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Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd.

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Summary:Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bank of Ningbo”), established on 10 April 1997, is a shareholding commercial bank with the qualification of independent legal entity.
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Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bank of Ningbo”), established on 10 April 1997, is a shareholding commercial bank with the qualification of independent legal entity. In May 2006, Bank of Ningbo initiated cooperation with an overseas strategy investor—OCBC Bank. On 19th July 2007, Bank of Ningbo was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002142) as one of the first listed city commercial banks at home. On 18th May 2007, Shanghai Branch formally started operation, signifying the completion of the three development strategies referring to the introduction of strategy investors, public listing and cross-regional operation. By the end of Sep 2013, Bank of Ningbo had owned 9 branches, respectively in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Beijing, Wuxi and Jinhua, 1 head office banking department and 190 sub-branches.

In recent years, Bank of Ningbo actively promoted the management innovation and finance technology innovation, making efforts in creating five profit-making centers which consist of corporate banking, retail companies, individual banking, credit card and financing center. It has achieved the diversification of profit-making sources. At the end of Sep 2013, the total assets of the Bank achieved RMB 452.45 billion, deposits in RMB and foreign currencies RMB 250.66 billion, loans RMB 164.06 billion; the capital adequacy ratio was 12.52%, core tier one capital ratio 9.61%; non-performing loan ratio 0.84%, provision coverage ratio 252.55%. Bank of Ningbo has been one of the best commercial banks in China with the assets of high quality, enhanced capabilities of profitability, high capital adequate ratio and low non-performing loan ratio. It ranked 248 in the China Top 1000 Banks 2013 and 263 in the Top 500 Banking Brands 2012 sel ected by Banker (UK).

Perfected Corporate Governance Structure.

The Bank has set up a complete corporate governance structure which consists of the shareholders’ meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the senior management, forming a favorable operation mechanism. As the core of corporate governance, the Board of Directors is the supreme decision-making organization and administers six specialized committees. It substantially participates in making strategy and business decisions of the Bank, which effectively improves the quality and efficiency of corporate governance. As this important system ensured and accelerated the growth of the Bank in the past years, it will be a guarantee for the stable and efficient operation in the future in respect of management system, and the concentrative presentation of core competitiveness. Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, the Bank will nail down the value and center on the customers, creating the best value for the shareholders.

High-Efficient Business Management Procedures.

In recent years, the Bank has carried out the reform on business and management procedures, dedicated to setting up a flat management structure and a vertical management system for strengthening the management and operation efficiency. Moreover, the introduction of the strategy investor—OCBC Bank provides an access and a communication platform for Bank of Ningbo to acquire the advanced bank management. The Bank will further integrate the operation system referring to both business and management, perfect the organizational structure, enhance the linear management and improve the management and the market competitiveness.

Positioning of Target Market.

Based on the years’ management practice, Bank of Ningbo has formed its own operation features and competition advantages. It lays foundation on the basic market-entry principle of “knowing the market & understanding the customers”, focuses on the small- and medium-sized enterprises as the market positioning, actively expands the medium- and high-end individual banking business, and promotes the development of intermediary business and capital business.

Prudent Risk Control System.

Through the reconstruction of risk management and internal control procedures, the Bank has further improved the risk management structure and established a comprehensive, independent and centralized risk management and internal control system by way of the advanced risk control tools, which ensures the efficiency of the risk management and internal control of Bank of Ningbo.

Professional Human Resources Team.

The Bank, holding the human-oriented principle, has attracted, trained and retained excellent talents through the system and environment construction, which realizes the coordination of targets of the Bank and the individuals as well as the mutual development of both, and creates great value. It boasts a group of competitive staff members with excellent integrated quality and specialized knowledge, constituting the human resources management culture and mechanism. The Bank is expanding the recruitment channels and improving the procedures. It has set up a special channel for recruiting high-end talents. Furthermore, the Bank has started cooperation with OCBC Bank and carried out the “100-People Plan in Five Years”. It has set up “BONB University” with Taiwan Finance Institute, providing talent and intellectual support for the realization of objective. The intensified assessment and incentive mechanism as well as the remuneration system evoke the vigor and creativity of the staff members.

Advanced IT Technology Support.

Embedded in the concept of “Science and technology is the primary productive force”, Bank of Ningbo has accumulated abundant experience in the fields of IT management, application structure, system development, production operation and risk & safety management for years, and reinforced its core technology advantages. After undergoing continuous optimization, the IT structure has possessed five layers which respectively refer to channel application, customer information and relationship management, processing procedures, products, management & risk control. The Bank has set up a key business system in the fields of channel, product, procedure, risk management and accounting, acting as a strong support for the business operation, external services and business management.

Human-oriented Corporate Culture.

Bank of Ningbo always attaches importance to the construction of corporate culture which has been formed during the management and operation, represented by “Honesty & Dedication, Compliance & High Efficiency, Harmony & Innovation”. The unified value and operating concept of the Bank have been the criteria for all staff members. As a Sino-foreign joint venture bank, it aims at maintaining the openness, creating an energetic, harmonious and motivated environment, inspiring the activeness and creativity of all the staff members, attracting excellent talents, absorbing the advanced cultural and operating concept as well as management technique, continuing the reform and innovation, and improving the competitiveness.

No matter what obstacles and challenges in front, we will confidently stride forward. Under the new competition status, Bank of Ningbo will persistently holds the belief of “Honesty & Dedication, Compliance & High Efficiency, Harmony & Innovation”, and adheres to the reform spirit, opening attitude and unwavering belief, constructing it as the best shareholding commercial bank with outstanding finance performance, rapid growth of staff member and strong core competitiveness.


Add: No. 700, Ningnan South Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Tel: 086-574-87050028
Website: www.nbcb.com.cn
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Bank of Ningbo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bank of Ningbo”), established on 10 April 1997, is a shareholding commercial bank with the qualification of independent legal entity.

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