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Quectel Wireless Solutions Company

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Summary:Quectel Wireless Solutions is the leading global supplier of 5G, LTE, LTE-A, LPWA, Smart Module, C-V2X, GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+) and GNSS modules.
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Quectel Wireless Solutions is the leading global supplier of 5G, LTE, LTE-A, LPWA, Smart Module, C-V2X, GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+) and GNSS modules. As a professional IoT (Internet of Things) technology developer and cellular module supplier, Quectel is able to provide one-stop service for IoT cellular modules. We estimate that globally more than 100 million devices have at least one Quectel module inside, or, as we call, have been Accelerated by Quectel.
Who we are?

We are a group of talented engineers passionate about:

• Wireless and Cellular Technology: A main pillar that has made today’s global advancement possible.
• IoT: We are pushing the IoT frontiers with the slogan Poised for Success, as IoT is changing the world we live in.
• Artificial Intelligence (AI): We just commenced our journey to build Artificial Intelligence into tiny devices. We confidently believe that this is a turning point in the history of mankind.

What does Quectel provide to the IoT industry?
Quectel offers “Communication Cores” enabling our customers to connect their devices to cellular networks. We are here to “Connect the Unconnected Things” and “Build a Smart and Highly Connected World”.
How do we do that?
Quectel is paving the way alongside its IoT ecosystem partners by inspiring them and being inspired by them through true open collaborations.

What are we famous for?
• Quickness (Rapid Product Development): Quectel has been becoming a synonym of Quickness in the industry thanks to our Same Day Action Plan business culture.
• Best Tech Support Team: We have a global sales and tech support network with the objective of offering support as close as possible to the end users.

How can Quectel offer the Best Quality at such Competitive Pricing?
Cost is not multiplication of a few parameters but is the result of harnessing and harvesting values in the organization. Quectel claims to have the best cost structure in the industry due to the three unique value propositions below:
• Strongest Supply Chain Management: Our high order quantities and commitment to order fulfillment help our suppliers to drive material costs lower.
• Smart and Focused Investment: Quectel has consciously chosen to focus R&D and engineering resources solely on module development.
• Cost Conscious Business Practices: Quectel encourages all members of the company to find ways to innovatively reduce costs while maintaining high standards.

Driving down manufacturing costs is no longer a key to success in the 21st century. Quectel has pioneered ways to further reduce costs through efficient engineering and development and continuous improvement of business processes. Quectel is then able to bring the benefits of its cost savings and robust supply chain to the customers. This simply results in a more competitive selling price.
What does “Ultra-Customer-Centric Policy” mean to Quectel?
At Quectel, customer is at the center of all value creation in the organization. We treat our customers as true partners as their success is entwined with our own. In the very competitive IoT market place, a company is not competing with its rival. In fact, supply chains have to compete with each other. Therefore, Quectel policy is not to establish a simple buyer-seller relation with customers but rather to be a true partner in the value chain. We do not consider sales as a destination but rather as a “pleasant journey” with the objective of creating values for our customers as well as for Quectel. This journey begins with collaboration, continues with client engagement through sharing knowledge and experiences, and ends with the creation of value for both the customers and Quectel.

What does “Trust” mean to Quectel?
In the IoT world, trust and data security are amongst the most crucial factors. Quectel has been proactively cooperating with standardization firms, accredited test laboratories, Communication Regulatory Authorities (CRA), governments and many other organizations including but not limited to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). This has given Quectel to build up a trustworthy mechanism hence customers use the modules in their designs confidently. Quectel has been obtaining countless certificates fro m above mentioned firms and must constantly endeavor if we are to succeed.
These mechanisms have given Quectel the intimate knowledge to design the products in accordance with a wide variety of international standards, which gives customers the highest possible confidence level.

How long will Quectel stand for our values?
Quectel’s core management team have been in the module business since the beginning of the industry. Quectel’s succession plan is defined by a strong corporate culture which permeates through the entire organization.
Quectel has been very determined to serve the entire IoT vertical spectrum regardless of the probability of temporary market fluctuation. Quectel is adding more and more manpower worldwide and has become the fastest growing vendor in the wireless module industry. Therefore, Quectel guarantees to be a provider of high-quality modules as long as our customers require our products and services.

Why we do love the GLADE?

Glade is clear, open space within a forest, but also has below corporate meanings to us:
• Growing sales volume in domestic and overseas markets.
• Lowest yet most efficient operation costs in the industry.
• Aggressiveness and “Poised to Succeed” attitude.
• Dedication and focus on the module industry.
• Engineering skills of Quectel’s founders, which has given rise to a technological approach towards all aspects of our business.

Corporate Highlights

• Joint-stock company moving toward becoming a public company.
• With over 1,000 employees, 70% of whom are young and energetic engineers graduated fro m top universities, Quectel has a capable and ambitious staff.
• Global sales and tech support network with the objective of offering support as close as possible to the end users.
• First mover in launching new technologies. For instance, Quectel developed NB-IoT module as early as 2016, almost one year ahead of other companies in the industry.
• Strongest LTE module portfolio.
• The best 2G/3G portfolio.
• Leading position in offering revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Smart Module.
• Endeavors to strengthen our position in the C-V2X module market, paving the way to elevate Quectel into level 5 of Autonomous Driving alongside our ecosystem partners.

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Quectel Wireless Solutions Company:Quectel Wireless Solutions is the leading global supplier of 5G, LTE, LTE-A, LPWA, Smart Module, C-V2X, GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+) and GNSS modules.

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