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China Global Television Network(CGTN)

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Summary:China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is China’s new international media organization. It was launched by the national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on December 31, 2016.
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Who we are
China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is China’s new international media organization. It was launched by the national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on December 31, 2016.
By launching CGTN, we want to re-brand our product to the world, to cope with the global trend in media convergence.
CGTN English is the flagship channel. The strategy, “Mobile first”, aims to fulfill the demands of global viewers and users for easier access to content on different platforms.
With an international team of professionals fro m more than 70 countries and regions, CGTN is an investment in the future of news media.
CGTN is a multi-language, multi-platform media grouping. It consists of six TV channels – including a 24-hour English-language news channel – a video content provider and a digital media division. Our brand new official website is CGTN.com.
Headquartered at the landmark CCTV building in Beijing, CGTN brings together an international professional team, with production centers in Washington and Nairobi, and a European production center on the way.
CGTN Television - The main English-language news channel CGTN has taken over fro m CCTVNEWS, while our other language channels are now CGTN Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian. CGTN Documentary replaced CCTV Documentary English and is China’s first state-level English-language documentary channel to broadcast globally.
Under our former name of CCTVNEWS, we had a long history of award-winning journalism. In 2016 we won an Emmy award – with “Jen Bricker: When ‘Can’t’ is a Four-Letter Word”, an 18-minute segment for our weekly US-based magazine/talk show “Full Frame”. The documentary “Heroin's hold on Myanmar”, was the winner of a Silver World Medal at the 2016 New York Festival’s International TV & Film Awards. And CCTVNEWS has also been recognized by Europe’s Eutelsat TV Awards for outstanding news broadcasting.
CGTN Digital - We also deliver our content across a range of digital platforms. Not only are all television programs broadcast simultaneously online and on mobile, but the website and news app provide original stories fro m China and around the world, with the support of CGTN’s global team. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo and WeChat. With content on our social media platforms ranging fro m online live video streaming to breaking news and original features, join CGTN Digital in testing the latest technologies.
CCTV Plus – Our video content provider offers news footage to thousands of TV stations and media organizations across the world. Let us help you find what you need.
What we believe
We believe the world is changing and that we live in a multipolar world, but many people still get their news fro m the same sources.
At CGTN, we cover the whole globe, reporting news fro m a Chinese perspective. Our mission is to create a better understanding of international events across the world, bridging continents and bringing a more balanced view to global news reporting.
Ultimately, we believe facts should speak for themselves and are committed to neutral, objective reporting.
Where we are
We cover the globe - fro m our headquarters in Beijing, and our broadcast centers in Washington, DC and Nairobi, Kenya. We are also finalizing plans to open another broadcast center in London and have reporting teams in more than 70 countries around the world. And of course we have possibly the most extensive network of journalists across China.
If you would like to be part of our team, be sure to check out our jobs section.
How to watch, read and listen to CGTN
At CGTN, we believe that journalism comes first and that you should be able to watch, read and listen to us wherever you are and on whatever device you prefer, fro m your watch to the largest flat-screen TV.
Our flagship CGTN news channel can be watched around the world, fro m Europe to Africa, Asia and North America.
CGTN Spanish broadcasts in 28 countries and regions, including Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Chile.
CGTN French reaches viewers in 87 countries and regions, including France, the US, Singapore, Morocco, Ghana and Rwanda.
CGTN Arabic broadcasts in 22 Arab countries, with a potential viewership of 300 million.
CGTN Russian can be watched in 46 countries and regions, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.
You can also join us wherever you are in the world by downloading our news app on your smartphone. And we are on all the major social media platforms fro m Twitter and Facebook to YouTube, Instagram, Weibo and WeChat.

Contact Us

Address: No. A-1, Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China.
Email: cgtn@cgtn.com
You care: w w w. 0430. c o m
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China Global Television Network(CGTN):China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is China’s new international media organization. It was launched by the national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on December 31, 2016.

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