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Hangzhou San sea packing art design

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Summary:Hangzhou St sea packaging art design limited is Hangzhou only a professional engaged in packaging design and research up a dozen years of long of plane design institutions, years has been is committed to design development most with sales force of products packaging, to packaging led sales for measure standard to req..
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Hangzhou St sea packaging art design limited is Hangzhou only a professional engaged in packaging design and research up a dozen years of long of plane design institutions, years has been is committed to design development most with sales force of products packaging, to packaging led sales for measure standard to requirements themselves, can measure of success case up thousands of above, five years to ten years above of cooperation customer near 30 home, to focused, and professional of dedicated spirit hard work with. We offer free consultation and professional advice, we serve the brand design, packaging design, brand and packaging design, corporate design, VI design, corporate Web design, website design, product photography, corporate and product advertising, store design, trade show booth design; our culture Shenghai: focus!
Holy Sea: modern metropolis, vigilant brain go heaven, hands out sleeve Shenghai: precipitation does service belief: let the customer win not only target the pursuit: we always just commas design packaging —— protection —— to be an excellent salesman on the brand —— was designed by excellent products can become more powerful —— zhikeyihui, impossibility of we can do Shenghai for our customers to do 1, 3 2 increase sales, improve profit, reducing packaging costs 4, 5 speed up market response, expanding sales group 1 6, brand value, increase sales packaging design is easy to measure marketing results! At the retail level, the most obvious effect is after the launch we designed new packaging, marked increase in sales of more than the original as our long-term partner can attest. We of feedback table, customer made "sales situation satisfaction" and "sales situation very satisfaction" of probability is about accounted for 85%, another 10% around is indicate not clearly or products itself of causes 2, and improve profit for directly sales of product, outside packaging design reached must of grade, product of credibility also high has, product has has itself of added value, natural on not sold "raw materials". We of packaging design for products gives "additional value", has has a species significance of packaging can let food eat up more with delicious, can offer SB drink up more has mood, can let gift sent out more outperformed 3, and reduced packaging cost apart from can to you planning, and design transfer you more saves of design programme, such as plate fee, and material fee,, most important of saves from Yu: conducive to sales of packaging does not backlog in warehouse in waiting for processing, and not for of packaging will will let NPC troubled , To discard it, time consuming, white lost a valuable business opportunity 4, speed up market response package designed to catch the eye as our highest priority, to accurately convey the advantages of goods for the direction, to stimulate action to successfully tag. Achieve this, the natural market reaction was instant groups of 5, broadening the sales packaging with a confident, accepted any distributors and consumers will more easily. Will be easy to judge, it is human nature. Good salesman approach to his own success, excellent packaging design is to make it your own salesmen, this area also has a number of ways. Creative packaging design also includes the development of more potential.
We for customer design has a four paragraph of specialty boxed food, each box retail price is 8 Yuan, consider to is tourism products, we and for its design has a envelope, and this paragraph envelope can as different of Festival theme replaced, let this four box products into exquisite of gift set, this envelope plus a root color rope of cost price is several corner money, again combination Hou of retail price is 38 Yuan, it and single box of exhibition in together sold, also has consumers needs it, and has are PIN have is good 6, and upgrade brand value Every slightly bigger easily with your own intuition to determine what grade of a commodity is, which has a good quality product and consistent brand image is important. An attractive brand image can make more magic on the sale of goods, unleashed in the market and branding intangible assets also accumulate on the packaging design packaging design —— we are one of the most research-oriented professional. Product packaging design and development with the most sales force is the purpose we have been insisting for years, successful product packing effect only tasted its sweeteners business person knows the importance of column charts, the importance of food packaging (right), of which, food packaging directly increases the height of pyramids! 

The most important point is: compared with the other ads, put on packaging design is almost free advertising! Success depends on our packaging must be: for products, in-depth understanding of the audience, to market surveys to make accurate judgments and creative positioning. At present, we have got about the most accurate can be said to be food, partly because most instances, tracking and feedback information repeated validation of confidence, on the other hand is, food packaging being pushed into a market it's easy to measure results. Furthermore, food packaging to directly face consumers mainly, exists with many mystery **ual of grasp, on like research psychology as, has some law also has some life case, such as: for do fashion, and young type of products on cannot with traditional, and old style of packaging; for do daily consumption of housewife type products, with has gorgeous of packaging on will put bent on pursuit affordable of eye exclusion opened; children food, big area of coffee, and dark red will let they hate; any mass type of gift ceremony package, big red has been than any color good pin

; Also weight, and quality and price of products, packaging is big some will than another sold was more; with mass products in many situation Xia, refined and performance out himself of a species features, and advantages and personality to will more easy selling out …… these subtle of experience grasp, some can long-term effective, some needs followed trend and variable, we of work is as possible let himself service project do was more accurate. Another it is necessary to note is that the current circumstances in the country, packaging design is paid at least, but it is a system engineering. And, if extended, plate-making, printing and packing them into commercial products, sent to the dealer or directly onto the market, this is a lot of money invested in the whole process. Yet, many business people are to save this small overhead, and the risks to the non-professional agencies and people to do, only because the packaging design failure lead to a large backlog of sell out, resulting in greater waste!

Ultimately, lost more than just money, meanwhile lost more valuable time and market opportunities, and looking at peer beat Rob the opportunity development and regret. Address: Ding an road in Hangzhou City, 46th floor, phone: 0571-86513361/86067258 fax: 0571-86513681 QQ:183818298 Web site: www.senhi999.CN/www.senhi999.com mail: [email protected]0430.com recommend

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Hangzhou San sea packing art design:Hangzhou St sea packaging art design limited is Hangzhou only a professional engaged in packaging design and research up a dozen years of long of plane design institutions, years has been is committed to design development most with sales force of products packaging, to packaging led sales for measure standard to req..

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