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East of vocational and technical college

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Summary:Technical College of Hubei Province in the former Hubei Huanggang technical school was founded in 1976, is the letter of April 2004 of the Ministry of education and Hubei Provincial Government of Hubei Province (2004), authorized the establishment of a common document of higher vocational and technical colleges. Coll..
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Technical College of Hubei Province in the former Hubei Huanggang technical school was founded in 1976, is the letter of April 2004 of the Ministry of education and Hubei Provincial Government of Hubei Province (2004), authorized the establishment of a common document of higher vocational and technical colleges. College is located in the famous home of education, Wuhan City —— in Huanggang City, North to the Beijing-Kowloon, South of the Yangtze River, West of Wuhan, Jiujiang, East, convenient transportation, beautiful environment. Huang gang known as chongwenmen taught cultural traditions, humanity rich, wuzhong district. There are famous "County General" (discovery), "Professor" (Qichun County), "home of huangmei Opera" (apricot), "Su Dongpo's red cliffs", "sizu, five Buddhist Zu Ting"; here was born Bi Sheng, Li Shi Zhen, Li siguang, Wen Yiduo and Tang yongtong's reorganization, Wang Kan, Xiong Shi, Hu Feng and other history and culture celebrities; the birth of Dong Biwu  

, And Chen Tanqiu, Lin Yuying, Lin Yunan, and Liu Huaqing, Li xiannian, and other large number of revolutionaries and Lin Biao, Wang Shusheng, Han Xianchu, Chan road, a large number of strategists.

College are accounted for to 600 acres, area 320,000 square, built has national NC real training base, and national electrician electronic real training base, and car real training base, and metalworking real training center, and computer real training center, and fly mold internship factory, and building real training center and architectural design Institute, and business marketing real training base, and accounting simulation real training center, school within internship real training center and material, and PLC, more than 50 multiple equipment advanced of professional laboratory. College has mechanical engineering of, and electrical and mechanical services of, and information and art of, and economic trade of, and construction of, and courses Department, of Department, and opened has car detection and maintenance, and car technology service and marketing, and NC technology, and mold design and manufacturing, and machinery design and manufacturing, and electromechanical integration technology, and electrical automation technology, and application electronic technology, and elevator engineering technology, and computer technology, and computer network technology, and anime design and produced, and computer art design, and software technology, and embedded technology and application, and Environment art design, e-commerce, computerized accounting, marketing, business, secretarial, tourism management, logistics management, finance and securities, Legal Affairs, technology, design technology, engineering cost of construction projects, steel structure construction technology, project management, applying chemicals, fine chemicals and production technology, and 32 majors.

Existing full-time students from all provinces, municipalities and autonomous region more than 12,600 people. College teachers is strong, existing staff of more than 700 people, 457 people full-time teachers, of which 183 people and above title, an Associate Professor, 24 professors, associate professors are provincial and municipal educational administrative departments identified as professional "leader".

In recent years, faculty members at the national, provincial publications published 1843 papers, including core journals of 461 articles; 126 published textbooks and monographs, of which State-level "plan", "Eleven-Five" Ministry of planning teaching materials 28, Hubei Province "Eleven-Five" Ministry of planning teaching materials 24; 60 State and provincial education scientific research projects. College talent training quality high, deeply social all identity: 2004 Kuang Xin, and Zhang Wei two bit students both obtained "national first NC skills contest first prize"; 2005 Li Jimei, and Kang Rui, students in national students English race in the was gold; 2006 College again obtained Hubei Province second session NC contest high vocational group first name and the 1 gold 6 Silver 13 copper of excellent results, while square wave students won national second session NC contest gold 2008 Fang Maocheng students win third "Bi Sheng Cup" national undergraduate electronic design contest award, and won the "th national youth science and technology innovation of the year" award 2009 College team in the "China Cup" national electronics and design professionals in the skills competition, won a Grand Prize, two first prize and a third prize of "Asian Dragon Cup" National higher vocational colleges "automatic installation and commissioning" skills competition, and won first prize. That same year June, College quality through has Ministry of education talent training work level assessment; 2010 electronic professional students following Disan、Sijie national students electronic innovation design contest made excellent results zhihou, again won fifth session the items events a Grand Prize, and a first prize, continuous three years won "completed Sheng Cup"; 2011 College team in VI session national information technology application level contest in the, Yong claimed National Grand Prize (Hubei province only), and two a first prize, and Two prize; 2012 College team national vocational skill contest held in Tianjin — electronic product design and fabrication competition, won the national award.

College graduates deeply employing units welcomes, main went to in in the built II Council, and in the built three Council, and Beijing River curtain wall, and South high-speed rail, and Beijing meeting source, and svw, and Zhejiang Johnson controlled, and xinghe aluminum industry, and JC steel frame, and bleomycin steel frame, and Kunshan Hin day Hin electronic, and Midtown group, and TCL group, and Crown Czech electronic, and Fu Yiu glass, and hung associate mold, and Shenzhen development magnetic records, and Shenzhen Fuji Kang, and Dragon Beverly, and huangshikewei, more than 200 over units employment, graduates supply, graduates employment 98% above. Building homes for more than 30 years, the College has been named the "National Advanced Unit for vocational and technical education", "model of State key construction College", "national advanced school of employment guidance", "the most characteristic higher vocational colleges throughout the country" and "Advanced Unit for comprehensive management of social security of Hubei Province", "civilized unit of Hubei Province


In recent years, and former member of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee Secretary Yu zhengsheng, former Education Minister Zhou JI, Guo shenglian, Vice Governor of Hubei Province, Hubei provincial Department of education Chen Anli, Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee, Mayor Liu Xuerong Chen Cheng, the municipal party Committee Secretary Liu Shanqiao, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Professor Yang Shuzi leadership coming to College many times inspection, school performance, school and fully affirmed and highly appraised the level of running. College followed a policy of "creating brand-name schools, education specialty talents" of running a school, we adhere to a "new, comprehensive, live, real" features, drawing on advanced vocational education mode at home and abroad, continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges, has formed a distinctive characteristics, benefits significantly vet mode.

Looking back, looking ahead, the Party Committee made a "Twelve-Five" during college with "top ten training base", "hundreds of professors", "acres of the campus", "students" of higher vocational college for the creation of "national model schools" and work hard! Address: high-tech zone in Huanggang City in Hubei Province in Newport Road, 43rd, 438,000 Tel: 0713-8835358 Tel: 0713-8833256Welcome to 0430 website library

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East of vocational and technical college:Technical College of Hubei Province in the former Hubei Huanggang technical school was founded in 1976, is the letter of April 2004 of the Ministry of education and Hubei Provincial Government of Hubei Province (2004), authorized the establishment of a common document of higher vocational and technical colleges. Coll..

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