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Summary:Cubieboard somewhat similar to the British development of the raspberry pie, but the performance of the hardware , the interface on the richness and scalability are better than the latter , Cubieboard.
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MiNiPC hardware open source development platform

Open source MiNiPC hardware development platform (CubieBoard.org) is a technical team fro m the China Zhuhai Cubieteam developed an open source MiniPC hardware device, if you intend to assemble a ultra-small size computer , then you can try to use this under the cubieboard produced ultra-small ARM platform "open arm box".

Cubieboard somewhat similar to the British development of the raspberry pie, but the performance of the hardware , the interface on the richness and scalability are better than the latter , Cubieboard once launched on a global scale Geek crowd caused great repercussions .

According to introduction , cubieboard this product can support Ubuntu system and will therefore be able to operate as an ordinary computer to use the same , but the platform also supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system . Can be used to create a platform "Android TV"

"Open arm box" with a 1G memory, processor core ARM Cortex A8, onboard a 512K cache , GPU is Mali 400 Open GL ES, 4G storage space. Integrated 10/100M LAN , 2 USB2.0 access products , an MMC slot , SATA interface and IR interface .

1 , cheap development boards

Develop a very mini development board, software to run on a variety of Linux distributions and the Android operating system , the price low enough done to allow fans to participate in the world to develop software . Cubieteam team built for this purpose cubie each product wiki, English Forum , Chinese Forum , English cubiebook, Chinese version cubiebook, cubiebook mainly suitable for beginners incorporate the relevant information , which can be entered through the official website links , the official wiki for you lovers can also be edited and modified.

2 , practical MiniPC

Develop a highly practical open source MiniPC products for all walks of life who may need them to use computers even considered children elementary education . Cubieboard team maintains two own long-term firmware and source code, one is the Android firmware , the other is the Ubuntu Linux desktop , these two seem to be in the current firmware with high availability and performance standards , they will continue to update can be downloaded on the official website .

A consumers do not understand the software development can be easily programmed firmware and change the machine 's operating system, so I bought cubieboard people need to worry about buying back may become a waste , it does not use an android firmware can also be programmed for watching movies , browsing the web and see daily weather forecasts, e-mail, connect the TV to the elderly living next chess to children Cesi melon , and even watch 3D movies ...... , it has the advantage of very low power consumption only around 3W power than an energy saving light bulb . Whenever some consumers the ability to modify the software , you can define the function and role of this product , it is worth considering a Daoteng spirit of the people .

3 , flexible product components

Provide an inexpensive, mature and stable software platform and hardware middleware, many around the world want to help in the small-scale entrepreneurs through software team. Cubieteam friend told us is responsible for sales , Cubieboard chose Allwinner A10 and A20 of technology as a hardware platform, the main chip, because the full blog software open source technology in the work has been done in 2023 the layout , a higher degree of recognition , and A10, A20 chip specification defines itself very complete , almost able to easily achieve all of the applications you can think of and do not require hardware expansion conversion, which two pieces of tablets in tablet computer shipments more than once Apple's iPad, even small customers can also get a very low price .

Pioneering software will often faced with the hardware platform distress, because the hardware is relatively long development cycles , hardware development requires larger initial investment , these inescapable difficulties may kill the idea of ​​software personnel , leading them to a little afraid of difficulties , cubieboard there are ideas for these software developers to provide a shortcut to quickly realize the idea of self .

Based on these considerations , Cubieboard hardware design takes into account the needs of embedded applications , providing a rich expansion interface , including the 96 expansion pin, you can easily dock almost all external devices , even several inherent connectors can also be External expansion without welding . Cubieboard bulk of getting goods prices are low enough , once the product is slightly smaller scale production , software developers can implement to get a better idea of self profit margins , to ensure software teams through the early days of the storm. Cubieboard team for the successful production of the customers can also provide some simple hardware customization services and cost considerations.

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Cubieboard somewhat similar to the British development of the raspberry pie, but the performance of the hardware , the interface on the richness and scalability are better than the latter , Cubieboard

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