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Summary:China Philately portal (www.xjiyou.com) is the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Beijing traffic management Bureau, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau approved the establishment of legitimacy of the registration Web site, this website registration certificate number: Beijing ICP,, Beijing pub..
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The latest site of this classThis latest report: Shanghai East-mail network
China Philately portal (www.xjiyou.com) is the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Beijing traffic management Bureau, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau approved the establishment of legitimacy of the registration Web site, this website registration certificate number: Beijing ICP,, Beijing public security marine all rights reserved, No. 05006460. This site on March 5, 2001, that is founded in the new post of 9 anniversary of the date of, originally named "new stamp line", is the domestic establishment of early philatelic specialty website.

In October 2003, in order to better service to email a friend, friend, providing timely and effective postal and philatelic information, "the new philatelic online" Web site officially changed its name to "Beijing philatelic networks", September 5, 2005 upgrade changed its name to "China Philately Portal", and a new revision. On December 25, 2004, Chinese Philately Portal again carried out a drastic revision, and officially opened the international domain name, www.xjiyou.com, ten columns, under the phased renovation, layout clean, chic, clear theme layout and service.

Formalized "to feature news reports from single releases, academic research reviews, post senior complement dynamic" new layout of Web site, and in the course of long standing, and major philatelic mail friends, friends, Media Editor of philatelic journalists have built up a strong relationship of friendship and cooperation.

In June 2005, the Chinese Philately portal to accommodate the rapid growth of Web site traffic, make the site faster, the flow is more and better services, we spend huge sums, the replacement of rented ultra high speed Beijing Telecom IDC data center services, dramatically accelerating speed, replacing traffic after a marked increase in the number. In order to meet the needs of philatelic information platform construction and email friends, August 2010, Chinese Philately portal was again revised, enrich the philatelic information, speeding the flow of information.

Invited new LOGO logo designers to increase interaction and feedback system. Philately portal in China actively cooperate with the country's policies and laws and regulations, honest, trustworthy and law-abiding. At the State Department, the Ministry of information industry issued within one month after the regulation of the Internet, combined with the Ministry of information industry, the Beijing traffic management Bureau has run the Internet registration certificate (Beijing ICP No. 05006460 号), is stamp collecting websites earlier processing Internet certificate Web site.

This station is the first initiative to the public security authorities to approve filing according to the law of stamp collecting websites to obtain site approval, Ministry of public security, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau: Beijing police sea-1,101,000,609th, all rights reserved. Philately Portal long-term publicity the State Post Bureau of China, Beijing, China post, Hongkong Post policy, dynamic, creating stamps from the postal service, adhere to the leadership of the postal awareness.

Revised to cover local stamp collecting news, information, and news is accurate, good reputation, news fast.

Has clear publicity reported had China Philatelic portal network of news media has: China Philatelic reported (reporter day rose/Hongwei Wang/all strong), and China commercial reported (reporter Xiao Dongmei/Fang Xiao/journalist of CCTV), and people's daily market reported (reporter Chen), and postal weekly (reporter Shawn Lee/red Tao), and philatelic reported (reporter bojianrong/Wen bian-Ying), and information morning post (reporter Bing MUI), and China collection magazine (reporter Xiao Dongmei), many newspaper, and website be reported. The site of the "study on in situ processing and" is a major feature of Chinese Philately portal section, for a long time, for domestic and international mail out of the hundreds place, extreme, acclaimed. This point for precise in situ in situ, clear stamps, reasonable layout, writing fluency. Since its offering this service, has been praised by many email, also became part of in-situ philatelists love stamp initially in-place of enlightenment. China Philately Portal making six-word standard in situ: in situ precise writing compliant production postage postmark clear layout; Chinese Philately Portal three: stick to the credibility of the first, adhere to the Research Office closure, after insisting on premium quality awareness.

Processing in situ since 2005, was extended to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and foreign countries sent on the first day of the new postal subscribers directly to the Mainland. The mail on the new set hosted on this site are pure study Chinese Philately portal development, internal newspaper publications, and will in the future when conditions are ripe to magazine-type publications. This philatelic study theory, knowledge of Philately, stamp collecting, stamp collecting reviews, composed of four major sections. Founded in 1992, and released in 1993, reader series and all over the world for more than 10 years. Published articles are famous masterpieces, there is also a philatelic altar-emerging elite. Our staff would like to thank those who conscientiously paid dearly for this old philatelists, young stamp collectors, philatelic author, would also like to thank the readers, subscribers and vigorously support and love.

This newspaper, Member of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the national people's political consultative conference, the Chinese journalists ' Association Shao huaze comrade wrote the header (that is, the global times, the Beijing times, health times, the securities Times newspaper who wrote the headers, former Director of the people's daily), Vice Minister of posts and telecommunications, Chairman of the national philatelic Union comrade Liu Pingyuan, the magazine ten years this newspaper at the time of inscription. Chief Editor of Chinese Philately Portal Yan Bin, Beijing's chongwen district people, members of the all-China Philatelic Federation, Member of the Beijing Philatelic Association, Member of the Beijing philatelic research society in situ. Beijing technology and business University e-commerce major (specialist), capital University of Economics and business graduate, worked in the stamp printing Bureau, the Communist Party's central compilation and Translation Bureau of mpt. Early followed PTT stamp stamp plate making, shadow writing teachers specialise in engraving and printing process a complete engraving intaglio for three years, a film he wrote gravure printing process, has many years of practical experience. 1986 started stamp collecting, main study animals, in situ, and military themes, stamps; study a variety of press releases and newspaper, the main research theme of death of the leaders of the major newspapers and the newspaper. Make a living by writing not suffix, in Beijing Youth reported, and philatelic under magazine, and China Philatelic reported, and postal weekly, and China commercial reported, and China collection auction Herald, and information morning post, and people's daily, and people's daily market reported, and China collection magazine, and philatelic Expo under magazine, and old philatelic special issue, and yinchuan philatelic, and city financial reported, and China newspaper Association mouthpiece, and new philatelic reported, national and the local newspaper published Philatelic Research and comments articles Shang dozens of.

Has set up the new post, the overseas philatelic observer, China National Philatelic Journal Herald, Chinese Philately portal (formerly the Beijing philatelic network).

China Philately portal will continue to serve Philately services, provision of timely and effective information.
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China Philately Portal:China Philately portal (www.xjiyou.com) is the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Beijing traffic management Bureau, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau approved the establishment of legitimacy of the registration Web site, this website registration certificate number: Beijing ICP,, Beijing pub..

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