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Beijing plastic surgery hospital

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Summary:Wangfujing, Beijing hospital, also known as Wangfujing Korean plastic surgery hospital, has a history of 50 years, belong to the urban Sentinel health hospital. Hospital experts have senior professional titles, Professor and Korea BK 38 doctors plastic surgery hospital medicine, master of medicine and Deputy Senior ..
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Wangfujing, Beijing hospital, also known as Wangfujing Korean plastic surgery hospital, has a history of 50 years, belong to the urban Sentinel health hospital.

Hospital experts have senior professional titles, Professor and Korea BK 38 doctors plastic surgery hospital medicine, master of medicine and Deputy Senior title 58 professionals, thousands of professional medical personnel. Hospital and international medical community integration to plastic beauty section as focus sections, and and Korea BK plastic hospital, and Korea W-star plastic surgical hospital, and Korea April 31 plastic surgical hospital three home stars level plastic hospital strong together, build Beijing only a Korea plastic hospital, hired has and world plastic beauty technology synchronization of Jin Bingjian Dr for discipline leader, equipped with United States fifth a terse-wording official document sent as an express letter wave pull skin instrument, and Germany micro-plastic jaw power system, and United States strongly God ring directed **ing fat machine, tip medical equipment,

And invited Korea cutting-edge plastic surgery experts to consult.

Hospital brings together several domestic famous experts of Wangfujing, Jin Bingjian as leader of Department of the relevant professional, is opening a Center for plastic surgery, laser plastic surgery Center, minimally invasive non-surgical beauty centre, and many other professional departments. As a domestic leading technology, minimally invasive surgery Center plastic surgery Center, all based on standard international plastic surgery hospital of the preparation. Very large operating rooms with advanced dust-free, sterile, constant pressure and constant temperature and humidity, the laminar flow purifying system, and provide a powerful support and guarantee for the surgical safety can be comparable with the international advanced plastic surgery hospital.

At the same time, including those from Germany, and Denmark, and Japan, and Korea joined dozens of plastic around the world of Cantonese, such as Wangfujing, but also established its leading position in China's plastic industry. II, and optical beauty skin Center 50 of Office homes history, Wangfujing medical plastic beauty lead introduced then advanced of photon tender skin technology, set off has new hi-tech beauty of trend; 2006, again strong attack, original introduced value more than 2 million yuan of international advanced United States section medical people lumenis one King style digital beauty system, it is by today world Shang to large laser company section medical people for decades years research worked, and and United States Stan Buddha, and Harvard University for close technology cooperation,

Jointly developed the high-tech beauty skin technology, introduced the technology of Wangfujing Korean cosmetic surgery clinic, established a leading position in the country. Three, non-surgical cosmetic plastic surgery hospital Center Wangfujing took the lead in the introduction of "non-surgical cosmetic" technical professional medical cosmetology institutions. Which Swiss Blue Botox, BOTOX wrinkle, Yi Weilan microwave rapid of wrinkle removal, Aluma, molding beautiful rejuvenation shape and face of children's faces, skin tightening and other six non-surgical beauty items. Wangfujing plastic surgery hospital of the introduction of the six non-surgical techniques are the most advanced in the world, currently popular in Japan and South Korea and Europe's world-class technology. Now non-surgical beauty center of Wangfujing has helped tens of thousands of people to achieve a beautiful transformation.

Hospital has a high reputation of excellent Korea cosmetic physicians, advanced beauty technology has won praise in the industry. Wangfujing plastic hospital Korea plastic base environment hospital has spent heavily acquisition has international recognized quality top of BYK-50 type large microwave treatment instrument, and MAGIMUZYME magnetic enzyme immune determination system, and sperm quality moving (static) State imaging analysis system, and Palace cavity mirror micro-create system, and vaginal mirror, and Sickmann semi-automatic biochemical instrument, and Madison b Super machine, and large disc highlight clinic instrument, a large number of representative today advanced medical level of high, and fine, and tip clinic equipment, and introduced the section high titles technology talent,

Improved medical environment, greatly improved medical technology. Beautiful hotline: 010-85120233 hotline: 010-85120588 email: [email protected] address: boshu Hutong, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, Wangfujing Street, 23rd hospitalPlease attention: the excellent global sites

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Where is this located ? May I know the exact name and location of this hospital?

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