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Kowloon True Light Middle School

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Summary:Ms.Harriet Noyes, the founder of our school, was a missionary from America. She established the True Light Seminary in Guangzhou in 1872.
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Kowloon True Light Middle School

Mission & Vision

In the wake of countless, dedicated True Light pioneers and partakers, our mission is to inspire our female generations to unrelentingly pursue knowledge, unreservedly develop their talents and leadership, unswervingly uphold the biblical values and unconditionally render service to the needy, in particular to the people of our homeland.


A Christian school where girls blossom into people of goodness, righteousness, and excellence with an unswerving quest for truth.

School Motto: Thou Art the Light of the World

(Live like Jesus Christ, love others and glorify God.)

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

School History

Ms.Harriet Noyes, the founder of our school, was a missionary fro m America. She established the True Light Seminary in Guangzhou in 1872. Upholding the Christian spirit of love, kindness and persistence, Ms. Noyes was the first person to provide education and ministry to women in South China. In 1949, Principal Ma Yi Ying relocated the school to Hong Kong and renamed it "Kowloon True Light Middle School". The school continues her vision for women's education – to promote Chinese culture and cultivate all-rounded Christian values for girls and women through education.

Early History of True Light

1872: Ms. Noyes founded the True Light Seminary in Guangzhou. Six students were enrolled. Free meals and accommodation were provided.
1917: The middle school section named "True Light Middle School" was established in Paak Hok Tong, Guangzhou. Dr. J. W. Creighton was the first principal.
1923: Ms. Noyes returned to America. She passed away in 1942.
1931: The school was authorized by the Education Department. The 60th school anniversary celebration was held in 1932.
1947: Ms. Lee Yiu Yu resigned and left for the US. Dr Ma Yi Ying was appointed Principal after her. In the same year, Paak Hok Tong True Light School, Renji Street True Light School and Hong Kong True Light School jointly organized the school's 75th anniversary celebration.

School History of Kowloon True Light

1949: "True Light Middle School" was relocated fro m Pakk Hok Tong, Guangzhou to 115 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. It was then renamed "Kowloon True Light Middle School". Dr Ma Yi Ying continued to lead the school as the Principal.
1960: The new premises at 1 True Light Lane, Kowloon Tong was opened for the middle school section. The primary section and the kindergarten section remained in the old location at Waterloo Road.
1963: Sir Robert Brown Black, the Governor of Hong Kong, visited the school and complimented it for its excellent teaching.
1972: Dr Ma Yi Ying retired and Ms.Li Wai Lim succeeded her as the Principal. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school, "True Light Girls' College", an English secondary school, was established in 1973.
1978: Ms. Li Wai Lim retired and Ms. Butt Yee Har succeeded her as the Principal. The middle school section became a fully government-aided secondary school while the primary section and kindergarten remained self-financed.
1990: The spectators' stand in the middle section was demolished for the construction of a classroom extension. Air-conditioning facilities were installed in the whole school.
1991: Ms. Butt Yee Har resigned and Ms.Chan Yuen Sheung was appointed Principal after her.
1992: The CMI advanced level curriculum was introduced in response to the new education policy. The Thanksgiving Service of the schools' 120th anniversary was held.
2002: To celebrate its 130th anniversary, the school organized a joint True Light exchange tour during Easter to visit their mother school in Guangzhou. The Tour was followed by the publication of "The School History: 菁莪樂育我真光", the Thanksgiving Service, Alumnae gatherings, Joint True Light Art Gallery, Fund Raising Walk and Round-the-school Run, School Open Day, Musical Night and "Seek our Roots" tour.
2006: The new classroom extension was opened which includes new classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, the tuck shop and the school network.
2007: To celebrate their 135th anniversary, four True Light schools jointly organized the "Guangzhou True Light History and Cultural Tour". The Liberal Studies Panel developed the Learning Management System (LMS), through which the school cooperated with Guangzhou True Light Middle School and Changti True Light Middle School in learning. Teachers cooperated with each other and decided the issue on which students shared their views and opinions with each other. The Parent-Teacher Association organized the Tour to Guangzhou True Light – "Seek our Roots" and participated in the school anniversary celebration of our mother school in Guangzhou.
2010: Ms.Chan Yuen Sheung resigned and Ms.Lee Yi Ying was appointed Principal after her to carry on the "Spirit of True Light".
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Kowloon True Light Middle School:Ms.Harriet Noyes, the founder of our school, was a missionary from America. She established the True Light Seminary in Guangzhou in 1872.

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