, hospitalization, medical examination, preventive health care and rehabilitation as one of the countries first class public hospitals, 2006 was designated as a clinical teaching hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai. Professio..
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Shanghai Institute of varicose veins was founded in 1964, is a set of outpatient service, hospitalization, medical examination, preventive health care and rehabilitation as one of the countries first class public hospitals, 2006 was designated as a clinical teaching hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai. Professional disciplines is Shanghai's first varicose vein, varicose veins prevention study clinical base of group in East China.

Successfully treated patients more than 33,500 people, clinical diagnosed and confirmed in accordance with rates of up to 98.63%, near a variety of minimally invasive surgery, the majority of patients ' trust. "All patients-centered" has always been our establishment purposes.

Since its construction, Shanghai Institute of varicose veins has been adhering to the "heal, healer benevolence" medical ethics and philosophy, was recognized as the "Chinese medical industry honesty shown in hospital" and "national key base for varicose vein treatment," "universal health legislation and health knowledge in active units", and was awarded the "supporting" model designation. Advanced medical technology and authoritative departments, professional medical team, are the Foundation of Shanghai Institute of varicose veins wins the Shanghai summed varicose vein Institute in hospital construction work with a proven strategy of —— "specialized subject construction of Department", Shanghai Institute of varicose veins "boutique Department" development is a great comment to this strategy.

Since the beginning of last year, Shanghai Institute of varicose veins follow the "pursuit of excellence, chuangyouzhengxian" enterprise culture, in lower extremity varices, varicocele, Vasculitis, old bad legs, vein inflammation research and treatment of diseases such as putting in a lot of manpower and material resources, formed a centre of Shanghai, the health impact of radiation around. "Cutting-edge technology" precision open varicose era of minimally invasive treatment guaranteed synchronized with the world's leading technology, "multi solid micro-invasive intervention technique", a collection of a variety of advanced technology for treatment of varicose veins, including laser technology, RF technology, Rotary cutting techniques, electro-coagulation technology and under the skin incision (stripping technique).

After years of research and clinical practice, combining advanced equipment and techniques, use of advantages and characteristics of each micro-invasive technology, created for varicose veins of lower extremities in patients with different illnesses and individual differences in treatment, symptomatic treatment, cures, making treatment more focused, streamlined, user-friendly, greatly alleviate the suffering of patients, improving the effect of surgical treatment. 1, minimally invasive technique: only minimally invasive surgery on the ankle in 0.5cm small incision, out of great saphenous vein into the Nano-wires, push into the groin of varicose great saphenous vein off-side and leg, with standard needle-coagulative, fibrinolysis, and can achieve the objective of curing.

Operation will take about 30 minutes to time, bleeding little recovery, activities 2 hours to get out of bed after surgery, does not need to be hospitalized for treatment, saving the costs of hospitalization. 2 steam technology, titanium laser: laser shoot out with a carbon dioxide led high power light changing pathological tissue, can cause inflammation to absorb damage tumors, low power can be spot-beautifying skin.

With the development of therapeutic techniques, medical treatment of varicose veins using laser technology has become the preferred. 3, Visual engagement lead-melting technology: this technology through precise positioning method, in the State of the Visual parts of the micro-tubes into varicose, vascular intima, to improve local snow hypoxic ischemic conditions, symptoms gradually disappeared. Combined with oral administration and external application of specialist medicine available make the tortuous dilated veins quickly faded thrombus gradually dissolved, allowing separation of necrotic tissue and normal tissue, shedding, varicose parts disappear, restoration of blood circulation, varicose reproduce the appearance of the skin, acid expansion of lower extremities, fatigue, pain, hyperpigmentation (darkening) progressive elimination.

On patients with phlebitis, Vasculitis, old black legs, the Group of experts through the high-tech "thrombolytic tongmai-self repair" special effects combined with traditional Chinese medicine preparation, course length, may produce the desirable results.

4, Huo Xue Tong Mai rehabilitation therapy: Shanghai Institute of varicose veins are experts after years of clinical experience, based on the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with modern scientific diagnostic and treatment technology, summed up a set of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, new treatments that have special treatment of angitis, varicose veins, suitable for varicose vein earlier, in poor physical condition, are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery in the treatment of patients. 5, Trivex translucent phlebectomy: minimal invasive surgery: TriVex surgery systems and powered cutting varicose vein removal surgery (TIPP:Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy) is used for superficial varicose veins cutting aspiration and minimally invasive surgery.

The operation through the United States FDA approved, by domestic clinical practice shows, which can effectively reduce surgery time, cure illness, reduced surgical trauma, accelerated postoperative recovery and post-operative skin beauty effect, becoming the resolve varicose veins of safe and effective minimally invasive radical therapy. 6 interventional therapy, noninvasive hemodynamics: non-invasive hemodynamic involvement broke through the trauma of varicose veins and other vascular diseases, difficult to cure problems, painless, minimally invasive to eliminate patient, at the same time meet the requirements of patients after treatment of the body.

Pinpoint quantitative high clarity of the Visual State without harming the surrounding tissue, effectively avoiding the treatment of injuries, the lesions completely removed, improved condition of arteries ischemia and hypoxia, related symptoms gradually disappeared, ultimate cure for varicose veins. "Hospital" fact reputation casts brands a good brand requires continuous Word. Shanghai Institute of varicose veins based on reliability and medical care as the core, with "honesty" establishing honest word of mouth in the legislature. Sections from the patient perspective, through the supervision of the quality of medical services, the perfection of checking mechanism, strive to provide patients with comprehensive, standard, specification, sincere service. "Everything for the patients, all serve the patients" it's Hospital insisted on "good faith" service purposes.

For years, hospitals implementing single diseases and quality evaluation of holistic nursing, continuous efforts to streamline medical procedures, introduction of human culture, humanity and humanism of medical design, opens online consultation service, opened green channels for patients to meet individualized medical needs of patients. As a leading medical groups, all medical and nursing staff of the Shanghai Institute of varicose veins is always bear in mind that "serve the people" principle of service, serving the people of faith into every detail of the actual health care work.

As a focus of all development departments, varicose veins, with the actual action would serve from slogans into action. Effective solutions for issues such as ' difficulty, Shanghai Institute of varicose vein diagnosis and treatment of open green channel, patients can experience the diagnosis first 20 seconds to register and wait 0 diagnosis, 48 hours after the diagnosis consultation of human services.

To ease the crowd "high cost" problem, hospital varicose vein branch opened Internet appointment booking system, through network system in patients with appointments, priority treatment. Address: aquatic road, Mudanjiang road, Shanghai Tel: 021-61558929 QQ:25653996890430.com recommend

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Shanghai Institute of varicose veins was founded in 1964, is a set of outpatient service, hospitalization, medical examination, preventive health care and rehabilitation as one of the countries first class public hospitals, 2006 was designated as a clinical teaching hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai. Professio..

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