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Cangnan Jiangnan Experimental School

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Summary:Cangnan Jiangnan Experimental School was founded in 2011. It is a newly-built boarding school with high quality and standard.
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Cangnan Jiangnan Experimental School was founded in 2011. It is a newly-built boarding school with high quality and standard. With the leading idea of “eudemonism education”, our school sticks to the distinguish feature, that is: English characteristic and the cultivation of students’ habits. Meanwhile, school does its utmost to forge a green, pure and integrity teaching environment. To our delight, parents and society speak highly of our efforts. City-level Medias cover the unique teaching features and achievements for over three hundred times. Wang Wenyuan, the vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, inscribed the name of school. The leaders fro m the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture visited, inspected and directed work at our school for several times. Jiangnan School has been awarded the title of “Zhejiang province compulsory education standard school; Wenzhou Civilized school; Cangnan civilized unit; Cangnan green school; it passed the School’s Grade Evaluation of Wenzhou Compulsory Education successfully. Furthermore, it is one of the schools with distinguished moral characteristics in Cangnan. Last but not least, it passed the evaluation of daily conduct norm education. To our delight, our school has achieved great-leap-forward developments in those years.

Educational Philosophy: Pursuing eudemonic education, enjoying happiness education.

Educational Goals: Meticulously constructs the most happiness school, let each child happy study, let each teacher happy work.

Motto: Smile like flowers, show pure elegance.

Educational Goals: Cultivating excellent students with profound cultural background and international horizon.

Educational Strategies: Cultivating habits, upholding dreams, growing up happily.

Development Plans: Strive to be Cangnan’s best-known school in three years. Then, we are aim to be Wenzhou’s well-known school in five years. Next, do our utmost to be Zhejiang’s prestigious school in eight years. The strategic orientation of our school education aims to construct a characteristic, entire and specialized school.

Our school simulates Shanghai modern school’s architecture designing style, with elegance and modern of its own. The education teaching facilities and equipments are equipped according to Zhejiang’s Key School’s high standard and requirements. Classrooms, laboratories, reading rooms, art rooms, music rooms, sports venues, the multifunction hall, dinning rooms and teachers and students’ apartment are available at any time.

Cangnan Jiangnan Experimental School has excellent and innovative faculties. Chen Guoxing, Wenzhou’s famous and prestigious headmaster, is the headmaster of Jiangnan Experimental School. Meanwhile, Zhu Shidong, the former well-known headmaster of Longgang No.4 Primary School, is the vice headmaster. Our school has lots of excellent and eminent staffs, which comprise of special-class teachers and Provincial and city level backbone teachers..

English teaching, the cultivation of good habits and green and credible school are the three most distinguished characteristics of Cangnan Jiangnan Experimental School. In order to give the fullest play to those three characteristics, school conceptualizing on small class size education and overall caring education. Furthermore, school sets up sel ective courses scientifically and systematically, which aims to promote students’ individuality and development in all aspect. “Not One Less” and “Care for Everyone” are the epitome of our educational philosophy. We aim to let every students walk confidently, feel the sense of self confident, self-esteem and self-improvement. Finally, students enjoy the campus life happily.

Fairy Festival, English Festival, Sports Festival, Math Festival, Arts Festival, Month of Classic Reading, Art Performance opened in Jiangnan School per year. It expressed the elegant demeanor of the students and teachers. It offered every child eudemonic and happy childhood.

On the principle of lay a solid foundation for students’ lifelong happiness, school carries out series education programs to promote students’ well-beings and cultivate their ability to handle the daily chores at school. The apartment-style dormitory equipped with quiet and beautiful surroundings and perfect facility. The Dining Hall not only provides students with nutritional and delicious dinner, but also offers refreshments and fruits. Professional instructor and doctor look after students meticulously, and help students grasp life skills, such as: “learn to live”, “learn to be independent”, “learn to be strong”, and “learn to coexist”. Teachers show much love for students, let them surrounded with warmth and love.

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Cangnan Jiangnan Experimental School was founded in 2011. It is a newly-built boarding school with high quality and standard.

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