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Summary:Taiantang is a state-level non-legacy, a long-established enterprise in China. It has been inherited for nearly 500 years. Guangdong Taiantang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Tai'an tang is a state-level non-legacy, a long-established enterprise in China. It has been inherited for nearly 500 years. Guangdong Taiantang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. After 23 years of vigorous development, it has developed into a top 100 enterprise in Shanghai and has become a concentrated enterprise. National high-tech listed company that integrates pharmaceutical research and development, production and sales.
"Tai'antang" is a Chinese medicine sanctuary created by the first generation of Xinglin Zongshi Keyujing in Chaozhou in the first year of Minglongqing. It has the "Tai'antang" plaque and the hospital of the Taiyuan Hospital, which was made by the Emperor Jiajing. The treasure of the two major town halls of the "Wanshi Medical" of the Royal Medicine Collection is one of the oldest family of Chinese medicine in China.

The company owns Shanghai Jinpibao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Hongxing Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Kangaiduo Chain Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Taiantang (Zhangzhou) Chinese Medicine Pieces Co., Ltd., Sichuan Taiantang Yulin Industry Co., Ltd., Fusong Taiantang Changbai Mountain Ginseng Industrial Park Co., Ltd., the United States Taiantang Chain Medical Center and other domestic and foreign subsidiaries, formed the four sub-brand systems of Suibao, Qilin, Hongxing and Kang'ai under the leadership of Tai'antang enterprise brand. It has 5 national medicine protection varieties, 28 exclusive drug production varieties, 83 “National Essential Drugs List” varieties, 175 medical insurance catalogues and other nearly 400 drug varieties, inheriting the research and development of infertility drugs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Medicine, skin external medicine, the best wild ginseng, special effects Chinese patent medicine has become the company's five major types of stunt products, Bingde Ji Shi, for the sake of benefit, for the benefit of the people.

Taiantang corporate brand

The company has been advancing with the times, rising with the trend, rapidly transforming into modern high-tech enterprises, upgrading the high-tech of Chinese medicine, fro m automation to intelligence to unmanned, and built 72 automatic production lines, intelligent extraction workshops, unmanned production. Workshop, leading the industry pioneer, entering the new era of "smart manufacturing"; implementing the "+Internet" development strategy, actively deploying cutting-edge technology fields such as big data, cloud computing, quantum technology, VR, blockchain, etc. The first brand of Internet medicine e-commerce; the company focuses on modern bio-pharmaceutical technology, and its US Keansi Gene Company is committed to the research and development of high-end technologies such as genetic testing and gene therapy, which will push Taiantang to a new level.

Guangzhou Taiantang Internet Building

With an international vision and innovative business philosophy, the company has built an innovative business cooperation platform and an internet financial platform. The Group has joined hands with well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish the characteristic “Taiantang Town”, to create a cluster of emerging industry platforms, and to expand new areas of cooperation and win-win. Financing the new capital of technology finance to better serve the main business.

The wind is stirring, and the journey is like a rainbow. National non-genetic inheritor, Dr. Ke Shuquan, the thirteenth generation of Taiantang, and Dr. Ke Shaobin, the 14th generation descendant, are leading the Tai'antang people to carry on the past and write the Huazhang. In order to build the “Taiantang Town”, Fushou benefits the world. Medicine has gone out of the country and struggled with the grand vision of "believing in the world"!

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Guangdong Taiantang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Headquarters
Address: 25th Floor, No. 888, Sichuan North Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai.
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Taiantang is a state-level non-legacy, a long-established enterprise in China. It has been inherited for nearly 500 years. Guangdong Taiantang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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