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Summary:Beijing Games Valley information technology limited (hereinafter referred to as Valley of games), established in 2006, is now a Beijing high-tech enterprises, is the earliest entry web game development and operation of the enterprise. Since its founding nearly 5 years, and has more than 300 employees staff gathered..
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Beijing Games Valley information technology limited (hereinafter referred to as "Valley of games"), established in 2006, is now a Beijing high-tech enterprises, is the earliest entry web game development and operation of the enterprise. Since its founding nearly 5 years, and has more than 300 employees staff gathered here, many of whom worked at well-known Internet companies, take a variety of famous masterpiece of professional game producer.

Valley of the game has been "to create the superior online game" concept for the company, and actively develop explore multiple forms of digital interactive entertainment services, integrating resources, take advantage of its technological advantages and industry influence, promote the development of China digital interactive entertainment industry norms. In 2007, the game Valley first product —— of the hero's door, officially entered the test phase, "Web games" under the guidance of the new concept, the hero of the test of "first victory". Popular "open" behind when we are experiencing a water tour challenge for the first time. Up and down the Valley of the game under the community discover, the gradual improvement of the hero's door, finalize the final version completed.

Meanwhile, the company joined the "grand project 18" game Valley people work together, bright sword in the online gaming industry. In 2008, of the hero's door officially, help of the players and the support of the press, of the hero's door in the week after the launch, refresh a number of online Web games back-to-back records, became one of the leader in the domestic game. In addition, Valley of the game's second product, the Hua Shan Sword match, was also developed in 08, smooth closed beta at the end of the same year.

In the meantime, poised game Valley also conducted the first large-scale expansion of personnel, complete one of the most important changes in the history of the company. In 2009, the game Valley get Venus, Disney's two venture capital organization millions of dollars venture. Research and development on the basis of this, Valley of the game has also been actively trying to network with autonomous operation of the game. February 09, 12 months research and development completed the beta version of Hua Shan Sword delivery operation Center, invested in the media ad time on line, Valley steadily ahead of the game in our own research and independent operation of the road. August 09, Valley, another masterpiece of the top gods of the game also with outstanding performance, operation transcripts for our icing on the cake.

By virtue of the Hua Shan Sword, and the top two products on the gods "browser game" wonderful interpretation of the concept of game Valley received more support and recognition, and in late 09 and won the professional game media a number of year-end awards. 2010 Games Valley official cooperation with Tencent games, games agency agreement signed. August 10, as the Valley's first war game strategy browser game, of the seven male supremacy official landing platforms of Tencent, turned on imperial open beta. In strong support of Tencent's gaming platform, and the Valley of the game for "excellent games" under the constant pursuit of the goal, one month after the launch of the seven male hegemony, will again refresh the page areas of the game's many operation records. 600,000 people online report card, also made of the seven male dance ranks among the top ten online games in China. Diverse gameplay with gorgeous picture perfect show, the farm system and bold combination of war strategy game Valley once again prove its use their basic skills and innovative force, as "China Enterprise Web game banner" strength. In addition, the Valley are two of the game, respectively, with Oriental culture and Western culture as a theme of Magic Knight of the rivers laughing and the magic of the continent one after another at the Tencent platform with, successively opens closed beta.

In 2011, the Valley will be the majority of the players of the game, explore the essence of the charm of Chinese and Western culture. Accompanied by a progressive development of the online gaming industry, 2011 game Valley, from entrepreneurial teams that year, grows into a mature Internet entertainment providers. As with many successful entrepreneurial Internet company, Valley of games development course full of challenges and opportunities. With games Valley of unremitting struggle of all my colleagues, with the strong support of our friends in the industry, Valley of games "browser game" in this new Blue Ocean, sailing; different from many successful entrepreneurial Internet company, Valley of maturation and expansion of the game, a little less legendary, but a sort of practical determination of style. Today, the Valley in waves at the same time of the game, has not diminished. We will resolutely marching in "excellent games" on the route, to player demand for the first direction, to create happiness for the first responsibility.

Impeccable ability to rise to the challenge, for the majority of players more and better works; for game one simple belief and intent, create happiness, for the majority of players leaving a really good memories. 

Roaming the Valley focusing on Web games in Beijing (webgame) industry, develops high quality games, welcomed all the same game-loving aspiring friends, networking, common development!

Friends friends and vendors in order to better serve the players, allowing the player a friend get access to more new games will enable manufacturers friends can tap more potential games, an invitation to all Web game developer and operator, more up-to-date Web games and the players meet friends; any developer and operator can submit a demand, and we discuss the long-term good cooperation and relations.
Game Valley contact game Valley: 010-59393698 Department of Commerce: 010-59393698-864 Marketing Department: 010-59393698-890 customer service department: 010-59393698-839 overseas department: 010-82379898-870 business media responsibilities: different industry IDC media cooperation, joint operations, value-added services, Resource Interchange cooperation contacts: Miss Gao Tel: 010-88956156-909 Q Q:455671603 email: [email protected] co-responsibility: advertising contact: Mr Chang Tel: 010-59393698-890 Q Q:651022242 MSN:[email protected] email: [email protected] overseas strategic development duties: overseas strategy cooperation Overseas game licensing, as well as overseas business, marketing, media, all overseas business contacts: Mrs Yam phone: 010-82379898-870 Q Q:78808995 email: [email protected]You care: w w w. 0430. c o m

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Beijing Games Valley information technology limited (hereinafter referred to as Valley of games), established in 2006, is now a Beijing high-tech enterprises, is the earliest entry web game development and operation of the enterprise. Since its founding nearly 5 years, and has more than 300 employees staff gathered..

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