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Summary:Brush-master is the carefully crafted products by Shenzhen Network Ltd, dedicated to brush provides one-stop service for Android users. God Rom root, divine horse, horse recovery, horse-driven into the clouds, as long as you have a mushroom cloud Brush guard! Easy operation, safety backups, extensive resources to ..
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Brush-master is the carefully crafted products by Shenzhen Network Ltd, dedicated to brush provides one-stop service for Android users. God Rom root, divine horse, horse recovery, horse-driven into the clouds, as long as you have a mushroom cloud Brush guard!

Easy operation, safety backups, extensive resources to provide you excellent value smart brushes machine service.

What is a master of brush? Brush-master is a free Android one brush-click software, simply connect the phone, easy step, you can automatically install device drivers, root the phone privileges, select the ROM after brushing machine.

Mobile version, you even have to connect your computer without data cable, simply select the ROM click Start to complete brushing experience.

Why brush?
Brush is to the mobile phone system, brush, you can: a) the latest firmware, to a greater extent play a machine's performance.
B) remove branding customization, more perfect, more fluid.
C) easier to use recovery tools is installed, the automatic root.

D) better Radio.

Brush the opportunity to void the warranty on my mobile? , But take a step back and say, you can brush back to the mobile phone system, if you backup the original firmware or download the corresponding version of your phone firmware, you can brush back at any time.

And restore factory settings.

Brush will remove my personal information? Do not.

Brush will not format your memory card, the memory card is going to keep all, brush-master also backs up all your data, including: SMS contact brush, such as a newer version of the system, then brushed back to lower version?

Of course, just like your computer has installed window7 can also change windowXP.

After brushing machine can damage the machine? Brush-the equipment is a system upgrade or replacement of the third party system, does not affect the mobile phone hardware.

All personal data but brushes the opportunity to empty the device (do not damage the memory card data) backup is what file system?

Backup system operation, the brush master the complete device to backup all the data of the current system (including contacts, SMS, applications, settings, and so on) backup system to restore integrity to restore all the data to the device on the backup point.

Brush several accidents when a connection is broken?

Brushing machines, backup, restore, unplug the data cable will cause the operation to fail in the Middle will not have an impact on mobile phones.

What is Root? Root is a super administrator user account in the Android system, which have sovereign rights in the system as a whole, it can manipulate all objects in the system.

Only if you have this permission, we can only be painted the original system revision of the other Autonomous System, modifying system files, personalization, mobile phone and so on. But for mobile phone security and stability, prevent users from inadvertently caused a system crash, the system is not turned on by default Root permissions, this requires us to obtain.

In addition to the phone to install the software (for example: 007root) to obtain Root permissions, it is recommended to use brush masters (PC version) or you can one-click Root, Root made supreme control of the phone is made.

Brush master does not support my models? Thank you very much for your interest in our products, we will add more models based on the number of users.

Welcome to our Twitter and website feedback. Main function: one-click brush-brush-great full for the majority of Android users with simple, secure, fast and efficient one-click brush machine experience, simply select the ROM, then click next to complete the brush.

Whether you are a novice white brush-up to people, you can use the brush master Ting on Android mobile phones easily brush.

Intelligent recognition of cloud services to your Android device, providing full cloud service: adaptation of the cloud, cloud detection, cloud backup, cloud storage, such as a full range of safety and security, make your brush even more hassle-free!

Massive ROM ROM base brush-master integration, providing increased ROM resources, complete classification, better quality: powerful ROM team area, complete model classification fast retrieval, more professional editing Pro recommended logging, fully to enjoy personalized services.

Discovers application built-in cool client, game rich in content and block novel, provides you with excellent grade: new products, subject classification, ranking, more sophisticated evaluation and information, making your mobile life more exciting!

Management master of brush sets for bulk download, installation, upgrades, backup, uninstall one, more automated one-click services such as installation, clear the cache to provide a more user-friendly mobile phone management experience. Collaboration contact Email:[email protected] Tel: 0755-26029883 Tencent weibo address: http://t.QQ.com/mgyun_butian QQ Group 3:91,720,273 Group 1:167,497,160 Group 2:102,815,169 Group (full) Group 4:115,235,699 (full) Sina micro-blog address: http://weibo.com/ 2,308,862,714 Add: Xinghua road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Nanhai Gallery, 2nd floor, 6th 502 zip: 518,067 Tel: 0755-260298830430.com recommend

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