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IPv6 portal Of Taiwan

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Summary:IPv6 portal Of Taiwan: In addition to the current American has declared import IPv6 as the next generation of Internet standards, Chinese mainland and Japan for the IPv6 address resource allocation an.
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IPv6 portal Of Taiwan

As the name implies, IPv6 is the sixth version of Internet protocol. Since IPv4 currently used (format such as for the design of the 1970's, does not accord with current broadband network, all network, physical network needs. So in the mid 90's, IPv6 began in the IETF (Internet Engineering Group) was proposed, and a new generation of Internet communication standard. Besides the shortage and future IPv4 IPv6 solution. The possible, for the network communication security, confidentiality and quality QoS has strict requirements, it is the era of digital convergence, the core element of.

In addition to the current American has declared import IPv6 as the next generation of Internet standards, Chinese mainland and Japan for the IPv6 address resource allocation and related standards, the most active.

The basic construction of national information and communication task force (NICI) for resolution in 90 years in October 26th fourth session established the "IPv6 promotion working group", in a phased manner to promote the comprehensive implementation of IPv6, the project has been included in the Executive Yuan "challenge two hundred eight: National Development Plan" "digital Taiwan project (eTaiwan)", since 2003 by the government led the development of IPv6 environment in china.

The first phase of China's IPv6 development plan "in 2003 to 2007

The project authorities as "Administration Department of telecommunications traffic" (in 2006 changed the post department), plan execution units as "TWNIC Taiwan Network Information Center", and expect for NGOs and government forces, complement each other the establishment of China's IPv6 network construction and application environment, and enhance the competitive advantage of the related industry of our country, to reach an early e-Taiwan information quality Internet social objectives.

The project team members including the University and research institution, TWNIC, information industry, Academia Sinica, Dentsu, ITRI the national high-speed computer center, Chunghwa Telecom, fixed network and ISP industry. Members in accordance with the unit attributes "research and development", "infrastructure", "standard" and "application" four packets, each packet to the target and promote the work of key projects, regular meetings and achievements to report to NICI.

The second phase of a new generation of Internet Protocol interoperability and certification program fro m 2009 to 2012

The project authorities as "post and telecommunications company" the Ministry of communications, project implementation units TWNIC Taiwan Network Information Center ". The first phase of plans to the development of IPv6 technology, the second phase project is attached importance to the actual import industries and organizations, focusing on industrial policy, network transfer and application of the practical work of implementation. The project will use four years of time to promote a new generation network in the establishment and development of the IPv6 communication protocol, strengthening the development of digital services and equipment industry, as well as the connectivity of the IPv6 service application.

The main unit of professionals and the project team to integrate national network promotion and development, planning four items, including: "policy package – research IPv4/IPv6 transfer and management policy;" technology transfer "IPv4/IPv6 platform – item access test;" industry development item "– implementation of IPv6 interoperability analysis of authentication and industrial development;" Application service item "- development of IPv6 application service and commercial introduction. The team includes TWNIC, in the University, Yilan University, Tsinghua University is, Chunghwa Telecom Research Institute, Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Center for high performance computing, Ming Chuan University, Asia University, and cooperate with related fixed network and ISP industry to work together to promote the development of IPv6 network.

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IPv6 portal Of Taiwan: In addition to the current American has declared import IPv6 as the next generation of Internet standards, Chinese mainland and Japan for the IPv6 address resource allocation an

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