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Tiger collection

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Summary:Tiger collection for original Tiger map changed its name, Tiger collection company aspects and on November 5, 2012 held press conference, made again also but boring of life of Declaration and the vision, while announced Tiger map changed its name for Tiger collection) configuration Tiger collection, easily found ..
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Tiger collection for original Tiger map changed its name, Tiger collection company aspects and on November 5, 2012 held press conference, made "again also but boring of life" of Declaration and the vision, while announced Tiger map changed its name for Tiger collection) configuration "Tiger collection", easily found around wonderful life, away from boring life, group, and movie, and exhibition, and performances, information real-time update, found around daily of not as; search life information,

From a distance, price, popularity and other qualified and quickly locate target information; queries, bus and on foot, by car, bus lines, various travel needs are met.
"The Tiger collection (TigerMap)" software by Beijing Tigers scroll technology limited liability company independent development and ownership of other manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for any aspect of the software. Tiger collection is a free software GPS mobile maps, support for GPS, cell phone base stations and Wifi triple positioning, in the 2009 winner of the first prize of Nokia's global innovation competition, in 2011, "the 2011 poster competition for mobile Internet" double Awards: "best film award", "best popularity award", the same year won the Samsung Electronics 2011 developer challenge


Tiger collection supported smartphone platforms: Symbian (Symbian), Android (Android), windowsphone, iOS, as well as Samsung Bada system.

Tiger collection v3.0 released, achieving the perfect combination of maps and information, provides a full range of information search and filter the walk from public transportation query cross-city driving navigation and route planning. Tiger collection v4.0 released and proposed "anymore, but boring life" and the vision of the declaration found around the wonderful life, understand the dynamics around, and then step through traffic to reach. Ever since the 2009 Tiger collection Symbian version on line, versions of Tiger book, flow, fast smooth, enables offline maps and map data is accurate, comprehensive, and many are authorized and recommended by the majority of users. After years of accumulation and precipitation, the beginning of 2012, Tiger Bible new revised, released in stages Android Tiger Kit Kit v2.0, v3.0, iOS Tiger Kit 1.2.0 and WindowsPhone Bada Tiger Tiger collection v1.0. Version of the Tiger collection not only made new interface and interaction design, and appropriate adjustments have also been made in function!

On November 5, 2012, Tiger map officially upgraded to Tiger book, raised "anymore, but boring life" and the vision of the Declaration, retain the Tiger map on the basis of existing features, added a new discovery, found around the wonderful life, far from boring! Basic functions and characteristics: 1, enables offline maps packet, using vector maps and compression technology, map data so far are still the industry minimum. Under a separate download required provincial and city map or a one-time download of the national map, saves users to maximize storage space.
Notes: WindowsPhone version currently not support offline map download 2, and map browse speed fast province flow, Tiger collection used vector map technology, no download offline map of situation bottom see side download also also to very fast read map, and because only download screen displayed range of map flow spent super small, other information browse also side see side download mode, maximize for save flow, tie history records, and collection clip, from flow view mechanism, Tiger collection do similar flow most province.
3, enhanced information search: (1) the search content: more than 400 cities nationwide for dining, accommodations, live entertainment, shopping, transportation, financial and other information and offers everything you need along with details: address, profile, contact telephone number, popularity, price, page 10 credible evaluation.
(2) search way aspects: businesses name, and product, and service, and cuisine products, key word search, around search, also also provides features search, such as search hotel can from features cuisine found to target, further widening search mode (3) search precision aspects: line City data monthly full update once, other city data at least each quarter update once, daily are has information entry database, information accuracy high out similar map software.
4, the new plan "funnels" filtering: applies in particular to aimless search, select search area, range, price and popularity, by filtering on these aspects, like a funnel, narrow your search scope, a satisfactory outcome in the end. 5, discovery, discovery takes place around football, away from the boring life.
Functions are supported in 42 cities found support there movies, group buying, such as real-time information, through dynamic around found to address "anymore, but boring life" needs far from boring. 6, provide public transportation query traffic, pedestrian navigation, car navigation and query bus station. Has a strong data traffic channel----Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou-Shenzhen bus data verified updates per month, quarterly verification of updates in other cities, Tiger collection as OVI maps public transport data provider, Nokia specifically compare evaluation, Tiger data collection public transport industry's most accurate.
Right picture: 7, compass, according to different phone system platform, provides guidance for all platforms and can be best combined with the different PIN services, maximize optimal directions service.
8, provides history browsing service, history to save the perigee of the search traffic queries or discover operation, through recent history query using the search query logging, easy and fast, and history once again view the totally traffic-free.
9, the collection features, location, accessibility of important or frequently used query result collection, easy to use, entry in the Favorites view, free flow again, and permanently!

10, sharing maps: can use tiger book search by location, routes, and other information, via SMS, MMS and SINA meager share.

This is a gestation time of great change, responsible for this is a group of dedicated, practical and enterprising people.
We firmly believe that the combination of electronic maps and phone, will completely replace all used paper maps.

Mobile maps will integrate large amounts of information in the real world, people can learn at any time all around.
We see the daily life of people associated with the location.
The vast majority of people want a more comprehensive map to view more anytime and anywhere.
Most mobile phone has the ability to support mobile phone map.
GIS technology and applications is booming.
Tiger collection is committed to providing the public with the most accurate and the most abundant and the most convenient mobile map service, to provide enterprises with the most accurate and effective marketing services.
We use innovation and hard work added to this great transformation.

All are beginning to …… back in the future, we are thrilled, based on the present, we are pragmatic and enterprising.

Tiger collection certificate of qualification Tiger book issued by the Bureau of surveying and mapping, grade and number is: measuring Chinese Word 11,002,059. Address: North Street, Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun, Peking University, 116th room 2,108 overseas students Pioneer Park, 100,080 Tel: 010-58874112 fax: 010-58874113 send your resume: [email protected] customer service telephone: 010-58874009 Email:[email protected] MSN:[email protected] QQ : 970105617 QQ:1729949544 iPhone-specific customer service QQ Group: 88,722,138 (Nokia Samsung mobile phone users Advisory Group) 63,930,376 (Chinese mobile phone users Advisory Group 1 full) 88,839,837 (Chinese mobile phone users Advisory Group 2), 35416996 (HTC\MOTO mobile phone users Advisory Group) 86492534 (LG Sony Ericsson phone users Advisory Group) 44,190,592 ( Other non-Chinese mobile phone users Advisory Group) 144505221 (iPhone users Advisory Group)You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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Tiger collection for original Tiger map changed its name, Tiger collection company aspects and on November 5, 2012 held press conference, made again also but boring of life of Declaration and the vision, while announced Tiger map changed its name for Tiger collection) configuration Tiger collection, easily found ..

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