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Summary:Wuhan English network using the current popular flat English site architecture, solemn atmosphere, concise and fluent.
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Wuhan English network using the current popular flat English site architecture, solemn atmosphere, concise and fluent. Website first screen scroll plate with big area prominent images, priorities, structure is clear; Web tonal collocation and font pure and fresh quietly elegant, news in scope and visibility is stronger, is convenient for foreigners to read. "Wuhan" English network meet the demand of expatriates culture, enhance the practicability, timeliness of information, pay attention to online and offline interactions.

At present, the content including news and information, cultural information, city life, entrepreneurial innovation, video and so on nine big theme plates. Among them, the "city life" plate with leisure, shopping, food and other columns, for foreign friends working and living in han practical information. "Home" in wuhan mainly reflect expatriates living in han, entrepreneurial story. Web site has a message board, facilitate foreign friends in han interaction. In addition, users can also be online reading English Weekly Yangtze river Changjiang Weekly figures.

"Wuhan" English network by the Yangtze river network construction operations, strive to build "let the world know wuhan" platform, show "wuhan every day is not the same as" window, as overseas understand wuhan, wuhan approach, to provide convenient online channels, promote city image communication, further speed up internationalization of wuhan.

Yangtze river network is introduced

Yangtze river network was established in August 2002, is decided by the wuhan municipal government, declare by the hubei province government information office, the information office of the state council approved the only comprehensive news site in wuhan, is a national key local news web sites. After ten years development, the Yangtze river networks on the Internet has become a comprehensive multi-functional new-type provides news and information primarily online media.

On December 20, 2010, according to municipal party committee, the Yangtze river network to integrate into the Yangtze river daily newspaper group, the greatest degree to realize resources sharing, further integration, comprehensively promote the construction of the media. In July 2011, the group wuhan Yangtze river new new media co., LTD., as the Yangtze river net operating companies.

Yangtze river fro m has 13 news channel, eight life information channels, as well as the English news channel. In addition, there is video broadcast, the Yangtze river BBS, micro bo, the Yangtze river such as mobile news spread interactive platform. 24 hours a day rolling release of wuhan and hubei news more than 2000.

As network news portal in wuhan city, the Yangtze river network with "timely, real, objective and authoritative" for the purpose, an all sorts of important news network in wuhan starting platform. For editorial quality pursuit, who won China journalism awards, won several provinces and cities all kinds of news awards.

As the only network news media with scandals in wuhan city, the Yangtze river net adhere to the "news set net", always firmly grasp the correct public opinion direction, to serve the local economic and social development as own duty, with the advanced culture occupy the Internet, network news content service the vast number of Internet users with high quality and all-round, multi-angle, three-dimensional publicity in wuhan.

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Wuhan English network using the current popular flat English site architecture, solemn atmosphere, concise and fluent.

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