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0093 Learning network

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Summary:Learning network, is the study of the national chain of recruitment and training of the PingTai Railway Station.
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Learning network - Training Network - enrolment Network - learning new technology to find new projects on the school net!

Learning network, is the study of the national chain of recruitment and training of the PingTai Railway Station. Specially for training institutions to release training information about new technologies and new projects all over the country, and provide O2O Internet platform for scholars to provide information about new technologies and projects across the country.

Learning network is the first vertical web site in the secondary education industry, including technical schools, secondary schools and vocational secondary schools. In order to provide more, more accurate, more professional and personalized service related to the choice of school and specialty.

School search

School search network, school search, including area, system (public / private), focus (national key / province key / other), type, scholarship, key words and so on. For students to find schools, many schools can compare, understand the school commentary and school running quality, school running history, student employment and other conditions, so that students can really "goods three families", do rational sel ection.

Professional search

The professional channel of learning recruitment network analyzes the introduction of various specialties, employment orientation, employment prospects, training objectives, curriculum offering, graduation certificate / qualification certificate and extended introduction, etc., so that students can combine their own conditions to choose their own major.

At the same time, it included the specialties offered by various schools for students to choose. Students search for their favorite areas and understand their preferences according to their favorite areas and preferences.

Question and answer search

The Q & a channel provides users with powerful Q & A functions, enabling students to communicate with schools further, and using technical box technology to provide more accurate answers. At the same time, the search and answer search, the first time for students to understand the problems that they met, how others are solved.
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0093 Learning network:Learning network, is the study of the national chain of recruitment and training of the PingTai Railway Station.

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