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Jinsha Museum

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Summary:Jinsha ruins in February 2001, found in the Chengdu jinsha site, range of about 5 square kilometers, is the 12th century BC to the 7th century BC (some 3,200 years —2900 years away) ancient centers of civilization in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River —— ora of the ancient Shu Kingdom. Jinsh..
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Jinsha ruins in February 2001, found in the Chengdu jinsha site, range of about 5 square kilometers, is the 12th century BC to the 7th century BC (some 3,200 years —2900 years away) ancient centers of civilization in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River —— ora of the ancient Shu Kingdom.

Jinsha is after entering the 21st century, the first major archaeological discoveries in China, another major archaeological discovery following the Sanxingdui in Sichuan, and was named the "national top ten archaeological discoveries of 2001". Sands site has found of important sites has large building base address, and sacrifice district, and General live site, and large cemetery,, unearthed gold, and bronze, and jade, and stone, and ivory Manager, and lacquer, precious heritage more than 5,000 pieces, also has tens of thousands of pottery tablets, and number to tons meter of ivory and thousands of boar fangs and antlers, called world range within unearthed gold, and jade most rich, ivory most intensive of site.

Now can confirm that the era of the jinsha site culture remains about when the late Shang dynasty to the Western Zhou period, most likely following the decline of the Sanxingdui civilization of the Chengdu Plain, a political, economic and cultural center, is gushuguo in the late Shang dynasty to the Western Zhou dynasty's Yi, China, one of the most important sites in the period of pre-Qin. Discovery of the jinsha, greatly expanding the connotation and extension of the ancient Shu culture and Shu culture study of the origins, development, decline and fall of major importance, in particular for cracking the mystery disappearance of Sanxingdui civilization suddenly found strong evidence.

Sands site resurrection has a lost of history, reproduce has ancient Shu of brilliant, and and Chengdu Plain of prehistoric site group, and Samsung heap site, and warring States period ship coffin tombs common building has ancient Shu civilization development evolution of four a stage, common proved has Chengdu Plain is Yangtze River upstream civilization origin of Center, is Huaxia civilization important of organic part, for China ancient civilization origin "multi one" doctrine of established provides has important supporting. Jinsha site in Chengdu city turned out to be history dating back 2,300 years earlier to around 3,000 years from now, to enhance the visibility of Chengdu city as a historical and cultural city with considerable effect. Since its discovery, the jinsha received wide attention from all circles at home and abroad. Party and State leaders are concerned about, focus on the jinsha excavation, conservation and construction work, Jiang Zemin, ZENG Qinghong, Wu guanzheng, Qiao Shi, Wang lequan, and Wu Yi, Li Lanqing, Li tieying, Jiang chunyun, Chen Zhili and other Central leaders have inspected the jinsha and instructed to jinsha ruins well, protect well, good construction.

Of many famous domestic and overseas experts were to visit the jinsha guide our work. Jinsha site Museum, discovered the jinsha, party committees and Governments attach great importance to relics protection and museum construction. In April 2007, hosts the Museum of city history of 3,000 years, Chengdu jinsha ruins on the site were built.

This is a block for protection, and research, and show sands culture and ancient Shu civilization and built of site class Museum, accounted for to area 300,000 square, total area for 38,000 square, by sites Museum, and Museum, and visitors center, and heritage protection and repair center, and Sands Theatre, and Park area, part composed, is a block set education, and research, and leisure Yu one of modern garden type Museum, and became representative Chengdu long history of identifies **ual landscape. Two main building of jinsha site Museum —— remnants Museum and Gallery, located in mapping the northern and southern shores of the River, party, couple hardness with softness, complement each other, become an important landmark in Chengdu. Eastern Heritage Museum is located at Museum, mapping the river South of slopes is a semi-circular steel frame construction, construction area of 7,588 square meters. Relic Hall is the jinsha excavation of large places of sacrifice, is the best preserved in China, extending the longest, relics, relics of the most abundant remains of sacrificial rites. Inside the excavation site of the ecological protection of the original show, visitors being on the Heritage Museum will experience breathtaking views of the Riverfront of the ancient Shu Kingdom 3,000 years ago sacrificial scenes and understand carefully the complicated process of archaeological work since 2001, witnessed a number of precious cultural relics unearthed from the site. Museum located in mapping the North Shore, is a slope-shaped square steel frame construction, a building area of 16,000 square meters, theme exhibition of the into the sands of the "ancient homeland", "sketch of Kings", "Heaven never ends" and "gracious leaves Jane", "interpretation of the Sands", consisting of 5 exhibition halls, with important relics, relics as the main content Using modern means, vividly from the ecological environment, architectural form, the production of life, funeral customs, religions worship multiple angles, a comprehensive display of radiance and glory of ancient Shu sands. Museum built four special effects theater, broadcast regularly of the sands I dream of 4D movies, with the latest AV technology, visitors passing through 3000 spatio-temporal, taste of duyu dynasty to the enlightened reign of gushuguo style.
Museum also has a Hall, Sands Press Office, academic specialty sands snack bar, souvenir shop, taste-service desk, Office and other service facilities. Sublimation of jinsha Museum ongoing Park area of landscape construction, placement optimization and upgrading of natural landscape along the River towards the "natural beauty, wild grass taste" design concept, the green coverage rate up to 80%, nursery stock, trees over more than 50,000 plants, shrubs, more than 70,000 people, the bamboo grove covers an area of more than 20 acres, formed a Ginkgo biloba, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Phoebe zhennan, mainly plants of forest land. Park area flower Joe variety, spring cherry, peach, pear, flower, Begonia contests, Xia Lai gardenia, Orchid fragrance four overflows, with Hibiscus flowers in the fall, osmanthus fragrant garden, to Chimonanthus praecox winter sweet fragrance, red plum blossoms branch alone, in jinsha site Museum and Garden District, scene of flowers can be seen year round.

Wu Mulin, jade Road Park area recreational cultural landscapes the visitors experience at the foot of this land for thousands of years the Lords and ancestors carved jade chisel the difficult process. Northwest located in the Museum's Centre for conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, architectural style, silence and quiet, was unearthed from jinsha ruins of ancient civilizations of Shu and other exquisite cultural relics to carry out the rescue, protection and study of important places, but also provide more opportunities for Museum exhibits, newer, more fine art treasures, is effective extension of the functions of the Museum. The adjacent Sands Theater, the appearance is crystal Crown-shaped, like a bud, is China's first original large musicals of the Golden Sands of the mission to the playing venue. At the same time, as the "Chengdu people their own culture Salon" the sands Forum from May 2011 Sands Theater settled in.

Sands Theater regularly hosts associated with the sands ancient Shu culture, civilization of academic exchange activities and performances. In December 2011, the China cultural heritage identity —— unearthed from jinsha "Sun bird" goldsmiths ' pattern was identified as the core pattern of the image of the logo of the city of Chengdu city. Chengdu jinsha site Museum is not only a representative of iconic landscape history culture of Chengdu, Chengdu city, has become the indispensable display of ancient Shu culture and Research Centre, the youth educational base, as well as for visitors to rest an important place.

On April 16, 2007 since its official opening, has received more than 5 million Chinese and foreign tourists more than, "so that more people come into the sands, Sands to the world" ideals can be realized. Address: Chengdu, jinsha road, 2nd Tel: 028-87303580 email: [email protected]You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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Jinsha Museum:Jinsha ruins in February 2001, found in the Chengdu jinsha site, range of about 5 square kilometers, is the 12th century BC to the 7th century BC (some 3,200 years —2900 years away) ancient centers of civilization in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River —— ora of the ancient Shu Kingdom. Jinsh..

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